The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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Fiend Folio: Reheated - 500 New Monsters!
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Aug 19, 2022 @ 4:19am
Jan 8 @ 4:26pm
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Fiend Folio: Reheated - 500 New Monsters!


Fiend Folio MOD is back in town baby!

The original MOD has been fully ported, with more than double the content! Enjoy an injection of content to your game with plenty of new enemies, bosses, items, and thousands of rooms! If you enjoy challenge in your game, don't shy away!
With a team that's had members work on Repentance, Revelations, Retribution, Deliverance, Community Remix, Compliance and Devil's Harvest, we hope it'll have been worth the wait!

  • An enormous overhaul to the game's floors, making them each much more distinct!
  • Over 500 new monsters to fight! There's no friends in this basement.
  • An entire 23 new bosses ready to kick ass!
  • Over 140 new items, and plenty of trinkets!
  • More than 48,000 new rooms dispersed between the floors.
  • A reworked Fiend! A glass cannon pyromancer who fights with his friends.
  • The stone-faced Golem! With his unique pool of 100+ rocks, geodes and fossils.
  • 10 new challenges! Are you stronger than Golem?
  • Unlocks! You can choose to take your time or skip them and jump right in!
  • Incorporated mods: Happy Items Pack, extracts from Guwah's Greatures, Greg the Egg and more.
  • Heaps of tweaks and changes to help you feel at home!
  • Options! Open this menu with C or F1!
  • Lots and lots of rocks!
  • New pill colours!
  • At least two guns!
  • Plenty of surprises!
Alongside all this we've tried our best to support other mods out there!
Best played with the Excelsior music MOD!
Be sure to check out Retribution and Bertran!
Make sure to have Custom Stage API enabled!
Please let us know about any clashes or issues in our community discord[]

Fiend, Budj, BlorengeRhymes, Bustin Blotch, Cadence (Ciirulean), Cake, Cometz, Connor, Creeps, Deadinfinity, Erfly, Ferrium , Foxgirl (Marianna), Guillotine-21, Gummy, Guwahavel, Happyhead, J.D., Jerb, jm2k (Julia), Jordy, minichibis, NotYourSagittarius, orisghost, Oroshibu, peas, Peribot, Pixl, pkpseudo, Poyo, RedRachis, RenRen, Sadly Just Al, Sbody2, Sin, SnakeBlock, Sunil_B, TaigaTreant, THX, TitaniumGrunt7 (Vermin), Xalum
(A more detailed list is found in the ingame mod menu)

Join our community Discord server!
Follow Fiend on Twitter!
Fiend Folio Official Wiki!
Official awesome soundtrack!
Maria VS Jon in Smash: Mario Mirror Match
Maria VS Jon: The Revenge Match

Dropbox Mirror[]

For folks with the issue of their health / map not appearing, or enemies sliding around, this is not our fault!
Run with only Fiend Folio + StageAPI and all should be fine.

The issue now is that since the latest update, mods which have errors in their code will cause other mods to fail.
Anything failing in the HUD code for example will cause Fiend Folio's hearts to disappear, and the map to disappear if you have Revelations or MinimapAPI.
Anything failing elsewhere can cause all sorts of errors, such as enemies sliding around!

One way to diagnose this is by disabling half your mods, and if it's still broken, disable another half until it works.
Alternatively, disable all mods except for Fiend Folio and StageAPI, and enable those that you know are fine slowly.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

One other alternative is to try using this mod and see if it helps
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Apr 14 @ 8:03pm
PINNED: Bug Reports
Feb 27 @ 4:33am
will this be added to the game officialy?
Apr 6 @ 1:24am
About achievements with this mod
TaigaTreant  [author] Apr 13 @ 9:47pm 
There appears to be two big incompatibilities with new RGON features at the moment. The first is in regards to the ability to add bone hearts to a player through XML, which causes a crash in CHAPI upon starting a run with that player; this is confirmed to be a bug on RGON's end and should be addressed in the next update. The second is in regards to the ability to change the health type of a player (such as setting it to soul-heart-only type or health-less type) which CHAPI currently lacks the ability to detect; CHAPI is presently being worked on to update it with support for this feature, though it may be some time before Fiend Folio is updated with the fix.

In general, there are a lot of new features in RGON that have the potential to replace existing systems in CHAPI. It is presently planned for CHAPI to be updated to utilise these features where possible, and for backwards-compatibility to be upheld as much as possible.
Mr. SeemsGood Apr 13 @ 1:47am 
hi. I have two questions about CHAPI.
one, is it going to be updated any time soon? I've heard it doesn't really go along well with RGON regarding certain custom features like health-less characters. not sure if this is something for you to fix.
two, is RGON going to deprecate it? if yes, hopefully you'll leave in the backward compatibility which wouldn't force mod creators to adapt to RGON's health system.

Lit Apr 12 @ 3:47pm 
honestly a shame so much great content won't be seen by most because it runs like an uphill fat man
Blubber_Freund Apr 10 @ 9:17am 
Fail with Repentogon Mod:reonion:

"MC_PRE_ENTITY_SPAWN" from "Fiend Folio" failed: ...iendfolio-reheated_2851063440/ffscripts/replacements.lua:748: bad argument #1 to 'SetSeed' (RNG seed must be an integer above 0)
Stack Traceback:
in method SetSeed
...iendfolio-reheated_2851063440/ffscripts/replacements.lua:748: in function at line 746
wow Apr 9 @ 5:16pm 
my only complaint is that the brickmin do not make rock pikmin sounds >:(
_Remesis358 Apr 9 @ 3:09pm 
And the same as King Joshington, when im in a large room its very laggy
_Remesis358 Apr 9 @ 3:00pm 
I have a big problem issues. Mob making flames in Burning basement make me several Lags..
LightB Apr 5 @ 4:49pm 
nvm, my issue is fixed now. apparently this mod isn't compatible with the Nemesis mod, and the lag issue is somewhat fixed by installing repentagon. great mod aside from minor compatibility issues!
King Joshington Apr 5 @ 3:22pm 
It is incredibly laggy anytime there is a large room.
Ham Apr 4 @ 7:04pm 
the enemies are invisible and causing errors with other mods lmao:steamhappy: