Steam Client Beta SteamBeta
Steam Client Beta SteamBeta
8 januari, 2013
OM Steam Client Beta

Steam Client Beta Group

Welcome to the Steam Client Beta group.

Opting in to the Steam Client Beta lets you see the latest features before they're released. You can find out how to opt in to a beta here:

You can see the latest Client Beta updates on this group's announcement page. Join the group to get updates delivered to your Friend Activity feed.

Your testing and feedback is an enormous help! Please be sure to visit the discussions area and leave any feedback or bug reports you have:
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Steam Client Beta Update - October 28th
  • Fixed custom logo position and size not working on first game page load

Steam Overlay
  • Fixed overlay performance issue with certain framerate/vsync combinations

Steam Client Beta Update - October 22nd
  • Fixed remote code exploit in Chromium Embedded Framework freetype library (CVE-2020-15999)

Remote Play Together
  • Fixed inviting more than one player to a game

  • Fix Proton 5.13 on systems that do not define XDG_RUNTIME_DIR (steam-runtime#284)
  • Fix Proton 5.13 'Force Exit'
  • soldier runtime 0.20201022.0 (use 'client_beta' branch for all changes below):
  • fix libtheora performance problem (misconfiguration)
  • libcapsule: fix start failures caused by leftover NVIDIA driver pieces (steam-runtime#282 steam-runtime#275)
  • steam-runtime-tools: pick the correctl DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY, fixes Gnome+Wayland and related problems (steam-runtime#283)
  • scout runtime 0.20201022.1 (use 'client_beta' branch - same changes as above)

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Hoxxi 12 timmar sedan 
Don't you also just love kneesocks?
McCookie 13 timmar sedan 
my friends list started not showing up when i click friends and chat
lightbulb_82 27 okt @ 19:21 
please add beta,that would be awsome.
ActualBread2309 24 okt @ 17:04 
We deserve a "search by system requirements" function of any variation, change my mind.
Xevo 23 okt @ 15:37 
All my buttons on the top of my menu, i cant click on, the image is partially missing(from the middle of the back button lower) and the actual buttons to click are about a centimeter lower. And what adds the cherry on top is that there is physically no way to get out of the steam beta, as the confirm button in the menu when i chose to opt out is non existent, replaced with a black bar. I've had these Problems for month hoping they would get ironed out but its only gotten worse and more frequent. Plz steam ily, i get that it in "beta" but it runs like alpha.
adam0o0 23 okt @ 14:17 
Remote play together is still broken for me.
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