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I will never ask you for personal or account information, on Steam or anywhere else. You can safely ignore anyone who claims to have mistakenly reported you - that will not get you banned. If you need help with your Steam account, go to .
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Bumbefly May 23 @ 3:32pm 
bird smoking sigar 'cause also wanna taste of the cloud
Oxycontin666 May 23 @ 12:21pm 
why teh bird smokign cigar
🔥Emperor Pyromancer🔥 May 7 @ 5:01pm 
if something have to happen, your steam account may have been banned/locked already and only way its contact support steam and no those scammers who make those lies to you saying that need check your items when not really, nobody from Steam/Valve staff do this type of check thing.

So no you won't be banned and the person who claims to be smash it's not real smash and he will never join on world of crime for do this type of thing, it's just a scammer who hes impersonating him, simples that.
🔥Emperor Pyromancer🔥 May 7 @ 4:59pm 
First of all if someone else got scammed and at last give little attention for the comments, you should know that person who scammed you, was not real smash and yes a impersonator

Most scammers impersantes famous Steam/Valve employee, admins and moderator team for believe that you have been reported and need verify your items for ''anti-fraud'' reason, at which its the most pure lie ever, think with me why in the world need of ''someone'' to check if you are legit or if your stuff items are legit? this dont even happend in real life as for exemple none police in the real world go to your home for verify the things that you bought as by exempke - your car, your pc, your home etc, it dont exists this, so it's a ridiculous logic that scammers make it a long time ago and people still falling for it.
H4CK3R MAN Apr 26 @ 8:15am 
@dawgfood Look at the previous comments on this profile. People constantly accuse Smash of scamming, not looking at all the comments prior telling the victims of such scams that they are not getting scammed by the real Smash
dawgfood_ontawp Apr 26 @ 8:05am 
some guy impersonated this dude and is stealing steam accounts be on the lookout for "I accidentally reported your steam account" steam employees dont chat to you on any other platform than email or steam support not discord