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Gilga ™ |Yonaguni| 6 hours ago 
Did you just because i said let it be?

Wow 6 hours ago
^"saved just in case"
Clearly showing his intention btw. It's so obvious. It's so pathetic how obvious it is, yet he gets away with it, while I see plenty of innocent people getting banned for no reason at all, even people I'm not a fan of so there is no point in protecting them or beeing on their side. But the most obvious baiter don't get banned.

Just an example: Duke got banned for "naming and shaming".
So HotSauce isn't "naming and shaming" by lying about me having moderation issues and quoting posts of me "just in case so everyone can see that my(HotSauce's) provocation worked and I can get him banned"?

But whatever. I've just a hand full of persons on my blocklist, both are one of them. I'll just not response to them anymore. I wrote that to protect other people from getting banned, because that seems to be their job - and sadly they do a great job.
Gilga ™ |Yonaguni| 6 hours ago 
Please let it be...:FriendlyTroll:
The Giving One 16 hours ago 
All Hotsauce said was he sees the same thing in the VAC forum. He was not talking about VAC bans, RaimaNd. He was just saying he sees the same in the forum itself.
Murge 18 hours ago 
Raimand, just use the report function. Click the little flag, type your short novel of complaint and send it.