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-Dremora Attack on Tamriel-
-Dremora attack on Tamriel-

-Please Rate if you Like This Mod.!

-Not intended for normal gameplay.

-1977 Random Dremora attack across Tamriel.!

-File Size 0.558 MB's

-Location Tamriel Skyrim


2-Favorited ...
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Created by rezzzman
Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves or vampires lords. Followers ride horses, make camp, avoid traps, ignore friendly fire, toggle city/standard outfits & helmets, pose, dance, and more......
Azura's Hearth (Portable Home)
Created by Emberlily
**** Update v0.02 - Added anvil *****

Azura's Hearth is a portable home you can access by using Azura's Amulet of Hearth. The Amulet is aquired during Azura's Daedric quest. You will see a burning corpse, the amulet and a letter will be on it. If you...
Become High King of Skyrim v2
Created by Mr.Infinium

This is a remake/continuatuion of the original mod unlike the other BHKOS mod on steam this version will be updated please Give suggestions in the comment section below or...
Brotherhood -Final Fantasy X-
Created by Shigen

Title : Brotherhood -Final Fantasy X-
Version : 1 .2

Author : Shigen02

==This is "Not Lore-f...
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition [Multilingual] / Новые модели тел и лиц для девушек [RUS]
Created by Wehrwolfmann
Original version of Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition.

Версия: 3.3с
CBBE - это заменитель стандартных женских тел на более соблазнительные и детализированные пышные формы.

Если вы любитель текстур HGEC от TES4: Oblivion, то данный плаг...
Camping Lite
Created by McGuffin
Camping lite is a simple, streamlined, camping mod.

There are few other camping mods, but I made this one for people (like me) who want to keep the idea simple and who want an easier and faster method to set up a Camp through an ability (power).
It's ...
Dragonborn Crafting Hall NO DLC Version
Created by Avatar
This mod was created with the main goal of reducing grinding in the game, especially for experienced players that just want to try new characters builds and not have to do the boring stuff over again. If you are new to Skyrim, then welcome, and feel free t...
Final Fantasy VII - Music
Created by ᠌᠌᠌
Music of the Main Menu:
Final Fantasy VII – Bombing Mission

This mod replaces the standard Battle Music on these tracks:

Final Fantasy VII – Fighting
Final Fantasy VII – Hurry Faster
Final Fantasy VII – Birth of the God
Final Fantasy VII – Jenova...
Item Sorting
Created by Dasaige
This mod relabels or renames arrows, potions, foods, clutter items, quest items, crafting items and books to be easier to find and use. This mod does not change the UI look in anyway. Check under recommendations if you like to have the same style as the sc...
Josh's Skill Capes
Created by Josh_2
Show off your achievements with these dashing capes.

What is this?

+ Adds 56 custom capes to the game all using custom meshes and textures.
+ 2 capes for each skill, a bright version and a darker version.
+ 3 capes for the 3 main...
Item Sorting Hearthfire
Created by Dasaige
This mod is an extenstion for Hearthfire for my mod found here:
Hearthfire and my original mod is required.

more than one ring on a finger
Created by borr
now you can use all your rings that you have at the same time

non DLC version:
Pocket Campsite v1.88
Created by splynter
What's New?
v1.73 Fixed the sound problem with the spell
v1.72 Due to complaints of incompatibility, the Pocket Campsite has been reverted to v1.72. I'll release the newer version under a different name after I make some name changes.
Sabre gear backpack
Created by uCTo4HuK 3aPa3bl
===>>> SABRE CAT GEAR <<<=== Bag-Pack Add-on! v2.0
---> presented by DVAted <---

With the assistance of pro-modellers and modders:
OG-Jay/TreasureChest, tumbajamba


This mod add-on aims to improve on TreasureChest's Fur Bag...
Knapsack Backpacks
Created by Strange
Version 1.5
  • Added missing vampire races to backpack appearances.
Version 1.4
  • Added recipes that can use 'deerhide02' as well as 'deerhide', to avoid confusion over which deer hide can be u
The Frost-Hammer Family - Stormcloak Soldier Followers
Created by d.r.harmon
Meet the Frost-Hammers, the latest in my racially-diverse family series.
The two oldest brothers, Wulf and Tyrus, are half-Nord, half-Imperial. Lorik and Malek, the Altmer twins, were adopted as children, as was Ra'Shaad, the Khajiit youngest brother. ...
Skyforge Steel Smithing
Created by Lord Flumph
As you may have guessed this mod lets you make skyforge steel weapons. All you need is the Steel smithing perk and the skyforge. Enjoy....
Scout Armor - Armor Only
Created by DoODABoOM

This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download the full package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only
Scout Armor - Forest,Land and Snow Capes
Created by DoODABoOM

This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download the full package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only
Scout Armor - Weapons Only
Created by DoODABoOM

This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download the full package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Music
Created by ᠌᠌᠌
Music of the Main Menu:
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII OST – To Be Continued

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII OST – The Mako City
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII OST – The Burdened
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII OST – A Closed Off Village
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Music
Created by ᠌᠌᠌
Music of the Main Menu:
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children OST – Opening

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children OST – Water
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children OST – End Credits
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children OST – Cloud Smiles
Final Fantasy VI...
Useful Dogs
Created by Sagittarius

Ever wanted your dog in Skyrim to behave like Dogmeat (Fallout 3) ? AKA, ever wanted to give your dog an order to find items, ammo, etc. ? Well now you ...
Clean Companions - Dirtless Vilkas and Farkas
Created by Apoc
This is a very simple mod that removes the dirt from the faces of Vilkas and Farkas, two followers from the Companions questlines.

I decided to throw this little thing together because I figured I can't be the only woman (or man, for that matter), who a...
~= The Companions Dogs =~
Created by Loup Garou
========================================================================================================== Midnight Rakuen Production =========================

This ad...
Better Housecarls
Created by Valtharen
This mods aims to make the housecarls a bit more useful by setting all them to essential (they can't die) and making each of them unique.

