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Hello. Welcome to my profile.
I've been playing games for quite a while, and I joined Steam in 2008.
I mainly play on pc, but I enjoy playing on gaming consoles as well.
I avoid playing achievement spam games since they degrade the value of achievements.
My goal is to play as many games as possible and become more experienced in gaming.
I enjoy watching anime as well.

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스팀은 2004년 하프라이프 2가 출시되었을 때 부터 잘 알고있었고
2008년 겨울세일에 바이오쇼크 1과 오렌지박스를 구입하면서 스팀에 가입하게 되었습니다.
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Elden Ring is the latest game developed by FromSoftware, a company well-known for its Souls franchise. This time, FromSoftware took a departure from its standard linear/semi-open world approach to its game development. Instead, it opted for an open-world approach, with heavy reliance on Souls’ game mechanics. After I learned that Elden Ring would be developed as an open-world Souls game, I was worried about how the game would turn out. However, Elden Ring turned out to be something far better than I had imagined.

- A vast world filled with activities, secrets, sidequests, enemies, and bosses that will entertain players for hundreds of hours
- A wonderful sense of exploration that is unparalleled in its scope and design
- Boss battles that are difficult yet extremely satisfying
- Beautiful graphics that show noticeable improvements over older titles, such as Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro
- Great map system that guides players in the right direction and helps them search for secrets and activities.
- A wide variety of weapons with different ashes of war that allows for diverse gameplay
- An intuitive and efficient weapon upgrade system
- A wide variety of spells, incantations, talismans, and armors to choose from
- Stellar aesthetics/art design

- Performance issues: micro-stuttering and framerate drops that got better compared to the launch version but still need more work
- While enemies/bosses are mostly fair, a few of them are overly difficult and can feel a little cheap

Overall, I think Elden Ring is a masterpiece that offers new possibilities to an open-world genre, which has become somewhat stale in recent years. Similar to what Breath of the Wild did five years ago, Elden Ring proves that the open-world genre can evolve and become something truly remarkable.

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