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          My top 10 games

          1) Warframe
          2) Killing Floor 2
          3) The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
          4) Terraria
          5) Gish
          6) DARK SOULS™ III
          7) Jets'n'Guns 1, 2
          8) Crysis
          9) Dishonored 1, 2
          10) Starbound
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          My top 10 movies

          1) Alien, Aliens, Prometheus
          2) The Matrix
          3) Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame
          4) Thor: Ragnarok
          5) Annihilation
          6) The Terminator, Terminator 2
          7) The Raid 2
          8) The Shining
          9) John Wick 1, 2, 3
          10) Children of Men

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          My top 10 TV series

          1) Daredevil
          2) The OA
          3) The Punisher
          4) Westworld
          5) Game of Thrones
          6) Doctor Who
          7) The 100
          8) Dark
          9) The rest of the MCU Netflixverse
          10 Rick and Morty
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The best games of each category

Best RPG: Warframe
Best cinematic experience: Warframe
Best story: Warframe
Best action game: Warframe
Best open world: The Witcher 3
Best sandbox game: Terraria > Starbound > Minecraft
Best 2D pixel game: Terraria > Starbound > Katana ZERO
Best platformer: Gish
Best graphics (relative to year of release): Crysis
Best graphics (overall): Crysis 3
Best FPS game: Crysis
Best FPSing: Killing Floor 2
Best zombie game: Killing Floor 2
Best gore response mechanics: Killing Floor 2 > Left 4 Dead 2
Best 1st person melee combat: Killing Floor 2 > Shadow Warrior
Best 3rd person melee combat: Dark Souls 3 > Warframe
Best level design: Dishonored 2 > Dark Souls 3 > Prey
Best boss fights: Dark Souls 3
Best stealth game: Dishonored 2
Best immersive sim: Prey
Best atmosphere: Alien: Isolation > Bioshock
Best horror game: Alien: Isolation
Most horror game: Lost in Vivo
Best survival game: Subnautica
Best roguelite/like: Bind of Isaac: Rebirth > Enter the Gungeon
Best management/simulator: Planet Coaster
Best Strategy game: Bloons TD 6
Best worst game: NecroVisioN
Best walking simulator: Abzû
Best exploration game: The Solus Project
Best soundtrack: Starbound > The Solus Project
Best sound design: The Solus Project > Warframe
Best (give me suggestions!):

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Warframe is the best game of all time.
In this review, I will try my best to thoroughly explain why I believe this to be.
At a glance, Warframe is a 3rd person sci-fi shooter and hack’n’slash ninja action game. It also has features of a looter shooter, RPG and even sandbox. Grinding is Warframe’s cornerstone, and if you don’t like grinding then you won’t like this game. But if you don’t mind grinding, then Warframe is really worth a try.

  • Epic storyline and lore
  • Gorgeous open worlds with fun activities
  • The sandbox/creative mode (dojos): it’s fun just visiting other people’s creations
  • Brilliant soundtrack and audio design
  • Extensive character customisation
  • The grind is not for everyone
  • Buggy
  • Voice acting is rarely anything above mediocre


In the beginning, you pick 1 of 3 starter warframes, and then your adventure begins. An outdated but helpful tutorial guides you through the core gameplay components: shooting, abilities and maneuvering. You can have 3 equipped weapons: a primary, secondary and melee. The weapons you choose from in the tutorial are all weak, boring and uninspired and give a disappointing first impression of Warframe’s combat. If you picked Excalibur as a starting frame, you’ll probably be using your abilities more than your guns, as your 4th (ultimate) ability equips you with an exalted blade that shoots wall-piercing lasers. So far the gunplay is meh, the abilities are pretty cool, but how is the movement? It is extraordinary. The movement system is one of the biggest defining factors of Warframe, and it’s so good you will be disappointed when you play any other game and realise you can’t bullet jump. But movement alone doesn’t make a good game. For the first 50 or so hours, Warframe doesn’t really improve, and you’d probably still be working out all the game mechanics at this point anyway (there’s a LOT to wrap your head around). Many people will get frustrated at the complexity and pressure to use a wiki, and give up and write off this game as being a pay-to-win grindfest with no story or purpose. I did at first.