Housecarls :

Argis the Bulwark (Markarth) :
Race : Nord
Class : Barbarian
Armor : Scaled
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Nord
Created by sp0ckrates
For Nords, it's all about the combat. Now it's more epic! This mod enhances melee for Nord and Nord Vampire player races (see the video) and adds new powers and abilities. It's safe, as no changes are permanent. If you unsubscribe, your powers and a...
Dwemer Arena
Created by King Kiger
Did you always wanted a Arena where you can watch fights and fight yourself ? Then you'd love this mod

!You find the Arena next to the orcish settlement Dushnikh Yal by Markrath! (look on the photo of the map)

Wolltest du schon immer eine Arena, in d...
More Beast race children!
Created by MrCasual
Ok, sorry this took so long. Its not really that hard, but I probably shouldn't be watching Nick at Nite while making these.

This adds the following: Male and female Khajiit children, and a Argonian child male. They wear rags and don't sleep, though...
Children of Sheogorath - New Race
Created by Invictus Daemon
This is a WIP that brings a new playable race into the picture based on the mad prince himself. This race comes complete with unique abilities, powers, armor based on Sheogorath, and a merchant.

The abilities added are a lesser power and two greater pow...
Husky Follower
Created by Captain Austismo
--Husky Follower
This mod is a very simple mod what this mod adds is a Husky dog into the inn at Whiterun called "Husky" who will follow you on your adventures after talking to him he will follow you. Like any dog follower you can tell him to wait where h...
Tommy Wiseau--Custom Voiced Summonable Follower
This mod adds a unique, custom voiced and custom clothed Tommy Wiseau summonable follower! He will fight for you until he is defeated, and he has actual lines of dialogue from the worst movie of all time: The Room! (If you have no ...
Young Uthgerd
Created by Cobi Wan Kenobi
Tired of all the haggard old bitties in Skryim? This mod makes Uthgerd the Unbroken 30 years younger. It changes nothing else but her appearance. Uthgerd in her prime, trust me she will remain unbroken.
Note: Uthgerd is Protected, not Essential. ...
Willow - Follower
Created by Jelloshot
Willow is a perky little Wood Elf Ranger with an enthusiastic disposition, she's marriageable and can not be killed. She will level with the player character up to level 80 (her minimum is level 10). Willow can be found frequenting the Bee and Barb in Rift...
Lyzarah (Work in progress)
Created by Mailus
IMPORTANT: I stopped working in these mods, they are functional if requirements are met, i won't answer, or accept friend invitations just to ask me something about the mod, good luck.

Requires TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - Male and UNP female b...
Created by guicool



Another ...
Your Own Castle | Zamack na Gore
Created by Danya

Zamack na Gore (Castle on the mountains) is a mod that comes with your very own castle. It comes with:

A playerhome,
A fully equipped crafting area,
Lots of Static storage,
Tons of Mannequins/display cases/weapon racks,
An inn,...
Created by sethe
This is my first Skyrim map, so don't judge. You are transported to the mythical land of Isengard, where an ancient foe lies waiting to fight you. It is a snowy island, with plenty of cover to hide from your enemies. Good luck!

To transport to Isengard,...
Jorrvaskr Fast Travel
Created by Alpha9094
Just added a fast travel location for Jorrvaskr, more of a convenience "mod" lol. I found it annoying that there wasn't a fast travel for Jorrvaskr....
Lie About Killing Paarthurnax
Created by Ultimate Android
Hello all,
This mod allowes you to not have to kill Paarthurnax to be part of the blades and to also beable to get shout locations you can lie about Paarthurnax's Death

i came up with this mod because i wanted to be part of the blades and also b...
Created by Yatagan
By Alexander J. Velicky

Version 1.2.1 (Final Version)

Nexus Link:

*Link for intro/outro files at bottom and strongly recommended!

Important Note on 1.2.1
Adopt Beast Kids
Created by minikane
This mod lets you adopt beast kids ( Argonian and Khajiit)

this mod replaces the kids at the orphanage in riften!
DLC Hearthfire NEEDED ( DLC = Downloadable Content)
Do not give kids clothing as gifts! ( They ca...
Breezehome basement
Adds a nice and beautiful decorated cellar to the Breezehome (Whiterun)
The decorations are not available from the start, you can purchase them by purchasing decorations for:
-bed-room (includes storage and a bed)
Purchase Complete Furnishings
Created by Altbert

After purchasing a house, the jarl's steward will repeatedly tell/ask you, when buying furnishings for your house:

"Very well, I'll make the arrangements. The next time you visit your house, your...
Breezehome Mannequins
Created by Mkekala
A simple mod that edits Breezehome's (the house you can buy from Whiterun) bedroom upgrade. When you buy the bedroom upgrade (or if you have already bought the upgrade), there will be three mannequins placed in the bedroom in addition to the furniture norm...
Breezehome Remodeled - Hearthfire REQUIRED
Created by Kryssaira
You MUST wait for the launcher to FULLY LOAD ALL of your mods before clicking "Play". NOT doing so can cause the mod to only partially load, and thus cause problems with conflicts and such.
(The Bre...
Knife Of The Goddess (Hestia knife)
This mod adds a Skyrim remake of the Hestia knife, which is a knife from the anime DanMachi (Is it wrong to try to pick up a girl in a dungeon?).

The knife is right now located on the workbench at the blacksmith in Whiterun, but it is now also craftable...
Wa Masks
Created by HIGEYOSI
This mod adds japanese style masks.

-Karasu Tengu
-Kitsune / white
-Kitsune / Black

Creatable at any forge.

Body slot : Circlet

Screenshot : DRAGONPORN...
Valyrian Steel: Weapons of Ice and Fire
Created by ForgottenLore

This mod adds Valyrian steel weapons from George R.R. Martin's book series A Song of Ice and Fire. The textures are in 2048*2048 resolution.

This mod is very much a work in progress. It's in working o...
Scout Armor
Created by DoODABoOM
This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download this package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only

Scout Armor - Weapons Only
Sailor V in Skyrim
Created by jackGa
Rate up!

