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The Queen of England 33 minutes ago 
Please unban me bro I only thought you were joking when you permanently banned me come on man we go way back don't do this to me.
bellemy 1 hour ago 
A certain someone harassing me for several months, among other things. I sent in two tickets to Steam support, and they claim to look into the situation. Nothing has been done so far. People say they have a bad reputation to take action. I just want to speak to a moderator.
☯ffline 1 hour ago 
Keep up the good work
Devil 1 hour ago 
Why am I banned? My intend wasn't to advertise any site, just wanted to share the video and what was in it, I never intended to advertise in any way, I mean, I even asked you to take my post down at one point but not because I advertised.
Ghosty 1 hour ago 
I had 1 ban, it was from just me being stupid on the TF2 forum and the warning was me being stupid too...
I am making this public so everyone sees this...
So yea...
KillahInstinct 1 hour ago 
Ghosty: You can discuss your ban in the ban form. If we don't reply, it means we're busy and not robots, and remember we are volunteers after all.

That said, other peoples (objectively worse) behaviour doesn't make it ok for you to break the rules. You've had previous warniungs and bans after all.

dabby: Try reading the rules again, or read the guide linked above. It would be a good idea to actually know the rules before you risk breaking them again and risk a community ban, before pleading for an unban.

F34R: You too can discuss your ban in the ban form

GhostalaU: I'm not a laywer nor do I know anything about copyright. File a DMCA, Google it or ask in the forums.

Daxua: I really don't know why I would be interested in the story of how you got scammed. I rather you told me how you learned from your mistakes.

Atheist: I don't see it, but please use the report buttons if you do.