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Add me if you're selling your TF2/Dota2/CSGO items for Cash!
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If you're looking to cash out, just add me, don't post on my profile

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Are you quitting Steam? Cashing out? Selling your whole Inventory?
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Do you want to trade? Earn easy money while trading (seriously or casually?)

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When the 10+ people a day ask for advice, I plan to link them this ya solutions!

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Strange Isotope Professional Killstreak Aqua Marine Rocket Launcher (Factory New) 700 Keys

Isotope Professional Killstreak Flower Power Shotgun (Factory New) 85 Keys

Strange Isotope Professional Killstreak Brain Candy Knife (Factory New) 700 Keys

Strange Isotope Professional Killstreak Psychedelic Slugger Revolver (Factory New) 850 Keys

Isotope Psychedelic Slugger Revolver (Factory New) 200 Keys

Isotope Professional Killstreak Purple Range Sniper Rifle (Minimal Wear) 250 Keys

Strange Hot Professional Killstreak Star Crossed Knife (Factory New) 500 Keys

I can accept Cash from Marketplace.tf and value each key based on the site, I also accept Unusual offers, Mixed and high tier Stranges / Rare Items! And of course other stupidly rare Unusual Weapons :)

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