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Before all else: I will stay salty and never pre-order again!
This launch was the worst I have ever witnessed!

However, this game is really good!
I'm not going into the technical side of things cause from what I've read different CPU/GPU combinations lead to different experiences.

Jedi Survivor feels like a REAL sequel!
Maybe I'm stuck in the early 2000's but I can barely remember a game where the protagonist keeps his skills from the first game. No non-sense re-learning your skills, quite the opposite.
You keep the skills and abilities from Fallen order and learn so many new skills and abilities that improve on the gameplay of Fallen Order.

Another thing I really like is how big the new maps are!
They're so big and filled with details, secrets and areas you will revisit. Jedi Survivor almost reminds me of a simple MMO, huge maps, many currencies, traders, collectables and sidequests. Also let's not forget the highly customizable outfit, lightsaber, blaster and BD.
For me it's a great time. (since the last patch has fixed the permanent crashing)
Posted April 28. Last edited May 13.
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I can highly recommend Guild Wars 2.
Been playing since its launch in 2012.
One of the best MMOs out there!

The core game is truly free-2-play!
In case you like it, you can buy all expansions combined for about $60.
And to top it all off: NO MONTHLY FEE!
Give it a try ;)

Feel free to add me ingame if you have questions about GW2.
Posted August 23, 2022. Last edited November 22, 2022.
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Good ol' ZUP!
There is a slight chance I'll get tired of new ZUP games... buuuuuut I still love'em xD
Posted November 25, 2021.
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It's ZUP isn't it?
Thumbs up!
Posted November 25, 2020.
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Fallout 76 – Free Weekend

What is Fallout 76?
Fallout 76 is a survival MMO sandbox game, set in the post apocalyptical region of West Virginia.

Would I recommend Fallout 76?
Definitetly NOT. The game itself is just as good as Fallout 4 but it is ruined by the amount of microtransactions that are optional but you're basically at a disadvantage if you don't buy from the store.

Positive +
Negative -
Human NPCs (finally)
Still feels empty, not only in terms of NPCs but also mobs
Improved base building (easier snapping)
Almost no players, maximum number I encountered was 10 and 7 of them were free weekend players like me
Improved Fallout 4 graphics
Barely any loot, no comparison to FO4, even junk is rare
Deterioration rate is way too high, food rots away, weapons & armor break
VATS became useless
A few crashes

My experience:
Like many others I was thrilled when I first heard of a Fallout MMO. However the now infamous presentation stirred up some doubt. More details lead to more doubt until I came to the conclusion to not buy FO76. However some part of me was still intrigued by FO76 cause I really liked FO4. The free weekend was the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

Don't think I need to describe the character creation cause it's literally the same as in FO4 and they even used it in trailers. So I start with the first thing I saw while launching FO76, a green sign right next to Bethesda's in-game shop, telling me 'FREE'. Looking at these free items I immediately knew what was coming. The fact that they would even sell you a decorative silver bowl that does nothing for a few bucks is quite shocking.

Despite this I started the game, created my character and began exploring the wasteland of West Virginia. Right after exiting the vault I was greeted by two human NPCs. I was aware that those NPCs were added but I did not expect them to be West Virginia's welcoming committee. They couldn't finish their dialogue with me cause some little drones were attacking. Gotta hand it to Bethesda there, I did not get stuck in the cinematic camera view like I did so many times in FO4. The dialogue was cancelled instantly and I was able to move without problems. Anyways I started noticing some things that I had totally forgot about. My weapon was starting to break.

Personally I don't mind deterioration in MMOs or RPGs it can add a level of depth to the game but FO76 was never designed to add this depths. The rate at which weapons & armor break is kinda high. I had to repair my weapons & armor after every second quest or else it would've been gone by quest three. While you can repair your equipment with junk you find in-game, I think the real goal is to sell you the repair-kits from the shop for real cash.

Food is another huge factor in FO76. You need to eat and drink, which again, is not a bad thing but this is done in such a “You don't have to buy in our shop but it would save you hours of gameplay”-way. I'm not even exaggerating here, roughly 5-6 hours of the 15 hours I played FO76 were spend just taking care of my hunger/thirst bar and the repairing of my weapons & armor.

