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Believe it or not, my biggest criticism of Prey is the title. Bethesda’s marketing and them forcing the Prey title is what I believe led this game to be unfairly underrated. A better name for this game is instead “Neuroshock,” as it shares a great deal of similarities with the other “shock” games (Bioshock, System Shock) and could be considered a spiritual successor. Prey is an immersive sim, and it is the most expertly crafted game I have played of its genre. This is a game that respects you as a player, as a person who can make their own choices, and allows you a degree of freedom seldom seen in other linear video games. Prey is a great game that I can definitely recommend even at full price.

  • Good variety of nifty gadgets and powerful powers
  • Great level design
  • Interesting story with a few twists
  • Many, many possible ways to achieve your goal
  • Game lacks an original title
  • Slow pace may not be for everyone
  • Gunplay is meh
  • Average graphics especially for a Cryengine game

Prey is an inventive and exciting experience, but is slower paced than you might expect. This is a game that rewards thorough exploration, and thinking before tackling obstacles. There’s always multiple solutions to every problem, and it’s up to you to choose how you want to deal with things. Combat is great thanks to this freedom. You can have a fridge-throwing build, a John Wick slo-mo gun build, a necromancy build, a fire/electricity wizard build or you could just turn yourself into a banana. This game lets you play in so many unique and interesting ways that it takes a few playthroughs to be able to experiment with every power. The fact that the story and mission objectives allow choices which result in different outcomes makes Prey have good replay value. I’ve personally beat the game 5 times, and each time was a unique experience.

Traversing around space station Talos 1 is great fun thanks to the wonderful level design. The majority of my time was spent exploring every nook and cranny, as this was rewarding and fun. There are many difficult to reach areas which you can get to in different ways. Most commonly I would use the Gloo gun because it’s such a cool and useful weapon. Your Gloo gun can shoot globs of glue that hardens on contact with a surface, allowing you to shoot your own makeshift stairs into existence, or to temporarily immobilize an enemy. Enemies are quite frequent, and combat encounters can be really nasty if you’re not prepared. Simply whacking enemies with your trusty wrench won’t work all the time as some enemies burn or zap you when you get too close. Stealth is a viable option, and this is supported by Arkane’s stellar level design. If you’ve Played Dishonored 1 or 2 then you know what to expect here. Since I explore so much and thus accumulate so much loot and ammo, I always made an effort to engage in any potential combat encounter. Killing enemies means more loot, so it’s hard to resist. The combat is not particularly great though, with subpar gunplay and some annoying bullet-sponge enemies. This is mostly alleviated by neuromods, which are essentially skill points you can use to upgrade yourself in standard ways such as more health, or unlock superpowers. Like the Dishonored games, the superpowers are both really cool and extremely useful.

Different enemies have different weaknesses which you can learn by scanning them with your psychoscope (you invented it, by the way). I like the fact that most weaknesses can be exploited using either a superpower or a gadget. For example, if an enemy is weak to nullify then you can either use the nullwave gadget or the psychoshock power, and if an enemy is weak to electric then you can use either an EMP gadget or the electrostatic burst power. These multiple options are great and especially so if you want to try a zero neuromod playthrough. This game is just filled with options; if there’s a room with a switch you need to press, you can: Hack open the door to get to the switch, search around for a keycode for the door, use brute strength to tear the door open, remotely activate the switch by shooting a toy dart gun through the window, remotely activate the switch with telekinesis, use telekinesis to hack into a computer to open the door, or morph into a banana to fit through the window. Or maybe there’s a hole in the ceiling to drop down into the room with the switch, so then you could either use upgraded mobility to jump up, use the gloo gun to make a way up, or pile lots of objects to make a stairway up. This abundance of choice is stunning and is what makes Prey such an awesome game.

I found the lore explanation of neuromods to be extremely interesting and even grounded in reality, well mostly. It’s not exactly realistic that editing the neural pathways in the brain can allow you to effortlessly toss refrigerators across a room, but the general idea still makes sense. The prologue is great, and is probably the best prologue I’ve experienced in a game, and one of the coolest moments in gaming period. Unfortunately the only other time the story is this epic is at the very end of the game, so I think more could’ve been done with the “looking glass” concept for more wow moments.

The visuals can be impressive at times, most notably in the arboretum level, but oftentimes they are quite noticeably lacking. The chopper flyover scene is particularly egregious in terms of graphics, looking like a game that was made 10 years before it was released. Most of the time the graphics aren’t bad, and at least the lighting is good. The visual style is kind of similar to Dishonored, a kind of painterly look with simple and low resolution textures, but in Prey I can’t tell if this is due to low quality or deliberate style.

Prey has a great original soundtrack by famed video-game musician Mick Gordon. The Mindgame song, the synthwave music in the helicopter, and the song at the Yellow Tulip are particularly good and I even listen to those 3 songs on Youtube sometimes. I did find the combat music to be a little annoying after a while, and the Typhon sound design wasn’t unique or alien enough.

While not too buggy, this is a game you’ll be thankful for the inclusion of quick saving/loading hotkeys. I had a poltergeist lift me up into the ceiling once, and I had to reload to my last save and luckily losing only a few seconds of progress. The performance is a bit low, averaging around 60-70FPS while sometimes dropping below 60 during intense moments, and this was on medium settings. (Specs: GTX1070, i5-6500, 16GB RAM, 3440x1440p)

Prey is an absolute must-have for fans of immersive sims and/or the Shock games. The abundance of choice and freedom in the gameplay makes Prey highly enjoyable even for multiple playthroughs. I can thus recommend this game even at full price.
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S tier:
The Binding of Isaac: Repentance
Red Dead: Redemption 2

A tier:
Deep Rock Galactic
Dishonored 1, 2
Death Stranding

B tier:
Half Life 2
Jets'n'Guns 1, 2
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
The Solus Project
Dead Cells
Enter the Gungeon
Just Cause 3

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-:TheInfinity:) Dark
1) Breaking Bad
2) Daredevil
3) The OA
4) The Punisher
5) Westworld
6) Game of Thrones
7) Doctor Who
8) The 100
9) The rest of the MCU Netflixverse

The best games of each category

1st person melee: Killing Floor 2 > Shadow Warrior
3rd person melee: Dark Souls 3 > Warframe
Action: Just Cause 3
Action-adventure: Red Dead Redemption II > Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Adventure: The Solus Project
Atmosphere: Alien: Isolation > Bioshock
Boss fights: Dark Souls 3
Casual: Abzû, Journey
Cinematic experience: Red Dead Redemption II, Half-Life 2
FPS (modern): Half-Life 2, Crysis
FPS (retro): Unreal Gold
FPS (modern-retro): Ultrakill > Strafe, Dusk
FPSing: Killing Floor 2
Gore response mechanics: Killing Floor 2 > RE2 > Left 4 Dead 2
Graphics for its time: Crysis, Unreal, Half-Life 2
Graphics (overall): Red Dead Redemption II, Crysis 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Horror (best): Alien: Isolation
Horror (scariest): Lost in Vivo
Immersive sim: Prey
Level design: Dishonored 2 > Dark Souls 3 > Prey
Management: Planet Coaster
Open world: Red Dead Redemption II
Pixel game: Terraria > Starbound > Katana ZERO
Platformer: Gish
Point & Click: Botanicula, Machinarium, Samorost 3
Puzzle: Baba is You
Rogue-lite: Bind of Isaac: Rebirth > Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells
RPG: Dark Souls 3
Sandbox: Terraria > Starbound > Minecraft
Shmup: Jets'n'Guns 1 & 2
Sound design: The Solus Project, Warframe
Soundtrack: Starbound > The Solus Project
Stealth: Dishonored 2
Story: Red Dead Redemption II
Strategy: Bloons TD 6
Survival: Subnautica
Top Down Shooter: Synthetik
TPS: Warframe
Worst: NecroVisioN
Zombie: Left 4 Dead 2, Dying Light


The best VR games of each category

Action-adventure: Moss
Melee combat: Blade & Sorcery, Gorn


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