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Rev Groove Jul 13 @ 8:25am 
dlib and ppm/2 keep refreshing constantly
Is there a way to make it stop? I've heard many people complain about this and there seems to be no fixes or posts so far about it. It keeps frequently reloading and refreshing ppm/2 in the top right and completely destroys accurate, fun, decent gameplay.

I have seen this for tooooo long and have been patiently waiting for a mention to the dev of ppm/2 of this problem.

This link may also be a similar problem?

Also, I have sort of an answer here, but even when just installing the addon itself, it still does the same thing. (If I remember correctly)

It's #834

Gordon Freeman Jul 10 @ 6:57pm 
☆ Scribbles ☆ Jul 9 @ 9:42am 
do u think u could mayhaps possibly maybe help me with linux lmao
będzie magik Jun 25 @ 8:31am 
|<y$ dog$hit
[ACA] Nacolo Jun 22 @ 9:59am 
Hey I just want to play with you because you look cool and stuff. And you look like a good player.
q-pajazitaj May 30 @ 11:12am 
tfa base reduxed is making errors for me fix it please