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Good is life, truth, the ability to accept and give love, help people, lack of fear, the ability to forgive and do good.

Evil is the absence of good. Lack of goodness leads to lies, death, destruction, fear, suffering and hunger.

I am very sorry for people who have stopped distinguishing between good and evil, who cannot distinguish between lies and truth, who sow evil and destruction, thinking that they are guided by good intentions.

I believe that all people who still have a heart should act and not wait for better times - stop thinking about enrichment and consumption, stop being afraid, wake up and wake up other people and lead them to the true path... Otherwise it will be too late.
Good people from all over the world must unite as soon as possible to defeat evil, otherwise we will all have doomsday.

Every good word or action has a chance to create a butterfly effect that can defeat evil.
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