*** NO need ask permission for everything you want use the mods ***

Location: Whiterun area

Kill the sexy monster, you can take Sailor V armor
Body size = 0
The Wheels of Lull
Created by Trainwiz

"The Digitals say we come from another star, but so many have forgotten. I have not, for my lineage granted me audience with Memory, and I have ...
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Standalone Follower Pack 2 by Octavia
Created by Silver Fenix
This is my second follower pack. It contains Kurenia "Shadowbane" Trebaak, and Ovenborn.
Both are found at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. Both use default voices. They aren't OP. But together... Remember that one dungeon you couldn't beat? Heh. Your...
Old Conan Follower
Created by Broham the Wise

After years of travelling, plundering, and murdering, Conan found his way to Skyrim. Though he is old and has no more desire to travel to other nations, he will fight alongisde you for greater glory. And for the chance to bed some hot chicks. Don'...
Double Damage Hunting Bow
Created by MACHINESofGOD777
This was my learning mod. Updated 42 times. At first this mod was just a double damage hunting bow. I couldn't find any mods on the workshop that had a slightly better hunting bow. I was subscribed to one mod, and non player characters had them also, the n...
[ Voidcraft ] The Armory - Core Edition
Created by Saint Void
This is a simple lore friendly crafting mod for all the unique armors and weapons of the game.


*** Arrow Crafting ***
*** Three New Swords ***
*** Armor Bug Fixes ***
*** Daedric Ingots for...
Vanguard Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
**The first automatic open/closing helmet mod in all of Skyrim! See below!**

'Vanguard Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy set for both males and females. The vanguard of an army are the first soldiers in line. They take the brunt of the the e...
Stormcloak Robes
Created by GustavL
Ever wished you could immolate fools while flying your Stormcloak gang colours? Secede in style with these spankin' new sky blue Stormcloak-themed robes - with some leather and fur thrown in for good measure.

This is my second mod and a follow-up...
Fur Hoods HD
Created by Northborn
Brave the harsh Skyrim weather and keep warm with your trusty fur hood.

1.5b now released. To craft your hoods, read the instructions below!

Now wearable with circlets and available in all armor types, three different colors, with and without scarve...
Circlet Helms for the Helmet Disinclined
Created by JKalenad
Dragon Priest! Crafting Recipes! Matching set bonuses! All in a circlet!
Now with 100% more Miraak!
Now with 1...
Vanity Armor
Created by Blue001
Posted this in comments, but I am moving it here so you can read it first before you request something.
"Sorry, I dont really have much time to work on this much anymore. Too many things going on right now. I may be able to come back to it sometime soon t...
Banditry: Fur Armor
Created by Brandybuck
"You picked a bad time to get lost, friend" - Bandit tour guide

The height of fashion for bandits and ruffians throughout the holds, fur armor is now available for crafting. Recipes are available for both standard fur armor, and four tiers of higher gra...
Forward Camp
Created by iadamzx
Forward Camp

This is a lorefriendly playerhome/camp. The idea or history of this camp is that a handpicked few imperials were tasked to scout out windhelm. Thus perching their camp on a cliff over looking the city. However they were found out b...
New Follower Companions
Created by TekLest
Just So You Know I Mainly Use SkyrimNexus So If you need me [If it carnt wait] you'll find me there under Daved22
This mod will add a new companion to your game she is a combat r...
-JSO- Guild Requirements Module
Created by [BEER] Jimmy
-Jimmy's Skyrim Overhaul-
Guild Requirements module

Hey guys, Jimmy here. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed Skyrim, and enjoyed playing through with and without mods, there was a lot of things which I thought were never truly adressed, or not adressed in t...
Dress State Enforcer - The Ring of Style
Created by jrsmick
Updated 2015-11-27. Tired of the game changing your follower(s)'s outfit? Want an easy way to don your best buffed pieces? Or how about manage outfits for your follower(s)? This mod may be for you. Introducing the Follower's Valet and the Ring of Style - a...
The 13th Company v1.1
Created by Castra Tanagra

AS AN ADDED NOTE: I would highly recommend using this mod in conjunction with Kainasylum's Multiple Followers Lite mod (link below), to get t...
\\\V/// The Book Of Perk Codes
>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:<

>:Something Like The Good Book:<

>:The Book Of Perk Codes was Made as a Moders Resource

>: This works for you RateUp so others c...
Created by Buckles
This mod adds a fun way for mages to craft the clothes they want.

You make the cloth, you make the dye, you make the clothes.

In every tailoring workshop you'll find a Loom a Dye Lab and a guidebook explaining how it works.

This mod is for crafti...
Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor
Created by churchofsmalldog

---If anything in this mod is not working, place it LAST in the load order.---

This mod replaces the vanilla Ancient Shrouded Armor with a new, completely original asset with custom models and textures a...
Daedric Assassin light armor
Created by Vita
This mod will add a new standalone set of daedric light armor available at forge (daedric smiting perk required), designed for the characters specialized in stealth. Contains cuirass, gloves, boots, hood and cloak, male and female version. Enjoy

Royal Elven Armor And Weapons
Created by zAph'
Retextured, Standalone, Craftable & Temperable

There should be no issues, works with all races.

to get the gear ingame either go to the forge and craft it,(you must have elven smithing first)
or you can drop the console, enter help royal, and use t...
The Fellowship in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor
06/06/2017: Check out this amazing custom voiced Gimli follower, made by Gimli son of Gloin:

This mod adds the Fellowship of the Ring from the Lord of the Rings films as followers to Skyrim...
Created by Shocker
This modification adds the Predator as a custom playable race as well as his armour and weapons based upon the film Aliens vs Predator.
*UPDATE: Added Thermal Vision mode to Powers. Equip and use by pressing the shout key. Has a duration of 30 seconds.
Hall of the Dovahkiin

"Hall of the Dovahkiin" is something of a player home; a personal fortress for those worthy of being called "Dragonborn", and it is MASSIVE. The entrance is located on the Great Porch in Dragonsreach, look for the dwarve...
Knights of the Nine - Battlemage (Dawnguard Edition)
Created by Solaris
This is an update to Maty743's Knights of the Nine Battlemage mod, making it Dawnguard Compatible, as well as some minor tweaks and updates.