But after a while, you start to get the hang of it. You get another warframe and learn and enjoy completely new abilities and mechanics. The combat is now fun, because you pick the weapon you enjoy the most, and mod it to your heart’s content. If it’s a weak gun, you make it powerful. If it’s already powerful, you make it stupidly powerful. Little to no games can compete with the flexibility and versatility of Warframe’s upgrading system which allows tweaking of many stats, abilities, elements, procs, and more. As an example, you can have a freeze ray laser pistol with regenerating ammo that spawns homing projectiles each time you kill an enemy. There’s so many warframes to try out and tinker with, and so many guns and swords to use that you’ll be kept busy for hundreds of hours. And just when you think you’ve seen all the game has to offer, Warframe flips your whole world upside-down with the biggest plot twist in the history of plot twists, and suddenly out of nowhere has an exceptional, gripping storyline. Finally, you have reached the cinematic questlines, which are like mini triple A games but multitudinously more innovative. You realise that the hundred or so hours you’ve played so far are basically a tutorial; a prologue, and now the real game begins.

Dozens more mechanics and gameplay features are shoved into your face, and it’s like starting the game all over from the beginning again. It’s almost as if you’re playing the sequel. And then the sequel’s sequel. Now it’s Monster Hunter and you capture a gargantuan Eidolon, and then it’s Tony Hawk’s and you grind a (customisable and upgradable) hoverboard in a vast open world because yes, it’s an open world game now. You then go on a multi-stage heist, which involves hacking and exploring underground bases and caves, and take down a giant spider, which is fun and exciting. And then it’s a peaceful exploration game where you can go mining, fishing, and rescue endangered wildlife. You can race your hoverboard through tracks and compete in leaderboards, because Warframe is a racing game too. And then you build a dojo, and it has a detailed scenery editor and now it’s a sandbox game like Planet Coaster without the coasters. And then you build a trading post and invite people and become an entrepreneur and earn hundreds of dollars worth of premium currency and spend it all on cosmetics and then spend dozens of hours using the most advanced character customisation ever and then use the photo tool Captura and blow people away with shots like this,[] this and this[].

Then you spend 3 hours straight exploring the open worlds (now a plural thanks to Fortuna and the Orb Vallis expansion) finding the hidden fragments in all the nooks and crannies and huge cave systems and scanning them which reveals intriguing lore which then gets you immersed in Youtube theories of the multiverse. Then you want even more warframes and do the quest to get Octavia, and then you realise Octavia has a song editor and you can rickroll anyone you want and there’s nothing they can do about it. But some people aren’t trolls and they make entire songs (like this) because Warframe is a DJ game. And there’s a million more things I could say but the point is Warframe has so much variety, and evolves so much as you play through it that you can easily get thousands of hours out of enjoyment out of it.


The visual style is definitely something to behold; despite the oxymoron, it’s both fantastical and realistic. The realistic dynamic lighting and shadows, the beautiful colours, glare and bloom effects, and the advanced volumetric lighting all contribute to an incredible lighting system. There’s also the distinctive visual designs for the titular Warframes themselves, and each individual one is inspired and well realised. One of the few letdowns in terms of visuals is the texture quality. The majority of the time it’s fine, but on occasion there will be a texture that looks so blurry and low-res that it looks like it was ripped straight out of Minecraft. This hasn’t been a problem for any of the more recent content additions, so it seems like it’s just a niggling relic of the darker past of Warframe.


I will admit, the voice acting is fairly meh, and sometimes downright awful. However, there are at least a few characters from the cinematic quests that have good voice acting. The villain from The Sacrifice in particular has exceptional voice acting, a far cry above almost all other acting. The real audio standout is the soundtrack, which is consistently brilliant, but is at its peak during the cinematic quests. The sound effects are good too; nearly everything in Warframe is accompanied by a distinct and easily recognizable sound, from the death groans of the Grineer, to the animal lures (which I like to use in normal missions to freak people out with).


Warframe is the embodiment of everything a video game should be, and more. I can’t imagine a video game that can surpass Warframe, in terms of longevity, fun, content variety, or sheer commitment from the devs. It may not be perfect, but it’s not far off. Year by year it gets closer and closer to not only trivialising the existence of Destiny, but every video game.
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The question has been asked time and time again. "What is the best weapon in the game?" Then everyone answers, "there is no best weapon in the game." While this is true, there are indeed weapons that fail miserably in the game. Also take into consideration
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