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       My contributions to TF2
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(Replay Update, May 5th, 2011)
    Furious Fukaamigasa ! [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Australian Christmas 2011, December 15, 2011)
   "Santa's Little Accomplice"
      * Big Elfin Deal [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * Bootie Time [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * Wrap Assassin [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Fourth Annual Spectral Halloween Special, October 26, 2012)
    Spooky Sleeves [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Spooky Shoes [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Fifth Annual Spectral Helloween Special, October 29, 2013)
   "The Murky Lurker"
      * Vicious Visage [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * Abhorrent Appendages [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Scream Fortress VI, October 29, 2014)
    "The Manngaroo"
      * The Marsupial Muzzle [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * The Roo Rippers [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * The Kanga Kickers [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    "The Automated Abnormality"
      * The Arsonist Apparatus [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * The Moccasin Machinery [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Batman Arkham Contest, December 04, 2015)
    "Sixties Sidekick"
      * Sidekick's Side Slick [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * The Bat Backup [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * Crook Combatant [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Smissmas 2016, December 21, 2016)
    Sweet Smissmas Sweater [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Jungle Inferno, October 20, 2017)
    Aztec Warrior [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Feathered Fiend [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Deity's Dress [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Sacrificial Stone [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Aztec Aggressor [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Bait and Bite [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Blue Moon Pack, March 28, 2018)
    Scourge of the Sky [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Tsar Platinum [wiki.teamfortress.com]


High-res textures for Spooky Shoes/Sleeves (.vpk) [dl.dropboxusercontent.com]

Arsonist Apparatus + Moccasin Machinery (combined in 1 item), replaces Charred Chainmail [dl.dropboxusercontent.com]
Workshop Showcase
Soccer Taunt for Scout.

NOTE: the taunt uses the already in-game soccer ball prop that spawns when the "Ball-Kicking Boots" item is equipped. It's scaled to 70% because it was a bit big for the taunt.

[ url=http://steamcommunity.com/id/JZeeba/myworksh
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Status - Pending, Created by - <<GT500>> JZeeba and 'R' DoubleTap
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Created by - Napy Da Wise, Mickyan, Cukeasaurus, and Sid
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This tutorial will help you making items with facial flexes compatible with the TF2 import tools.
Ironhide Jul 17 @ 9:52pm 
ahh okay
<<GT500>> JZeeba Jul 17 @ 9:47pm 
@Ironhide - Unfortunately I'm not an animator :/, the only taunts I've submitted have been animated by other collaborators
Ironhide Jul 16 @ 2:51am 
ever thought of a motor bike taunt for scout?
Bethonk Jun 25 @ 4:44pm 
Hey mate, I'm msg'ing you to see if you want to do some comission work for USD for a game I own. It's called Adopt Me, it's on Roblox has over 335 million plays. I sent you a FR, DM me if you're interested
Zack May 31 @ 1:01am 
Hi, Wondered if you could help me out with workshop work, I want to make items for TF2.
Ravenholmzombies May 26 @ 10:22pm 
Give me a poke when you're around