Rumors have been circulating arou...
Sky Ball Tournament
Created by absinthe

Belethor: Welcome sports fans to another season of Sky Ball, one part ball sport, two parts warfare! It promises to be the most spectacular yet. Joining me in the stadium is two times Sky Ball cham...
Ultimate Mage Robes
Created by Falco Creed
Essentially, these robes are a little OP and the result of finally making a mage character.

This adds 5 items with Enchantments:

Mage of the Gods' Robes: Fortify Magica 100pts, Fortify Magica Regen 50pts
Mage of the Gods' Hood: Fortify Articulation ...
Sabre Cat Gear
Created by uCTo4HuK 3aPa3bl
===>>> SABRE CAT GEAR <<<=== Mod Pack Extravaganza!!! v 2.2
---> presented by DVAted <---

With the assistance of pro-modellers and modders:
OG-Jay/TreasureChest, LordOfWar, Targaryen, tumbajamba, asc_kel, Froda



Vampire Hunter armor for skyrim
Created by nonfri
IMPORTANT: school has started for me getting ready for my last 2 years in high school and i have alot of hard classes so i want to say i am still working on this mod as i want to add a follower but it will take some time TY for all the suscribers :D

GAME OF THRONES - House shields (by P3dr0)
Created by P3dr0

Adds Game of Thrones House shields to skyrim.
Custom HD textures applied to bethesda's guard shield model.

Available in both LIGHT and HEAVY armor, these shields share stats with regular guard shields.
They can be crafted and temper...
Ranger Armour
Created by Commander
A simple mod that adds a baddly textured armour that is acoustomed to my pages. it is for those with a hunter gatherer character or if you just like camo. there are 2 hoods to wear and it has the same stats as elven armour. rate like do what ever it is tha...
SHARPE Craftsmanship: Skyforged
Created by Herko_ter_Horst
Adds and fixes ammo, weapon and armor crafting recipes for the Skyforge.

It makes the following items available for crafting at the Skyforge. In addition, Eorlund Gray-Mane will sell these items.

New: (these items do not exist in vanilla Sk...
Witcher 2 Style Dawnguard Heavy Plate
Created by Robertson
This is a mesh and texture edit of L0rdOfWar's excellent Witcher 2 Heavy Plate armours and includes a set for the Dawnguard faction with improved textures and normal maps to give it a 'worn' appearance in-game.

To get the Dawnguard Steel Plate set, you...
Marked Incompatible ]  Infinity Blade Mod for Skyrim
Created by CaptainDumac
This mod adds two signifigant items from the Infinity Blade series of iOS games:
The Infinity Blade
The Helio Armor
Fight through Skyrim's harsh wilderness as the God-King, wielding your blade to slay the unslayable!

Both are forgeable, and both requ...
Fountain Guard Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Knights of the Nine V2.6
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Either become a knight that shows the merciful side of the Nine d...
Kynesguard/Daedra Hunter Weapons & Armor
Created by Mars
Follow me on Twitter (@nujakujata)! If I get over 1k followers from this community, I'll create a Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit mod for Fallout 4!

Update: Added a few missing recipes, made the Temple more home-friendly, and added the 'Dark DH Armor'~...
Danger Zone Mod
Created by ChadPerson644
The Audio Only version of the Kenny Loggins Mod.

Download the Kenny Loggins Mod here for the full Loggins experience:

Final fantasy XII level up sound
Created by Clashmecha
This mod replaces the level up sound with the final fantasy XII level up sound....
FF10 Battle Music
Created by SinisterSlay
As requested, a Final Fantasy 10 battle music replacer.

I have added several more music tracks

This mod has been discontinued and replaced by this mod.[/url...
Knights of the Nine Armor of the Crusader (Drunk)
Created by TickleMyCow14
This one wasn't made to it's entirety while i was drunk. I just noticed last Sunday that I had made the Chestplate and Helmet textures the night before, while I was intoxicated. I made the mod itself the following Monday and I finished it up Tuesday.

Celeste (Merchant/Trainer/Follower)
Created by Radinka
Celeste Elanali, High Elf Evoker now residing at Dragonreach in Whiterun, is now available as a follower. The author of The Sanguinista Threat is now ready to join your hero, buy your junk, and train you in Destruction magic.

She is a vendor with 5000 ...
Ring Of Nocturnal
Created by fpsquadrasnipar

✓ Maxed Out Enchantments.
• Fortify Sneak 1000
• Fortify Lockpicking 1000
• Fortify Pickpocketing 1000
• Fortify Carryweight 1000
• Muffle 1

✓ Zero Weight And Max...
Dark Knight & Paladin
Created by Proxy Stray
Данный плагин добавит в игру квест по завершению которого, вы сможете получить заклинание на обращение либо в Темного Рыцаря, либо в Паладина. Чтобы начать квест отправляйтесь в таверну Гарцующая кобыла, что в Вайтране. Найдите там Таинственного незнакомца...
Clothes Versions of Dragonborn Outfits
Created by Ricarthal
Requires Dragonborn.

Adds a new room to The Midden beneath the College of Winterhold, containing robe/clothes copies of various clothes from Dragonborn. You can only access the room if you are the Arch-Mage, and can only open the enchanted wardrobe cont...
Magic: The Gathering
The land of Tamriel has been blown wide open, a member of the College of Winterhold has proposed the idea that the world is one of many planes of existence, beyond that of Oblivion, and that spells transcend this, Urag has been collecting spells of this ma...
Dawnguard Robes
Created by casline
Ever wanted robes to join the Dawnguard as a mage, but found their armor less than satisfactory for your spell-slinging needs? Look no further! This mod adds a full set of enchanted Dawnguard robes for both male and female, beast races included.

