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app/1926680 1 hour ago 
It's also apparent the no one from Valve read Google's developer content policy, Inappropriate Content, Sexual Content and Profanity, User Generated Content...always a matter of personal taste.
app/1926680 1 hour ago 
Do not post any content on Steam containing the following:
Porn, inappropriate or offensive content, warez or leaked content or anything else not safe for work

BTW Wallpaper Engine Workshop also harbors piracy and wares too. I guess if Valve finds a way to blur it as well for CYA, it's okay too!

What does Steam hosting partner Akamai say?
Inappropriate and Illegal Content

Everyone break the rules! We'll blur it! Nudity is nudity, sex is sex, porn is porn, implied or other wise!
olddays 4 hours ago 
tf2 update
Bumbefly Sony Test םו 10 hours ago 
The unmistakenly sexual content is blurred @app/1926680, check them in a browser where you're not logged in to Steam (or adjust Steam settings to see them blurred). Note, there is a difference between sexual content, implied sexual content and sensual content. Deviding lines between them is always a matter of personal taste.
app/1926680 18 hours ago 
But you and I., or anyone else complaining, are...Nobödy.