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Steam Client Beta SteamBeta
January 8, 2013
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Latest Steam Client Beta updates
Latest Steam Client updates
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Steam Client Beta - July 16th
  • Improvements to keyboard event tracking and audio latency in updated SDL build
  • Fixed Ctrl-F not focusing search box in library
  • Improved timeout logic when establishing initial connection from UI layer to steam client's API layer
  • Improved client startup performance
  • Improved file extension handling in save dialogs
  • Fixed broken thumbnail for screenshots from non-steam game shortcuts uploaded to steam, when viewed from another computer
  • Fixed a case that game server / server browser lists would re-fetch when only re-ping on existing list was requested
  • Fixed IME not working in Steam Overlay in some games.
  • Fixed blurriness in 3d effect when hovering and rotating trading cards.
  • Fixed some games with achievements showing as "No Achievements" when sorting grids or shelves by achievement percentage.
  • Fixed certain apps disappearing from Recent Games after a client restart.

Steam China
  • Fixed an issue preventing the user from entering a private content beta for a game, if that game had no public content betas

Game Recording
  • Improved thumbnail smoothness when mouse tracking across different highlights / regions on the timeline
  • Added a max framerate setting. Currently supports 30 or 60 fps.
  • Fixed issue preventing default .mp4 file extension from being applied to user saved files if the user did not type an extension along with the filename
  • Fixed a bug causing the live timeline edge to deviate from the actual live edge of the current recording
  • Fixed a bug that caused clips to lose their thumbnails when sent from one computer to another.
  • Fixed game timeline markers not being downloaded in rare cases.

Clock and Timer
  • New Clock app in the Steam Overlay that can optionally be pinned on top of games.
  • Improved Timer UI.

Big Picture
  • Add warnings to game recording overlay page when broadcasting / remote playing

Remote Play
  • Simplify encoding options to a hardware encoding enable checkbox

Steam Input
  • Fixed for SIAPI GetMotionData not returning any information on every controller but the first one plugged in.
  • Fix for Okami HD Brush and Fishing Rod game actions

  • Fixed a crash that could occur at exit while cleaning up websockets

  • Fixed issue preventing the hardware encoder enable setting from being honored

Note: This beta was re-released with additional changes:
  • Fixed save file dialog in overlay sometimes replacing part of the file name with the file extension.
  • Fixed an issue where demos would not show a play button after changing accounts.

Steam Client Beta - July 10th
  • Improved detection of Nintendo Switch Pro controller
  • Fixed a bug that could delete a workshop file if the file had failed a file validation check and had been reacquired
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some local screenshots not to appear in the media manager, if the user had few screenshots saved to steam
  • Fixed a bug that could leave some local screenshots undeleted after attempting to delete multiple at one time

Game Recording
  • Improvements to drag and scroll behaviors when finalizing the beginning and end of a clip
  • No longer warp the play head to the beginning/end of a clip when setting the beginning/end of a clip via the UI buttons
  • Fixed a bug where using the hotkey to add a user marker would drop the marker at the wrong location
  • Increase the minimum background recording time to 15 minutes, to give the user time to edit recent clips before the recorded video ages out
  • Added a warning to the user if game recording has been turned off to prioritize broadcasting
  • Ignore user marker shortcut key if game recording is disabled
  • Improved reliability of saving/renaming of .m4s video segment files when antivirus software locks the files temporarily
  • Added the ability to save a specific frame of a video as a steam screenshot
  • Improved default naming of clip files to improve readability and sortability. Steam will also scan game state descriptions to apply to default clip filename, if available
  • Fixed an exception thrown if the user canceled a clip save in the file picker dialog
  • Updated message displayed when there is no recent other session where the user can send a clip

  • Fixed a crash in gldriverquery when using latest nvidia graphics card drivers

  • Fixed Disk Write Errors sometimes occurring when updating games on macOS 13+.
  • Fixed Steam Overlay crash in some games using Metal rendering.
  • Fixed some UI issues in user login.

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