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How To Take Panorama Screenshots
By Scares
I've gotten a few requests to teach how to make a panorama (widescreen) screenshot, and here I will teach you how!
Getting Started - Disabling HUD
I've made a separate guide on how to remove HUD elements in most games. Feel free to take a gander and it if you're clueless on how to do so. Otherwise, you may continue.

Guide is here. Click me.
Getting Started - Materials Needed
There's plenty of screenshot programs you can use out there. Although I'm going to be using a specific one (because I find it easier), do not let that discourage you from using what you prefer.

You can use:

The other thing you need is screenshots. I'll teach how to in the next section.
Getting Started - Screenshots
So what you want to do to get a panoramic screenshot is to take all of the photos you want in the shot in a straight line across the screen. Here is a demonstration:

Note how each one of them lines up correctly with the previous. You will need to make sure you do this or else the images will fail to align for the widescreen shot.

Here I've only used 4 shots, simply because the 4 is more than plenty for a shot. If you take more, the picture will become thinner and thinner, making it very difficult for users to see what you've captured.

Content Creation - The Panorama
Now that you have your screenshots aligned and ready, you are now ready to start.

You can open Autostitch (or whatever program you prefer, for the sake of this tutorial I'm using the more simple and more user friendly option. I suggest you do the same. Don't worry it's safe.)

You will be greeted with a small screen like this:

Click on the blue folder, which will present you with the file explorer. Here, navigate to this location:

OS (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > userdata > (the first number, yours should be different than mine) > 760 > remote > (game appid, in this case I'm using CS:GO, which is 730) > screenshots

Next, select your 4 screenshots by holding down ctrl and clicking on them.

Click open and it will automatically stitch them together! Easy as that!
Content Creation - Editing
I will tell you now, your shot will not turn out exactly how you took it. See what the program does is find similar features with each photo, and matches them together to make one photo. This will make it difficult if you want an entire scene, but do not fret, you can add shots to either side to widen your shot.

So when it's all done you'll be presented with this:

So what can you do with this? Edit it!

Go to the top right and click on the pen. This will put you in editing mode.

Then select crop on the right-hand side. Then you can align the crop as I have below to filter out anything unneeded and get what you want.

When it's all to your liking, hit the check mark at the top, and hit save. (NOTE: Save it the single floppy disk, don't hit save as or you'll make a new file.) Your shots are automatically saved to your desktop for easy finding. You can change this in Autostitch settings.

Finished product:

You can now close out of that and go to your desktop.

Uploading - First Step
Once you're back on your desktop, you will find the panorama you just took as it will be labeled pano.

The next thing you have to do is open file explorer and find the same location as the screenshots you originally took.

From there, just click and drag your new panorama into the file location.

WAIT! You're not done yet!

Now that you have the panorama in there, you cannot upload until it is properly named.

Since you will not be using the 4 screenshots you took earlier with it, you can delete them. But first, right click on the first one and select rename. Copy the name that it's set as, then you can select the rest to delete them.

Next, rename your panorama, and paste what the first shot was, like so:


But wait! There's more!

Copy your newly renamed panorama for this next step.

Navigate to your thumbnails folder (very first one on the list, at the top of the files). Once in there, select those all so you can delete them. Once there deleted, you can paste the panorama you just copied from the previous folder to the thumbnails folder.

Reason you need to do this is so when looking at your screenshots from your activity feed or content feed, the screenshot shows up properly, and not as the first shot you made from at the beginning of the tutorial.

Uploading - Next And Final Step
Open the window on Steam to where you can upload the screenshots to the game you just took shots in. You will be presented with a window like this:

Do not freak out, those exclamation points are nothing to worry about. They only appear when a screenshot has disappeared from it's original area, or has become corrupted. Since they are no longer there and deleted, just select those and you can deleted them. (They should all be 0 bytes when selected, since there's nothing there.)

Select the panorama and caption it whatever, and upload! Now you're done!

What to do next?
Now that you've uploaded your first panorama, you can bask in the glory you've just uploaded an ultrawide screenshot without a monitor capable of doing so. Wow!

You can repeat the steps over to do as many as you like, and upload as many as you like at a time.

Just note if you do multiple shots at once, just rename them properly. (00001, 00002, etc.) You cannot have multiple shots of the same file name.

Enjoy your newly found skill!

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@thats what she said, I have created a guide for that separately, and the link can be found in the first section of this guide. Let me know if you need any more help.
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The most difficult part is how to actually make suitable screenshots in particular games (disabling HUDs, editing FOV etc). Anyone with IQ>50 can figure out how to stich together panoramas when they have 4 suitable pictures.. Why do you deliberately skipped the most important and most interesting part? Expand the guide with hints on some game engines and tools please, and it'd be useful.