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DSprays - the Ultimate spray system
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Mar 4, 2021 @ 12:57am
Nov 7 @ 8:13am
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DSprays - the Ultimate spray system

DLib is required
x86_64 gmod branch is required
(like any other addon requiring HTML panels)


DSprays - brand new way to power your sprays! This addon allows you to spray anywhere you want, and support both source engine spray files and URLs!

  • Spray source engine sprays! (if sv_allowupload 1; sv_allowdownload 1)
  • Spray URL static sprays!
  • Spray URL APNG/GIF/Animated WebP/AVIF (when it become enabled by default in Chromium and GMod's CEF) sprays!
  • Spray URL WEBMs!
  • Poster toolgun! (yes, these don't nuke FPS like image stickers addon does, obviously)
  • Context menu for sprays!
  • Uses "native" to source engine rendering which grant:
  • Sprays react to light!
  • Sprays react to projected textures (flashlight/lamps)!
  • Ultra-fast rendering!
  • Spray on props!
  • Spray on models!
  • Sprays bend surfaces!
  • DXT5 texture compression (less video memory required) thanks to DLib.VTF and DLib.DXT5!
  • Resolution settings!
  • Admin constrols!
  • Video controls!
  • Radial spray menu!
  • Decent amount of settings to configure!


This addon's source code is licensed under MIT License
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Mr. Banan Man Dec 1 @ 2:19pm 
shitter with doge mask, exit 2003, and enter 2023. USE GOOGLE
FTL Nov 30 @ 10:10am 
how to use it
Goba Nov 23 @ 8:44pm 
i was trying on that branch and it was just a white border
《Happi Doggo》 Nov 17 @ 6:18pm 
This does not work at all
Archibald Nov 13 @ 12:04am 
is that a birth reference
valde.andersson14 Nov 12 @ 11:12am 
If this doesnt work with Google i will shove a baby up your a-
Shitter with a doge mask Nov 11 @ 1:32am 
i tried every like picture platform i can think of, firefox, brave, etc what pictures work?
YuRaNnNzZZ  [author] Nov 11 @ 12:39am 
animated and video (webp, webm, mp4, avif) sprays won't work without x86_64 gmod branch
DBot  [author] Nov 11 @ 12:31am 
switch to gmod x86-64 branch
Goba Nov 10 @ 2:23pm 
the images arent loading and i dont know why can anyone help