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[quote]A tokamak (Russian: токамак) is a device that uses magnetic field to confine plasma in the shape of a torus.[/quote]

Wondering how we got a class-5 plasma caster licensed for military use are you? Well... We technically didn’t, we had to m
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Status - Pending, Created by - Barno
Bud Fudlacker Jul 13 @ 11:25am 
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Bud Fudlacker Jul 13 @ 11:25am 
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Bud Fudlacker Jul 9 @ 3:32pm 
Here's another redpill you can shove up your "arse" (like how English government shoves taxes up your "arse"hole while making you pay for licenses to watch their propaganda on television): you're a joke of a national team. You haven't been to a final in over 50 years. You're the creator of the sport that has been overtaken by other nations much like how your sad little decrepit empire deteriorated into nothingness by the late 20th century.
You are scum. You are garbage. You are the worst fans in every tournament where your fat bald "lads" try to cause chaos in foreign cities during tournaments yelling "SCORE SAM FACKING GOLS" at poor european locals who have to put up with you monkeys only to get beat down like the faggot bitches you are by slav alpha ultras.
I would tell you to kill yourself but you only have plastic knives in your government-approved little apartment shithole.
Bud Fudlacker Jul 9 @ 3:31pm 
You're a pussy faggotass nation of cowards. You're afraid to play against Brazil and France because you know your team will never stand toe to toe with them and yet you're a pathetic nation of delusional retards who sing "IT'S COMING HOME" while also saying "i-it's just ironic lad!" to hide the shame and embarrassment when you lose to a team like Iceland or Belgium's B team.
Bud Fudlacker Jul 9 @ 12:18pm 
Lil Roger Jul 9 @ 12:13pm 
Stop talking autism!!!