Adds ro...
Green Whiterun
If you like a green environment than this mod is good for you!
v 0.2:
-more grass
-more trees
-Texture changed into grass texture

v 0.3:
Whiterun finished but not the final

v 0.4:
-better grass
-few fixes

If you have ideas please put it in ...
Dat Grass
Created by (JZE) Necknp16
No further updates will be made to this mod. Any modder who wishes to make bugfixes/compatibility/SSE port is more than welcome.

This mod adds a new grass texture and puts it everywhere. The mod is still under development with each update adding...
Ninja Gaiden Armors & Weapons
Created by Kryptonian
The Hayabusa Ninja Clan was founded by the Dragon Ninja, warriors descended from the Dragon Lineage bloodline. Since ancient times the Dragon Ninja had inhabited Skyrim near the place where their ancestors had sealed away the Ancient Dragon Scrolls. The Dr...
World Races: British Race
Created by DEAD KARL
No nation to this date as conquered more land than them... Who are they? They are the British. As the British, you have high skills in Block, Heavy Armour, One-handed combat, Speech, Smithing, Sneak and Archery. Along with this, their ability to quickly he...
No More Ugly People
Created by SunbirdTheLegend
Most Marriable Female Characters Have Been Made... Better Looking
Along Side That Some Have Learned Spells And Have Been Made Stronger
And Have Different Items In Their Inventory.

NPC's Made More Attractive

Version 1.0:

-Aela the Huntress
\\\V/// The Mountain Oasis.1
-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for mature

-Mountain Oasis

-Mountain Oasis skyforge

-Mountain Oasis Sky Port

-Mountain Oasis Den

-Mountain Oasis Den VIP Room

-Mountain Oasis Mine

-The Keys to the doors are inside the Den
Assassin's Skyrim: Ezio's Roman Armor
Created by NAX
Do you have all the Assassin's Creed armors but not Ezio's Roman Armor? Then this mod will help you!

Fairy Tail Guild: NEW UPDATE!!!
Created by Okabe Rintarou

The guild is located near whiterun

Created by Evil Mr Pumpkins
Location : Mistveil Keep outside main door,Riften Near the market place


Seratic Armor (Gray)
Created by Manic Zombie
Seratic Armor Mod Version 1.1 by Maniczombie

Update Version 1.1
Fixed no shadows issue.
Added Gray and Dark Variants, Links below.


This Mod adds a set of Seratic Armor to the game, crafted under ebony, requires ebony smithing perk....
The Shadow Scale Set
Created by Sebastian
Like any respectable assassin, the Shadowscales follow the Five Tenets, lest they incur the wrath of Sithis.
Though the group has long been defunct, pieces of them remain - buried, hidden from the light, and...
Skyrim: Starg Island
Created by JohnsonIX
Starg Island is an island off the coast of Morrowind and is governed by the Imperials. Why, you may ask? Because the resorces on the island was too great for the Imperials to abondon because of The Great War. So far there is no quest line but will be when ...
The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
Created by Mattcm919
\\The Asteria - Dwemer Airship//

Thankyou to everyone who has downloaded and rated The Asteria! All of your encouragment and support means alot to me! However, I am no longer modding skyrim and have no future plans to support any of my mods.

Before a...
Shack on a Tropical Island
Created by TheOtherGuy
Have you ever wanted to feel relax, well in this mod you can just slowly walk through your tropical islands with a new peaceful soundtrack. This is another one of my shack mods, but a lot different. It features a shack on a tropical island! T...
Whiterun Playerhome
Created by hAx' Hero
Hey guys this is a Playerhouse in front of the stonewall at whiterun. Basically the house has 2 rooms. The rooms are small but very comfortable.


When you hav...
Stunning Whiterun
Created by Captain Derp
This mod add a town that are filled like a garden and may have some mystery behind it

This mod will add load of trees and flowers , new crafting area + The three Guardians (sword and Ring)...
Better Iron/Studded Armor
Created by Ottoman Bismarck
Adds Stronger Iron and Studded Armor.
If you want a strong character but don't want to have to dress in black deadric armor or just want to look like the last dragonborn use this mod. Makes the iron armor dragonplate quality and the studded armor almost d...
Back Shields
Created by diwako

DISCLAIMER: This mod is only for cosmetic reasons!
You cab find those shields in the Weapon tab. However if you play an archer character you will...
Veteran's Iron Armor
Created by Sir Edhelsereg
    Ghunzul, son of Shelakh, son of Mog, son of Grul, son of Durgob, son of Uzgakh, son of Ramol
The Companions of Skyrim
Created by DraeneiXirena
~*~UPDATED 7/20/14~*~

I did a LOT of editing with this mod and it was a major challenge, but I managed to get all the bugs worked out and I am very happy with the results!! There were a lot of things that didn't make sense with the companions, such as A...
Fingerless Gloves Rebalanced
Created by theincrediblenick
This mod adds fingerless versions of 11 different gloves to the game:

-Elven Light
-Steel Plate

They are all craftable with the appropriate perks (the...
The Blade of Ko Koro
Created by Voideddesert7
This mod is now "dead". There will be no more updates (See post below), and I am leaving the mod in its current state. For the 600+ people subscribed, I'm sorry that this mod will not continue.

SLIGHT GLITCH. The boss isn't showing up as "Kopaka, ...
Recurve Longbows
Created by Grantiz
NOW $59.99 or 1 like!

*likes are non-refundable.

Recurve longbows by Grantiz

Click here and come join me in my new lets play series

Visit my []...
Guns and Grenades(No Quest Version)
Created by ThunderRolls

This is the Guns only Edition of Craftable Guns.

Dawnguard Required.

If you wish to have a quest and other things plz see the other version in collection above.