After that realization I continues my journey towards the south-west of the map. I really enjoyed just roaming around, killing ghouls, insects and such. Then I found the 'Hornwright Industrial headquarters' and remembered that 'dungeons' used to be thing in FO4. Caves, bunkers, buildings, I've barely come across any until then. I can't say for sure cause I have not seen all of the worldmap (roughly 50%) but it seems like FO76 has not even half the number of 'dungeons' as FO4. This would also explain the lack of loot cause usually you find most of your loot in these dungeons.

Inside the 'Hornwright Industrial headquarters' I really began to miss the old VATS. VATS in FO76 is just the worst. If you just play it as a shooter you'll be fine but if you try to approach it from a more tactical way like FO4 but not only FO4 but all other FO games, you're gonna have a bad time...

Soon after clearing the 'Hornwright Industrial headquarters' I picked a spot to build my base. The system is still rather intuitive like it was in FO4 but they have improved the system.
Everything just works ;)
You place your foundations and all the parts snap into place perfectly. However you need to buy the blueprints from traders, find them in dungeons, get lucky with your quest rewards or buy them in Bethesda's shop. You have the bare minimum of building blocks and decoration which is fine. Nobody should expect a full catalogue, it's fine to work towards unlocking the things you can get in-game without spending real money on dlc items.

That's almost everything I did. Done some questing, some roaming, building a base and trying to find more dungeons. It's too bad I couldn't experience the multiplayer aspect of FO76 cause the group events were popping up left and right.
If FO76 was a single player FO game I would highly recommend it cause that would mean all the bad balancing designed to lure you into the shop would be gone and/or adjustable via mods.
However sadly this is not the case...

Well over a year later, 10/2021, a new free 2 play weekend and still FO76 suffers from the same things I've mentioned above :/
Posted May 17, 2020. Last edited October 22, 2021.
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Conan Exiles – Free Weekend

What is Conan Exiles?
Conan Exiles is a open world survival sandbox game. It's set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. If you know ARK you basically know Conan Exiles.

Would I recommend Conan Exile?
Probably, it's a decent ARK clone. A simpler version with a action-combat system that doesn't rely on huge dinosaurs or mechs.

Positive +
Negative -
Like ARK with more blood, guts & nudity
More dangers than in ARK, everything wants you dead
Buildingsystem is better than ARKs
It's like ARK, you can only do so much solo
Simpler than ARK
No Servers/Players online (only private ones).
To be honest I can't even blame people for not wanting to play with randoms
More character creation options than ARK
Decent combat system

My experience:
Honestly, I had 0 prior knowledge, I wasn't even sure what exactly Conan Exiles is. Is it a MMO, is it a survival game or an action adventure?
So I took the opportunity to try it. Somewhat delighted I can say it's like a simpler of ARK and I do enjoy ARK. However that was not my first impression. The first thing I did was join a random server cause like I mentioned, I had not idea what Conan Exiles was.
The intro video kinda crashed for me. Basically no video just sound and a freeze frame. After that you get to create your character. Decent choice of presets, definitely a good feature.

I spawned in a desert with a weak yet annoying sandstorm. My first mistake was to assume this server was set to 'normal' cause let's be honest who would play his favorite survival game 'only' on normal?
So it seemed like I've joined a random server with a high difficulty setting, no one online and no idea how to play. I'm a smart boy...
After like 5 minutes of figuring out how to do the basics and crafting myself the first armor pieces, I noticed some trees in the distance and noticed that my hunger & thirst bar were getting dangerously low. Not even thinking about enemy encounter I just ran directly towards the trees, spotted a river and a small bonfire. Some people were sitting around the bonfire. Here I thought the game had some kind of interaction system, like talking/trading with these people. Well, that's now how that works... These NPCs stood up, started screaming like maniacs and began attacking.

Now I was on edge, ready for battle with my stone axe in hand or so I thought. Turns out the standard stone axe is not a weapon but a tool. There are battle axes but not this early on. To sum it up, I died, after only ~10 minutes.
This was my first interaction with Conan Exiles.

