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:neonrl:About me:neonrr:
:neonbr: Patrick (or just call me Tibran, it's up to you)

:neonbr: 1988

:neonbr: Germany

:neonbr: German
:neonbr: English
:neonbr: Spanish
:neonbr: Japanese

:neonbr: Gaming (obviously)
:neonbr: Pro Wrestling
:neonbr: Anime/Manga
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💻 My PC Setup 💻
:pcbs_case: Case:
> Lian Li Lancool 3 [lian-li.com]
:pcbs_motherboard: Motherboard:
> ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero [rog.asus.com]
:pcbs_cpu: CPU:
> Intel® Core™ i9-12900K [www.intel.com]
:pcbs: CPU Cooler:
> DARK ROCK PRO 4 [www.bequiet.com]
:pcbs_ram: RAM:
> Kingston FURY DIMM 64 GB DDR5-4800 [www.kingston.com]
:pcbs_gpu: GPU:
> ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 OC [rog.asus.com]
:pcbs_psu: PSU:
> DARK POWER PRO 12 1500W [www.bequiet.com]
:ssd: Storage:
> Samsung SSD 980 PRO 1TB, NVMe M.2 [www.samsung.com] x2
> Samsung 870 QVO 1TB 2,5" SSD [www.samsung.com] x2
🖱️ Mouse:
> Razer Naga Molten Special Edition [web.archive.org]
⌨️ Keyboard:
> Logitech G710+ [support.logi.com]
:mon: Screens:
> Acer S271HL [productz.com] x2
🎙️ Mircophone:
> RØDE NT1-A [rode.com]
🎚️ Mixer:
> Behringer XENYX 302USB [www.behringer.com]
🎧 Headset:
> 20 Bucks no Brand
📹 Webcam:
> 20 Bucks no Brand
:us_b: Accessoires:
> Elgato Stream Deck [www.elgato.com]
> upHere GPU Stand
> upHere 7-Port 4PIN PWM Fan Hub
> Valve Index® (Basestations x4)
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1,555 Hours played
I can highly recommend Guild Wars 2.
Been playing since its launch in 2012.
One of the best MMOs out there!

The core game is truly free-2-play!
In case you like it, you can buy all expansions combined for about $60.
And to top it all off: NO MONTHLY FEE!
Give it a try ;)

Feel free to add me ingame if you have questions about GW2.
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521 Hours played
Review Update - September 2022

No Man's Sky is definitely one of my favorite games. Even after 500+ hours, there are still things to explore and Hello Games is still actively developing the game.
But of course, NMS also has its flaws. Gonna list a few things NMS does good and some... not so good...

Good things:
● ...a seemingly infinite universe to explore
● ...a huge selection of starships, freighters & flee-ships
● ...the option to upgrade low-tier weapons/ships to the highest tier
● ...base-building (always a plus in my books)
● ...seasons, which are designed for beginners & veterans
● ...really nice crafting system
● ...the ability to build farms and not only rely on your mining laser
● ...interesting quests (depending on ones personal taste of course)
● ...a community hub with community missions
● ...VR support

Not so good things:
● ...planets, fauna & flora get a bit repetitive after a while
● ...currently no way to modify the looks of your starships
● ...you will encounter some odd glitches, so make sure to save regularly
● ...the early grind can feel a bit unrewarding
● ...some older systems might experience some technical issues (I had to modify graphic settings via notepad++ in the NMS folder)

If you like exploration, base-building & collecting starships, No Man's Sky is the game for you!
NMS has a lot of content now (compared to launch) and with each new update comes a new season, which is the ideal to start playing.
Veterans get a new experience and new players get a little push. Also, you can keep your season character after you've finished the season.
I can highly recommend No Man's Sky!
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I've gotten a few requests to teach how to make a panorama (widescreen) screenshot, and here I will teach you how!
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