The Gun is pretty much a step up from Bows it shoots farther an...
Final Fantasy 13 2 Serah Weapon Starseeker v. 1.4.3
Created by Dakara7
've hardly time to time for the mods patch could take a little longer

The bow form coming soon

my problem now is, that i dont know how to make a bow form of Starseeker...
If someone knows how to do that or can give me a tutorial, please send me a PM...
Bokeh Sun
Created by Anton


Since even my pc can not handle ENB that well, i have decided to make the sun effects from ENB for skyrim by replacing the sun glare with my self made bokeh/lens flar...
Marked Incompatible ]  Nothing
Created by Vixdt
Literally Nothing, theres nothing to it.

Just remember kids, if you imagine hard enough, nothing can be anything!

Just so you know this mod took a long time and there is no room for sarcasm. I stayed up countless nights working on adding as much noth...
.::\\\V/// English Tudor Whiterun.01
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature

>:Lore Friendly is just a Nice way to say No Creative Ability.

> :English Tudor Whiterun "Retextured"

>:The New Thanes Quarters + The Owls Den an The Exithall.*

>:Note there are 5 Photoes o...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Orc
Created by sp0ckrates
Adds 8 new special attacks and makes berserker rage a lesser power! For Orcs, it's all about the rage. Now you can go berserk as often as you want! When you are enraged, you now unlock new combat moves for each weapon type.

Other new and improve...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Dark Elf
Created by sp0ckrates
Now Dark Elves are more powerful destruction mages and assassins! Adds new abilities to the Dark Elf and Dark Elf Vampire races. Completely safe, as no new scripts are used and no changes are permanent. If you unsubscribe, your character's abilities...
Amazing Race Tweaks! Argonian
Created by sp0ckrates
Now Argonians are amazing! This mod adds other new abilities and powers to the Argonian and Argonian Vampire races. (See the video.) Works with new or existing player characters. Completely safe. If you unsubscribe, abilities and powers return to wh...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Wood Elf
Created by sp0ckrates
Don't just command animals for a short time--make them followers! Don't merely slow time with a shout--slow time and increase weapon speed at the same time! Don't simply guess where foes are--know exactly where they are with your tracking power!...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! High Elf
Created by sp0ckrates
Now High Elves are what they should be--the best @#$% mages in Skyrim! This mod improves EVERYTHING about magic for High Elf and High Elf Vampire races. Changes affect the player race and NPCs, so High Elf followers and foes will be more powerful. T...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Khajiit
Created by sp0ckrates
Makes Khajiits more like--well, cats! Adds new abilities and powers to the Khajiit and Khajiit Vampire races. (See the videos.) Works with new or existing player characters, followers and other NPCs. Completely safe. If you unsubscribe, abilities an...
Radioreggae's Hair Workshop for Male
Created by Radioreggae

This is standalone hair MOD for your male homanoid character.



The first test update. 5 hairs update.

The Lungaris - a Rabbit-like Race
Created by Mickyan
-Added two followers and marriage partners, one male and one female. Find them respectively in the Silver Blood Inn in Markarth and Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood
-Removed leftover khajit complexion from female characters
-Fixed typo in rac...
Milva - Nord Face Preset
Created by Wartinald
Another face preset from one of my Nord female characters, Milva. (Inspired by The Witcher books)

If you are having issues with the latest update, please install Ponytail Hairstyles v2.5

Snow Elf, Dremora and Dwemer Races
Created by LordLuco
Adds the Dremora and the Snow Elves as playable races. The snow elves are similiar to the high elves but also gain another bonus starting spell. The Dremora gain bonuses to destruction and conjuration as well as two cool starting spells. Let me know if...
We Are Legion (1.1)
Created by DerAlleinTiger
The Imperial Legion is the largest, strongest, and most advanced fighting force in all of Tamriel. It is made up of the bravest of individuals from every race and creed. So why are the only Legionnaires you meet in Skyrim Imperials, Nords, Bretons, and R...
Standalone Naruto Eyes
Created by clay.gober
Adds some standalone oculor justu eyes and others from the anime/manga Naruto. Right now there are Byakugan, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Itachi's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan, Nine-Tails Sage Mode, Rinnegan, Sagemode, Sasuke Ete...
Character Creation Overhaul - Diverse Races and Genders
Created by Syclonix
This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED optional module for Character Creation Overhaul located at:

You must have the Character Creation Overhaul for this mod to work.

Vanilla Skyrim allowed any st...
Character Creation Overhaul - Dynamic Skill Progression
Created by Syclonix
This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED optional module for Character Creation Overhaul located at:

You must have the Character Creation Overhaul for this mod to work.

Specialized skills in previou...
Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Classes - Skills
Created by Syclonix

Character Creation Overhaul finally brings back birthsigns, classes, specializations, favored attributes, and...
Character Creation Overhaul - Permanent Birthsigns
Created by Syclonix
This is an optional module for Character Creation Overhaul located at:

You must have the Character Creation Overhaul for this mod to work.

This module makes your birthsign choice permane...
Character Creation Overhaul - Oblivion Carry Weights
Created by Syclonix
This is an optional module for Character Creation Overhaul located at:

You must have the Character Creation Overhaul for this mod to work.

This add-on for Character Creation Overhaul mak...
\\\\//// Temple Of Kynareth HotSpa
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature

> The Temple Of Kynareth Hot Spa + Players House

> And The Whiterun Gutters an underground tunnel that allows access to multiple locations in whiterun

> The 2 New followers are the sick and wounded ...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Imperial
Created by sp0ckrates
Luck, blessing, persuasion, intelligence and combat--this mod boosts them all for the Imperial and Imperial Vampire races!
With this mod your Imperial character will have:
  • Better Luck. You'll get rich quick finding even more gold an
Final Fantasy XIV Shields 1.3
Created by Shigen

Title : Final Fantasy XIV Shields
Version : 1.3

Author : Shigen02

TFCG - Final Fantasy Weapons
Please read the description carefully, because it says where to get the weapons, and what weapons are available at the moment, and ones that will be available in the future. Thanks you for reading, Wolf.

