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KillahInstinct Jan 30 @ 12:04am 
AzKat: Doesn't mean they've to reply to read it.
AzKat Jan 29 @ 5:55pm 
Since I never get any reply ever from the vac review team: <-- video of the thing that renders overwatch useless (by crashing the servers) <-- video of the what "the thing" does when it's not set to the server crasher mode (didn't know at the time, I thought it was the server, however it seems it was this cheat, as all server stats were perfect, my ping, my connection to it, everything)
Echo NO Aim Jan 27 @ 3:13pm 
KillahInstinct Jan 25 @ 11:49am 
Dicht: Report buttons

not even motivated: They don't? What makes you say that?

grammaton: No banned cheater is laughing

Colby: What's the domain

PECHEN: Begging is usually done on the streets

TheDude: Please use provided report buttons

Masimka: It's totally not difficult but I'm not entirely sure what makes you think I'm going to give money to a random person who can afford a PC, internt and electricity. It's kinda sad that you actually stoop to this level.

Resouta: What ban was that?

Flame: Post questions on the forums

Unfazeable: Because scams are covered and we don't need a thread on every single scam out there.

Dicht007™ GlobalSmurf :3 Jan 25 @ 8:51am

the guy is posting 2 raffles, 1 in the mainforum and 1 in the tradingforum

afaik, such posts arent allowed.