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Workshop Showcase
Collection of all Juniez' compiles ported by me to c_hands.
Sorted by original compile release order.

ArtStation: https://juniez.artstation.com/ (original HL2 compiles can be found there)

If you're interested in my GMod ports/creations or just want
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Created by - YuRaNnNzZZ
Favorite Guide
Created by - YuRaNnNzZZ
91 ratings
This guide will tell you how to get and activate PBR [en.wikipedia.org] materials support in Garry's Mod.
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Garry's Mod
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PlayerBrasil446 May 7 @ 1:43pm 
Your TFA addons in Gmod are very good
Good boi123 May 3 @ 9:36am 
the best guy, he make good things at garry's mod
DelHaven Apr 23 @ 8:17am 
hey man i really like your tfa weapons port, thanks for doing these addons!!
Maxolо Apr 3 @ 7:57am 
ты крутой
jond2012 Mar 6 @ 9:27am 
...idk im mad!
Dead-Eye Devil Feb 26 @ 8:36am 
I'm sorry for calling you guys useless btw. I don't even remember why I went that far.