If you love the mod, please feel free to donate ...
Final Fantasy VII - The First Tsurugi
Created by WoYo-Sensei
Version 1.0
Hi there!
I would like to present you my latest mod: First Tsurugi - huge sword from Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children movie, with all other swords!
In this package you will get:
- 7 different swords, all craftable (Ascalon, Avenger, Mer...
Chocobos Mounts and Followers 2.5
Created by gg77
5 Towns, 5 Breeds of Chocobos, 5 Colors

The Chocobos Mounts (60) are in the 5 Stables (Whiterun, Markath, Riften, Solitude, Windhelm) + IN the 5 Towns (only the Mounts with saddle); and around the towns...

The Followers Chocobos (14) are in the 5 St...
Final Fantasy 7 AC Weapon Apocalypse and Fusion v4.1b
Created by mach1991
Final Fantasy 7 AC Weapon Apocalypse v4.1b

My first mod for Skyrim. (i am not so good with english)
This is a simple mod which adds a Apocalypse 2h version from the 1h Apocalypse...
RBC - Round Based Combat (Final Fantasy Style)
Created by DooM
Hey =)

For the newest Changes scroll to the end of descrition to get the sounds download the link below read everything carefully if you like this type of gamestyle

If i release an update you should deinstall the mod save your game and reinstall the ...
Town Night Music (Additional): FFXV - Somnus
Created by Sir Pickles

NOTE: uninstall the old version if you still have it.

Instrumental Version by Steven Kelly
Original composed by Yoko Shimomura

Final Fantasy XV (Versus XIII) ~ ...
Created by Rezzurekt
Over 2,000 mobs... 9 followers, 10 bosses, 3 merchants, 1 book, 1 basement. Zombies, maniacs and mutated creatures patrol everywhere; random encounters are likely... and dangerous.

* Made for vanilla
* Nothing fancy that will create mod conflicts
* Te...
Matys Medieval Knights
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Matys Mithril Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Knights of the Nine Battlemage Sub-mod
Created by Maty743
Does not work with Dawnguard unless added using tem codes

Sub-mod for my main knights of the nine mod.
Please rate and favorite both to inspire me to keep improving :)
Holy One race
Created by Captain Austismo
The Holy One race is a mod that adds in a new playable race to Skyrim based on the knights of the nine form oblivion.

Most recent Skyrim update
No DLC required.

If you find the race a bit overpowered you can always legendery it.

Thunderfury and The Bulwark of Azzinoth
Created by johnskyrim
Check out my newest mod: The Godswords of Gielinor (Runescape)!

Like my facebook page! or find me on Skyrim Nexus!

Marks of Skyrim
Created by TickleMyCow14
Adds 37 hand tatoos to Skyrim. Can be equipped in the armors menu. Replaces gauntlets.

You can find all of them in a Barrel O' Marks Near the City Gates inside of Whiterun.
1. The Mark of the Empire
2. The Mark of the Stormcloaks
3. The Ma...
Created by Arthmoor
A simple village expansion for Kynesgrove.

It has always bothered me to some extent that Kynesgrove gets major attention during the main quest, even with its own guard contingent, yet is nothing more than one inn and a few people in a small camp. Given ...
Jorrvaskr Armory
Created by NXTman96
This is an armory that is located inside the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters. It is in Kodlaks room, or yours depending if you have completed the questline or not. As of right now there is no DLC requirements, and I do not plan on there being, if there is I wi...
Castle Draco High Hrothgar Steam Edition Lite With Auto Sorting
Created by Draco1122

New version will be removing this version soon.

Well I couldn't sleep so I pulled the bandage off. So I learned the skyrim workshop if different from the torchlight 2 one. I didn't hav...
\\\V/// G3 Gorgeous.2
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
\\\V/// The WhiteQueen
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
\\\V/// The RedQueen
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
The Mabinogi Heroes Armory
Created by Sam Suphit

hello,ce mod rajoute 4 armures uniques à Skyrim "ingkells-phantom-royal-light dead" sur des modèles du jeu vindictus

Exiles of Thedas
Created by Local Catbug

The purpose of this mod is to add a bit of Dragon Age spice to the world of Skyrim. For now, the mod is quite simple - throughout Skyrim you will find several familiar faces. Some are easily found, others have scattered to the wildern...
Eve's Children II: Storm Elf Race PC with NPCs and Special Effects Horses
Created by EvieK
The second Race of Eve's Children, the Storm Elf is based on the race morph of High Elves, but with add-ons that deal with Shock-based spells. VERY cool Storm Atronach-like effects!

This Stand-alone mod requires no additional plug-ins or DLC. That h...
Freedom for Nightingales
Created by ilhe
Allows to free living Nightingales from the Oath to Nocturnal for Dragon Souls. Nocturnal sells a spell to summon Mercer Frey.

If you feel uncomfortable knowing that your soul is being sworn to serve a Daedric Lord, you can change it. After Skeleton Key...
Halo: Red vs Blue
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds a whole load of skirmishes between red and blue spartans all over Skyrim.
They're all very strong but they won't bother the player unless the player attacks them. So you can leave them be or pick a side and get to it.
As well as this I ...
Multiple Followers Lite

Allows up to 7 followers with MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS for MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY with other mods that alter existing or add unique followers.
*Will NOT alter outfits and equipment
*Will NOT change AI Aggressi...
Master Chief in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds Master Chief from the Halo series as a fully voice acted follower to Skyrim. Both Chief and Cortana will talk to you as well as eachother. You'll find him near the shrine to Talos in Whiterun.
He is essential and levels with the player. ...
Turbosnowy's 'Summon Angels'
Created by Turbosnowy
Four angels are available now for you to learn how to summon - they will aid you on your adventures for 5 minutes assuming you have learned the spell and have the ability to master such powerful divine magic.

