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DPP/2 - Next Gen Prop Protection
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Jun 7, 2020 @ 1:38am
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DPP/2 - Next Gen Prop Protection

DLib is required.

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After 2 years of development stops and starts, i present to you, complete rewrite, direct upgrade, of DBot's Prop Protection. Same rich feature set, with complete rethink about how it work and interact, all in DPP/2

This addon is to be considered as direct upgrade to DPP (import supported), FPP (import supported), Ulyssess' Prop Share[], Prop lock

It is also to be considered as partial, or almost full replacement to APAnti, APG, URM[] (restrictions, import supported), WUMA[] (restrictions, import supported), URS (restrictions, import supported).

Features include (but not limited to):
  • Prop Protection core as we all know it
  • Contraption support (full support!, FPP support them at very essential level, DPP did support them partially)
  • CAMI support
  • CPPI support
  • Complete clientside prediction
  • Antipropkill module
  • Advanced antispam module
  • Blacklists and Restrictions lists
  • Per-player protection switches
  • Per-module protection switches (including clientside ones)
  • Prop sharing
  • Prop locking (self, others or both)
  • Alot of property menus, including spawnmenu augments
  • Various utlities (clean up decals, gibs, freeze everything, etc)
  • Sandbox, Model and Entity classname limits
  • (Per) Model restrictions
  • Toolgun restrictions
  • All protection modules has their own blacklist and restriction list
  • Physgun undo
  • And a lot more...


This addon's source code is licensed under MIT License
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DPP/2 - Next Gen Prop Protection
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