The Duldrumz are retreating!

The Duldrumz arrived to abduct all the world's games and banish them to far-off planets where humanity would have no chance to find them. However, the Saliens were successful in their campaign to free the abducted games, and now humans and extraterrestrials alike may enjoy the Summer.
Thanks for playing
The Steam Community joined together and earned a total of 2,616,591,115,638 XP while fighting the Duldrumz, conquered 52 planets, and won over 20,000 free games in the process.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does the game go on forever?
Nope! The Saliens only have enough fuel to get them through 13 days of conquest. The Summer Salien Game will be playable until July 4th at 10am PST.
My Salien is too weak! How do I get stronger?
You won't be as effective against difficult enemies until your Salien gains some experience in battle. Level up by fighting against low-threat enemies before taking on harder tiles. No low-threat tiles left on a planet? Don't panic, you'll gain experience even if your Salien is temporarily defeated. Defeating all the enemies in a battle will always level you faster, though!
Can I be entered into the giveaway on every planet?
Yes, but the longer your Salien spends on a planet the better the chance you have to win that planet's rewards. If you see a game you really want be sure to spend as much time battling on that planet as you can! Learn more about how the giveaway works here.
How do I represent a group my favorite group?
You can choose a group to represent by clicking the flag on top of your Salien's ship and selecting the group you want to fight for.
How do I get a specific cosmetic item?
Every time your Salien levels up we'll randomly reward you with a unique cosmetic item. Be sure to check your inventory for new outfits! If you really want that sweet hat your friend has and can't seem to get it you may be able to trade for it or find it on the Steam Marketplace.
Can I keep my Salien after the sale is over?
Of course! Once your Salien is done conquering the Summer Saliverse it'll go into cryostasis and get some well deserved rest. You'll still be able to see it on your profile, along with any cosmetic items you've collected during the sale, until it's time for it to wake up again.
What if my account is limited?
Limited accounts are welcome to play the Summer Salien Game as much as they like, but their battles won't contribute to the progress on a tile or planet, and they are ineligible for the giveaways.
How do I join a group?
If you’re not already a member of a group that you want to represent during the Saliverse-wide conquest, you can search for one here. You can also browse your friends’ community profiles and join a worthy group. Note: Choosing a group won't affect your chances to win, feel free to play on your own!
More Frequently Asked Questions
Steam Trading Cards are virtual cards earned by buying and playing games on Steam. They can be crafted into game badges that grant community rewards, including emoticons and profile backgrounds.
How do I get Summer Sale trading cards?
Summer Sale trading cards are only available during the Summer Salien Event. There are six ways to get them:
Play the Salien Game
You can earn up to three trading cards each day by playing the Summer Salien game. Have fun and earn some rewards while you're at it!
Craft a Game Badge
Crafting a badge for any game during the sale will get you an additional Summer Sale trading card.
Make a Purchase
As an extra reward for purchasing, for every $10 USD spent during the sale, you’ll receive a Summer Sale trading card. From your Summer Sale badge page select
Go through your Discovery Queue
If you’re Steam Level 5 and above, you’ll get a Steam Summer Sale trading card once you view all the items in your daily Steam Discovery Queue. You can continue and go through your Discovery Queue two more times each day to get a maximum of three card drops each day. (If you reach Steam Level 5 before the end of the sale, you’ll be granted the cards you earned by exploring your Steam Discovery Queue during the sale).
Trade for them
That’s why they’re called trading cards! Find friends with other cards and make trades. Your summer sale badge page shows which friends have the cards you need.
Buy them from the Community Market
Sell the cards you don’t need and buy the ones you do, all with other Community members. Turn those duplicate cards into Steam Wallet funds to buy games.
View the Community Market
Got more questions?
Check out the full Trading Cards FAQ