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If anyone sees me having a multiplayer game that you have as well and wants to get their butt kicked in it challenge me. I usually always have the time and most definately have the will, no matter the game.
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I reccomend this both for players who havent played ssl2 and those who have.

Its still the same principle. You set power and angle and click fire and chaos ensues. This game adds a lot of single player missions, some of which are very hard to complete. With those you should be able to have a decent selection of weapons without ever having done a multiplayer match thanks to large XP rewards.

The update frequency is insane and it isnt mundane bug fixes either but rather constant small batches of extra content. (and the price got nerfed in one update so thats also cool from the developer).

At this point it outshines its 2 predeccesors in every way imaginable. It has an insane amount of weapons to just keep on unlocking, a lot of which are actually unique. There is even pop culture reference weapons like a mario turtle shell or a portal gun.

So far there is 8 unique gamemodes of which 4 focus on killing one another. and there are many more to come.

The biggest disadvantage is that high levels eat low levels. I'm not nearly the best at this game but I will crush you every time in a 1 vs 1 should you just start and then play against me, because of having a much larger damage potential thanks to a much larger weapon selection. Though the weapons you will have are chosen at random every ten turns. The best way around this is either playing a non killing mode and accepting losses, playing in a team or only joining rooms with people around your level, which is something you can set.

And yes it is turnbased but that doesnt mean one after another it can also mean that everyone waits till everyone clicked shoot and then everybody fires at the same time. And now imagine 8 players at the same firing weapons that on their own can already destroy half a map....absolutely beautiful.

Also there is a hot seat mode so you can use it as a local party game.

The community has grown so much compared to when this game first came out. This means rooms always fill up easy AND it means far too many cancerous players that make you thank the dev for adding a mute button. Currently a reporting mechanic is in the testing phase.

Awright chumps lets sum it up:
You got friends and yall looking for an online multiplayer or local game to play together. Or you like the concept of games like worms in general? You want to nuke things and have mindless fun? This and much more awaits you, worth it even without a sale.

And it is NOT a dead early access project. It is already a full game, you could release it like it is and it would be considered a good game that gets a lot of updates.

Someone needs to do something about the volume of how the game first receives you. Finish that tutorial quick then you can at last turn down the music.
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