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My favourite Steam games of each category or genre
Best RPG: Minecraft
Best action game: Undertale
Best open world game: Pacman
Best sandbox game: Uncharted 4
Best platformer: The Witcher 3
Best FPS: The Witcher 3
Best adventure game: Pacman
Best multiplayer/co-op game: Borderlands 1
Best zombie game: Dying Light
Best stealth game: Dishonored
Best survival game: Subnautica
Best roguelite/like: Enter the Gungeon
Best management/simulator: Planet Coaster
Best horror game: Alien: Isolation
Best Strategy game: Bloons TD5
Best worst game: NecroVisioN
Best casual/exploration game: Abzû
Best point ‘n click adventure game: CSGO Awp

My top 10 games
1) The Witcher 3
2) Just Cause 3
3) Killing Floor 2
4) Terraria
5) Crysis
6) Red Faction
7) Gish
8) Dishonored
9) Borderlands 2
10) The Solus Project

My top 10 movies
1) Alien and Aliens
2) Prometheus
3) Avengers: Infinity War
4) Prometheus
5) Thor: Ragnarok
6) The Terminator 1 and 2
7) Jurassic Park
8) The Matrix
9) wee and poo
10) poo

My top 10 TV series
1) The Punisher
2) The 100
3) Doctor Who
4) Rick and Morty
5) Daredevil
6) Jessica Jones
7) Luke Cage
8) The Defenders
9) Primeval
10) poo

My top 10 books
1) Inheritance Cycle
2) Just poo
3) poo
4) poo and wee
5) poo
6) poo poo
7) poo
8) poo
9) poo
10) poo and poo

My top 10 songs
1) Shadow Warrior 2 Menu Theme
2) This random epic song
3) This song good
4) noice
6) City of Eternal Pooing
7) poo
8) poo
9) poo
10) poo

Distiller Deep-sea Cucumber
Delicious breakthroughs of deep-sea squeeze
Delicaceness of deep-sea icecar
Delicious Elements of Ezujoujuu Periodic Deadwood Moving Elements of Ezujou Ezujoujuu Ezujou Ezueguoku Ekogeegu Education Education
Dynamic embroidery sewing soup Egg baggling soup Egg baggling squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze souffle over doggling squeeze soup with squeeze soup with squeeze soup with mouthwatering squeeze soucepaliful soucepaliful squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze
Ezujou Pasteur Deep-sea Cucumber Distillery Deep-sea Cucumber Distillery Deep-sea Cucumber Distiller Deep-sea Cucumber Distiller Deep-sea Cucumber Oldeep Sea Crucifix Deep-sea Cucumber Older

Tu es une merde idiote
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The graphics are unbearably basic and the quality is absolutely deplorable. The game is just a giant buggy mess, a huge waste of time, and is not the least bit enjoying to play. The only good thing I can say is the developer still develops the game. BUT it still has not improved from an UNPLAYABLY boring, lucklasture, tedious, monotonous and incredibly DULL state.
I recommend this game for anyone who finds enjoyment out of watching grass grow. This game is almost as fun as that.

But oh boy it gets worse... When you spawn into the game, you will probably be surrounded a bunch of ugly defecations that are supposed to be zombies. They will make tears come out of your eyeball sockets because these zombies look like rotten nightmares because the textures are that awful. And if you think the characters in Roblox look cringey, well they look like diamonds and pizza compared to characters in Unturned. The players look like some distorted nostril soap that dangles out of the intestines of a degloved torso of a decaying corpse.

If you manage to not regurgitate your innards from the sheer disgust of the character models, then good luck trying to look at anything in the game without your teeth falling out from your brain cells imploding. The grass looks like manure, the trees look like foot lettuce, the water looks like moldy milk and the sun looks like that sun-baby monstrosity out of Teletubbies. When you press W to move forwards, your face will slap your buttocks with such great force you will be sad, because the movement system is so BAD it SUCKS and I HATE IT A LOT. It's a walking simulator with a plot twist: the walking is so bad you will want to die in real life.

And then if you find a gun from RNG loot spawns worse than PUBG because this game is all about luck and praying to jesus rather than skill, then you will be SHOCKED to see how HORRID the gun system is. It's so bad it makes Slaughtering Grounds seem like a $1Billion AAA title. This game is supposed to be a survival game but the only thing you will be surviving is your own real life death. When you eat food, it's pretty much the same as witnessing a chorus of 10,000 babies crying and puking into each of your earholes, while drinking water looks like your face is on your foot while your other foot is being eaten by a rabbid grasshopper.

I would rather ingest my own fingernails and bathe inside a bathtub of cockroaches than even LOOK at this disastrous piece of bovine faeces. This game is so contemptible it makes mass massacres look like a family picnic. I would rather bring Hitler back to life and become a flat-earther than ever even THINK about this abhorrent trash of pure garbage rubbish.

When I hear "Unturned" I think of poverty, sickness, death, and everything wrong with the world. CIA's brainwashing and Japan's Unit 731 are more enticing than this STUPID HORRIBLE UGLY GAME. I would gladly put a piranha on my belly button and stuff a venemous spider into each of my orifices than play this FART. This game is a BIG FAT FART. It's a huge piece of flatulence that some ugly inhuman monster accidently let out of their maggot-infested bowels and out of their deformed rectum. This rancid fart found itself on Steam and manifested itself as Unturned.

Do you wish to play the game I have described? If you do, then I classify you as a 12 year old weeaboo edgelord emo with autistic down syndrome and harlequin ichthyosis with 34 bellybuttons and 2 nipples on your eyeballs.
Thanks for reading my review and being an intelligible informed parent.
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pls giv free item i no scam legit 🍞 clink flick
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They're not but it definitely looks like they've taken some inspiration
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Wouldn't be supprised if the aimators were cool 3d world
Revalopod 16 hours ago 
Weirdest music video I’ve ever seen
Revalopod Jul 19 @ 8:35pm 
No thanks, most things in my wishlist I don't actually want, I just randomly add it because I feel like it
Sloppadoppa Jul 19 @ 8:02pm 
My gosh, no wonder you took so long... must have taken hours to look at his whole wishlist lol.
x-st Jul 19 @ 12:14pm 
I see you grabbed Gemcraft but I still have a few things from your wishlist that I'd be interested in trading for Titan Quest Ragnarok. Depends upon you really but for instance GameGuru with some of the content packs, 12 is better than 6, Screencheat. I just scanned your wishlist.