Steam Client Beta SteamBeta
Steam Client Beta SteamBeta
January 8, 2013
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Welcome to the Steam Client Beta group.

Opting in to the Steam Client Beta lets you see the latest features before they're released. You can find out how to opt in to a beta here:

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How to opt in to the Steam Client Beta
Latest Steam Client Beta updates
Latest Steam Client updates
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Steam Client Beta - May 25th
  • The minimum size for Small mode has been changed to match the current minimum size in the non-beta Steam Client.
  • Remote Play: show MB/s instead of KB/s in the bandwidth rate settings.
  • Fixed handling of steam://url/WorkshopEula/<appid>/.
  • Fixed soft-lock when a web page would call the Javascript functions alert() or confirm(). This was reproduceable creating a guide or collection and not providing an image or a title.
  • Fixed scrolling issue in the new Achievements panel, where the bottom part of the panel could not be reached if the main client window was short enough.

In-Game Overlay
  • Fixed IME context menu displaying behind some UI.
  • Fixed IME issues when writing new text with some existing text after the input cursor.
  • Fixed issue setting the uncompressed screenshots directory.

  • Fixed issues with listing and adding flatpaks as non-Steam shortcuts.

  • Fixed issue that was preventing friends & chat from working

Big Picture Mode
  • Added initial support for Notes in the Overlay. This allows for basic editing--the more advanced formatting features are not currently available.

Steam Client Beta - May 23rd
  • Fixed soft-lock when shader processing has completed without the user pressing any buttons on the shader processing dialog
  • Fixed incorrect UI state when a game is purchased while the user is in a timed trial
  • Fixed file picker not opening when shown by Steam Library
  • Now properly showing any pending wallet balance in the main window header
Achievements Panel
  • Reworked Achievements panel to decrease the amount of space the header was taking up, as well as overall padding
  • Fixed navigation issues with the back button and closing the Achievements panel
  • Added search field on the Global Achievements tab
  • Added click to "Show Spoiler" for hidden achievements on the Global Achievements tab
  • The In-Progress tab is now hidden when not rendered within the in-game overlay
In-Game Overlay
  • Added settings options to enable/disable toolbar button visibility and change their order
Steam Input
  • Fix regression with DualSense controller gyro sensitivity
  • Fix rotation settings when binding gyro to mouse output
Steam Deck
  • Restore time zone setting to General panel
  • Fixed file picker not opening when opened from the Store/Community tab.

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