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November 20, 2010

AStats - Info, Guides and Rankings for Achievements and Games.

For all people who love gaming, achievements, collecting, rankings, leaderboards and having a good time.

If you have any suggestions to improve the group or site, just contact the officers! We would be glad to work hard on it.

Some of the features are:
Fair achievement leaderboards where achievements are worth a certain score based on rarity.
Leaderboards for many other things like total nr of games, hours played, number of games 100% and so on.
Ability to see who earned a certain achievement and when.
Guides for many achievements.

All that with a friendly helpful community and much more.

Technical support is available from Mytharox at the e-mail address: support@[websitename] (replace [websitename] with the top and second level domain of AStats, don't include the other "astats" which is a subdomain)
Approved Achievement Fixes
November Check-in

As you all know, almost everyone had trouble accessing the Astats website. Something like that should have fixed itself, but apparently it didn't. We found out the webhost had trouble updating the dns servers. We were able to contact the webhost and was able to sort this out.

We will still keep the announcement of troubleshooting on accessing the Astats site in case anyone has any problems when it is actually up.

Speaking of that, the link to astats has been updated with "https" instead of "http." If you bookmark the site or use a quick fill-in to access the site, you might want to double check to be sure it is https instead of http for security reasons.


Let's cut to the chase, shall we? The most annoying thing everyone in Astats experience is when the crawler is down and/or stalling (other than the site being down...). The good news is we have a code built in that resets the crawler when it hangs. The bad news it isn't foolproof, meaning something more serious causing it. While we're doing our best to keep the site in shape, especially with the update, we're hoping to create a better, easier way for us to make sure it stays running.

Rare Achievement Showcase Bug

Valve has finally responded to the Rare Achievement Showcase Bug. Could this hint that the achievement system will be updated? That would be pretty nice.

"Originally posted by al:
Hi, sorry we haven't replied sooner.

Some data got corrupted in the system that tracks achievement percentages. While we have backups, it's difficult to determine precisely when the stats got reset, or how many achievements were unlocked in between when the backup last ran and when the numbers got reset. The system has been mostly untouched since 2007 and runs on an old database that we don't really use anymore, so it's overdue for an overhaul.

Given all that, we are working on building a new system for tracking the global achievement data. This is almost complete, after which there will be some time while we count up all of the achievement unlocks again (there are billions and billions). Once it's caught up, we'll switch over to reading the numbers from the new system, and the unlock percentages should return to normal.

I'll keep this thread updated on our progress."



Just a heads up for those who still have an appeal thread up: please check on your appeal status to see if a moderator has posted anything.

We have a lot of appeals dating back months with no response. We may have to close those appeals if we do not receive a response. If a moderator posted and you responded, just be patient.

Group Updates

Finally we have an appropriate up-to-date list of Administrators and Moderators on our groups after the staff changes that were made.


Yeah I know I said it was the last thing to do on our list, but we do have a draft of an updated profile page for those on AStats. Before we get to that, remember how you couldn't change your e-mail on your Astats settings and had to wait for an admin? Now you can do it on your own!

Here are some screenshots of the profile prototype. Let us know what you think in the comments section!


[LSLN] Vespertine Jan 5 @ 7:09pm 
Hello there, I've sent Mytharox a PM via the AStats inbox system + an email to support roughly a month ago, in regards to a forced refresh of my profile ( as the name is out of sync with my steam. Never received a response and would like to know who else/what other methods of contact I can reach out for helping me resolve this issue. Thanks o/
Protoblob Dec 23, 2019 @ 11:36pm 
Don't forget to do your Christmas achievements! Merry Christmas, happy Hanoukkah, happy Holidays, or whatever you prefer!
Jimmy Nov 18, 2019 @ 8:40pm 
i logined astats, but it shows i have no game, how can i update my gamelist?
NovaScotiaSean Nov 7, 2019 @ 4:52pm 
Is Drive by hero stuck? I finished it a while ago and it will not update
YOUR WAIFU IS A SLUT! SLUUUUUT! Nov 7, 2019 @ 8:58am 
Warframe achievement "Master" is now attainable and I got suspicious of hacking on the site after doing it... needs to be removed as "Broken" and I would like them to remove my suspicion of hacking(I can't access the forum so I had to post here)
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