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Ooga Jun 5 @ 1:24am 
Hi! I need to speak to a moderator but I can't find any way to contact one ;-;
A friend of mine accidentally reported my account instead of another one and i think it says that Ima scammer now. Im not and I don't want my account to be banned ;-;
DaddyNoodles Jun 1 @ 12:13pm 
I would like to play CSGO with you one day also I have on question regarding the VAC Team.
t_clan May 31 @ 11:35am 
Здравствуйте !!! Как можно доказать что Я без читов играю ??? Мой акк заблокировали на 3 сутки (( по Пубг !!!
Alex20434 May 31 @ 10:53am 
Hi i have been banned from wallpaper engine hub but now i can't even upload my wallpapers on the workshop or comment under workshop content pls help
TehSpoopyQuarantinedKitteh May 27 @ 4:46am 
Hello Heffebaycay, I have a few TF2 scam site links that need filtered if you could please pass them along.




The first one is from this thread asking if the site is legit:

The last two are from the following thread as someone got scammed:

Anyway, thanks for the hard work y’all are doing. Have a nice day!

Kogos27 May 25 @ 2:53am 
Hello, I could find out if the lock is permanent on my account because the account was stolen