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I don't accept invites from strangers, even if we played together. / Я не принимаю приглашения от рандомов, даже если мы играли вместе.
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[quote]If game tells you that DLib is causing script errors, but the only mentions of DLib in the error's text are "lua/dlib/modules/hook.lua" and "dlib_has_nothing_to_do_with_this_traceback", check if the error is reproducible without DLib installed first
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Аф Sep 14 @ 11:36am 
Доброго вечера, хотел бы обсудить возможность заказа оружия (целого пака). Бюджет имеется, хотелось-бы обговорить сроки и возможности.
スズメ Sep 8 @ 10:52pm 
learn some english if u wanna play in eu service and take ur tiny brian to play dota2
I.C.S-HUNTER Aug 29 @ 4:08pm 
furry feaigoot ♥♥♥♥♥
sggaghghwaghwghwgh Aug 9 @ 10:43am 
I feel like TFA could be improved:
Several improvements:
- Remember addons upon death.
- Universal ammo types
- Incendiary, explosive tipped, etc.
- General improvements as a whole such as an UNIVERSAL extended magazine for every gun running the TFA script, which increases the ammo by 40, akin to a basic makarov pistol upgrade.
- Silencers don't alert NPCs.
ShimmerTheGreat Jul 21 @ 9:04am 
Будет ли ответка на ARC9?
Red Heavy Pootis Engage Jul 15 @ 12:44pm 
♥♥♥♥ you child