But I was keen on trying again, I re-equiped myself. Getting the armor back on, crafting another axe, went back in, even killed one of them... but got killed a second time after ~20 minutes.
Frustration started to set in. Re-equipped myself a third time managed to finally kill the group of three and got myself some water. Sounds like a progress right?
Well, nobody told me about crocodiles... died a third time in 30 minutes...

After that I disconnected from the server and quit Conan Exiles to cool off a bit. A few hours later I started a single player game, set the difficulty to easy and remembered to stay away from bonfires and crocodiles. This time it went pretty smooth. Hunger and thirst were not such a pain in the butt and the passive level gain (like in ARK) was way more generous. I managed to survive a few in-game days before setting up a camp. This is what I really enjoy about Conan Exiles, the building system is so much better than ARK's clunky system. It's basically the same but refined, things snap easier into place and you can tell which side of the wall is the inside and the outside.

I built a small shelter and started setting up all the crafting benches. Soon I realized my small shack was way too small for all the crafting tables. While there are quite a few crafting tables it somehow still feels simpler than ARK's crafting system. It's basically the same but less and in this case less is better in my opinion. However I my progress slowed down drastically as soon as thing needed iron. I had no idea where to find iron. It took me about 30-40 minutes to find a few spots for iron. That's what I did for about 2 hours then, gathering iron to upgrade my tools, weapons & armor. Now nothing could stop. Crocodiles & bonfire people were no match for me, so I started wandering further away from my camp. Everything was going great until I encountered a hyena with glowing eyes, pretty sure that was a 'boss' mob, I barely managed to escape. On my way back I found a foal, I was like 12 hours in at this point and this was the first horse I've seen in-game. I was not prepared, couldn't build a stable and no idea what to do with this foal...

At this point I realized that I really enjoy the game cause I was looking up guides for a game I don't even own. I've played quite a bit of ARK and I generally enjoy these kind of games, so Conan Exiles will go on my wish list and I will read some more guides about it.
I'd say if you enjoy ARK there is a high chance you'll enjoy Conan Exiles!
Posted May 17, 2020. Last edited May 17, 2020.
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ARK: Survival Evolved - The mini Review

Survival, Dinosaurs, Building, Crafting, being able to poop. The list of genre-tags goes on and on.

ARK is one of those survival games where you discover something new everytime you play.

You'll have the best time with friends on a private server (ARK offers dedicated servers) but if you want a challenge join one of the offical servers and try to survive.

Also ARK uses the Steam-Workshop, expand the already large amount of content to absurd dimensions.

...in-depth review coming...
Posted January 4, 2020. Last edited January 4, 2020.
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Gang Beasts - The mini Review

Super fun with friends and strangers alike!

The premise is fairly simple, knock out your opponent and throw'em of the stage.

Simple yet genius concept especially when paired with these blob-characters.

A must-have for everyone who enjoys a bit of silly fun with their friends.
Works great with remoteplay aswell!
Posted January 4, 2020.
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First things first, got to play the game in the very short period where one could play exploration for free.

Decent fun while it lasted.
It's pretty obvious that the exploration (survival) mode is the 'main attraction' of the game.
The other modes are more like mini games that keep you entertained for ~5 minutes, even the sandbox mode.

While I appreciate the fact that this game is now f2p, I just can't accept this bait-and-switch style of action.

Honestly I wouldn't even call it f2p at this point cause it's more like p2w. They open the game to the public but remove the core feature and expect you pay for it... *

Nothing wrong with paying for a game but this tactic is the sole reason I can't recommend this game.
There is absolutely nothing I hate more in the current gaming industry than this model of monetization.

*You can still join exploration servers but you can't start a game yourself.
Posted December 5, 2019.
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Human: Fall Flat - The mini Review

Great game, especially with friends!
Like Gang Beasts with puzzle elements.

One of those games you really need in your library.
Supports remote play and workshop. And on top of that it still gets updates, entire levels to be clear.

If you're looking for a fun game with friends that is not too expensive, i'd say go for it!
I own a copy on steam & PS4, i do not regret getting 2 copies. It's just that fun!
Posted November 26, 2019. Last edited January 4, 2020.
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