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🔎Andrew🔎 2021년 4월 29일 오전 6시 44분 
Thanks for the addon, just, thanks.
BLUBOT 2021년 4월 25일 오후 2시 16분 
I know you probably have had this commented a billion times already, but I haven't seen anyone else affected by it the way I have. AND YES, it's about the Pony Playermodel V2.

Anyways, it isn't really the mod itself, but the extra addon required, DLib. For whatever reason, this mode literally CRASHES Garry's mod if I even attempt to load any map. I've looked up videos, guides, and anything else that could possibly explain, but there is NOTHING online as far as I'm aware that even explains this. That's why I'm coming to you for help. Is there something extra I need? Do I need to fix something? Do I need to clean out my addons for ♥♥♥♥ that counters it, JUST TELL ME!
PumaB 2021년 4월 23일 오후 5시 38분 
can you add a thing where it does other sit animation when your on ground so then your legs arent clipping through floor and looking weird ?
Depressed Unicorn 2021년 4월 23일 오전 8시 08분 
Daring 2021년 4월 23일 오전 3시 18분 
yo dude ppm2 is broken
holyxmoly 2021년 4월 19일 오전 3시 40분 
silver player