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⠀•⠀I normally accept all friend requests unless you are banned from steamrep or seem like a bot, so feel free to add me if you want. Just leave a comment below before adding if we haven't met before or have no common friends.
⠀•⠀Don't add me for trading unless I have a listing up on
⠀•⠀Sending me multiple random game invites, stream/youtube advertisements etc. or spamming my comment section to the point where you take up the whole comment page will get you removed.
⠀•⠀If you use a script to send generic comments on everyone's profiles for attention, exclude me from your list. I don't want them.
⠀•⠀My comment section is not your advertising platform or a place to beg for likes.
⠀•⠀I rarely send friend requests myself. If you know me from somewhere and wonder how we're still not friends, just hit me up with an invite!

⠀•⠀ Discord: Cleffy#0666
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⠀•⠀ BattleNet: Cleffy#21782
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Zitroto 18 hours ago 
Have a very nice weekend!
Zitroto 18 hours ago 
Have a very nice weekend!
♥ Femboy TF2 ♥ Jun 22 @ 12:51pm 
+rep sells cute boy footsies
Peruano Come Palomas Jun 22 @ 1:58am 
bot account not possible be 333 lvl of steam
hanibale_FR Jun 13 @ 9:54am 
nice nice aimbotermega visible in d2
zir Jun 12 @ 4:35am 
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