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:csgox: Make Sure You Are Not Trading With an Impersonator!! :csgox:
Scammers are impersonating me and other traders with the intention of tricking you into giving them your items. They have the same name, profile picture, and a similar looking profile to mine. Here's an example of an impersonators account. This isn't even the best impersonation attempt but it's enough to fool most people on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/frostzsz/ :csgostar:

This is the only account I use for all trade related matters/discussion. Even if you're 100% sure you are trading me, go through these verification steps below one more time! :angry_creep::angry_creep::angry_creep:

:csgostar: 7,000+ hours in Dota 2
:csgostar: 5,000+ Profile comments.
:csgostar: Lvl 101 Steam profile. Always public NEVER private.
:csgostar: Item inventory always public NEVER private. (With lots of TF2 and Dota 2 items.)
:csgostar: Comments section always public, NEVER locked or private. Anyone can comment.
:csgostar: 21,000+ Trades
:csgostar: 25,000+ Market Transactions.

I almost never send out friend requests or trade offers. I only respond to friend invites and trade offers that I receive. I also never link people to my profile or trust/cash rep unless they ask. I do not have any separate "discussion" accounts.


After adding you, Impersonators will usually express some interest in your items.Then, they may make you an offer or ask you to prove the authenticity of your items. If they make an offer, it will usually be one that's too difficult to resist. Scammers often make unrealistic or overvalued offers because it triggers greed and irrationality in their victims. This makes it easier to fool them. Some scammers adapt and make reasonable offers so as to not raise any suspicion from more cautious targets.

The other common trick is some variation of an "Item Verification" process. They will first scare you into thinking you own unverified, duped, glitched, fake, stolen or unverified items. According to them, owning these items can get you banned. They will then link you to an accomplice who can help you "verify" your items. The accomplice will usually be impersonating steam admins or even trading site admins/moderators/bots. There's too many to list but it will usually be some "official sounding person". This entire process is rubbish, never hand your items over to anyone no matter how convincing they may be.

Scammers are very good at what they do, and if you're not aware/careful enough, YOU WILL GET TRICKED into giving them your items. I guarantee it. There are too many different scam methods and I can't include all of them here. A simple guideline to follow is this. Anytime you are required to hand over items FIRST, without receiving anything in return SIMULTANEOUSLY, be very suspicious.
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Leave a comment before adding, but beware of impersonators.
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oaf 2 hours ago 
Unfortunately it's too late for me :(
I didn't get scammed out of a horrendous amount at least. Make absolutely sure to read frost's whole warning above about scammers and what they might do, I know I should have.
Anyone who leaves a comment here will most likely be added by an impersonator/scammer. Be careful not to mistake them for me and try not to get scammed.

Also, i'm buying Quicksells and Backpacks for Pure or Paypal. Send me a trade offer or add to discuss. You can also leave a comment but scammers/impersonators will add you.
oaf Aug 18 @ 7:58pm 
added for trade
Check the trade please
imagine pancakes Aug 18 @ 10:04am 
added for trade
kryki Aug 17 @ 4:32am 
Check trade