Please remember to rate up/favourite if you ...
Marriage Mod - To Have & To Hold
Created by joeThinkStudios
This mod is designed to enhance the current marriage system in Skyrim; specifically the Wedding Scene at the Temple of Mara, fix various marriage related bugs (potentially an ongoing effort), and add mechanics to remarry. Ultimately, the goal of this mod, ...
River Helm
Created by RayyDogg
Become The King of River Helm
(RiverHelm is Located down steam from Riverwood)

Attention for update need new save clean,

save clean =
1- disable mod enter in game with mod disabled and "create new save"
2 - exit game
3 - update and active mod ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Valkyrie v2.0 *With Amazon Race
Created by CodeMonkey
Valkyrie v2.0 *with Amazon Race
By CodeMonkey (AKA Centaurette)

Move over Conan! Here come the chain-mail bikini clad, amply bosomed, impossibly proportioned Valkyries! These handmaidens of Talos ride into battle, faithfully fight by your side and ne...
\\\V/// The BlueQueen
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
Ivory Bow
Created by Valmit
Just a name change to the Ivory Bow. No story, no stat changes, just a name change is all.
The pic is old and since only the name changed I'm not going to upload a new preview since it's only minor changes....
Vampire Bow
Created by dannifer8
Suck the very life force out of your enemies with each deadly shot. Craft under Daedric smithing....
Steel Longsword Pack by JRC
Created by JRC

As the title states this is a steel longsword weapon pack. I have spent many weeks on making these swords. There is a total of 24 swords in the pack (46 if you count the Greatsword versions), I am working on matching daggers, I thank you in advan...
The Nocturnal
Created by Chaz
(Made using the Official Creation Kit, not the Nexus program. In case you were wondering.)
Who doesn't want a GOD fighting by their side?

The Nocturnal can be found waiting outside the Falkreath cemetery.

She was also created for The Night ViVik:
Pocket Empire Builder v1.49
Created by splynter
This version of the Pocket Empire Builder v1.49 is no longer in development.
The new version called "Empire Builder v2.X" is now public and can be found here:

Created by Disciple16
Shayna is a Redguard who is wandering the Whiterun market. She is wearing hide armor.Shayna can be married.She is full of perks such as lightfoot perk. Shayna loves to duel weild. Shayna can not be killed. She is a very independant lady.

Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Wardrobe - Female Body Size
Created by Turbosnowy
This mod will make women in Skyrim have the default body shape to be compatible with my Fetish Wardrobe mod.

This means that companions etc will be able to equip items from the Fetish Wardrobe and they will fit perfectly without the need to wear a cats...
Thalmor Viceroy Inquisitors Clothes
Created by Killer Keo
This is a New Custom Clothing by me using Caliente's Female Body or CBBE Curvy.

Keep in mind this is just a Female armor, and is not LORE FRIENDLY

It's almost a Full set with Gloves, Boots, and Body

All items can be made at a tanning rack, under L...
Medusa Armor
Created by SatyrTitan
This mod add a new set of High Resolution heavy Armor to the game.The Medusa Armor is Female Only.

*Medusa Armor Defense Base Ratings:


*Where to find it

-In a guarded Locked Chest(you will find t...
Armored Armwraps and Footwraps
Created by ItsMeRyanB
Adds colored arm and foot wraps to the game in Cloth, Light and Heavy armor varieties.
Current Revision - 7

Included colors:
+ Default (drab cloth)
+ Black
+ Blue
+ Green
+ Purple
+ Red
+ White
+ Yellow
+ Orange

The new wraps are craftable ...
Ronins Lydia Overhaul
Created by Myst
Read description please for install.

NOTE: she now has female animations now.



Better Females by bella natural edition[]...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Pantyhose Outfits
Created by Turbosnowy
Many people requested some more nylon goodness in my collections and quite rightly so in my humble opinion, so this is the mod collection for pantyhose (and probably stockings) outfits. In future will play with dernier, gloss and colours and of course dif...
White Wardrobe
Created by Turbosnowy
A new collection of White standalone clothing items designed to be mixed and matched to allow ultimate customisation of outfits.

This is if you like an extension to my 'Fetish Wardrobe Mod' so in order for these items to fit you or your companions you ...
More Girls to Marry!
Created by franklin zack
Ever noticed that there is not many females to marry in Skyrim? Or simply your dream girl isn't available. Well I hope I got every girl you can think of to marry! Of course I can't and won't be able to get them all because certain voices don't work with th...
Fur Armor Crafting
Created by Aethamus
Craft Fur armor at a forge.

Fur Armor (4 Types)
Fur Bracers
Fur Gauntlets
Fur Shoes
Fur Boots
Fur Helmet

-Bryling Home & Friends-
-Bryling Home & Friends-

-Please Rate if you Love This Mod.!

-And a Special Guest Roggvir Follower.

-And There Marryable.! :))

-Bryling Friends are set to Essential.!

-If you find there faces dark place the esp at the bottom of the lest.! ...
\\\V/// The Mountain Oasis.2
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
Staves of Skyrim
Created by Sadrin
☼ Staves of Skyrim ☼

A Staff Mod for TES V: Skyrim

☼ Features ☼
= 30 New Staves added to the game! = 15 new models and textures, plus new textures for the default models
= Defensive Staves! = No longer feel your mage has to carry a shield around t...
Hroki and Susanna the Wicked Now Marriageable
Created by dannifer8
Now marry Hroki or Susanna the Wicked without having to use console commands! They will marry you just like any other marriage candidate in Skyrim. Have fun with the only hot wives in Skyrim. :)...
Created by Lycan
This mod is a made to order follower mod, oin Falkreath Inn. She levels with you, is a Wood Elf, dressed in Nightingale. She is marriagable. No mods needed, she is Vanilla. The pictures will look different because im running over 250 mods atm....
Eve's Children Ember Elf Race with FireWolf Companions!
Created by EvieK

If you've ever wanted an Elven NPC that was Fire-lore friendly, try this one! Now with FireWolf companions at the four forges with the Ember Elves. To renew it, unsubscribe then subscribe again t...
Marriageable Orc Females
Created by Altbert
Once I found out that I could marry in Skyrim, I found it somewhat annoying that I had little NPCs to choose from. From all the single males and females in Skyrim (over 500 in total) you can only choose from some 60 NPCs. It's good to see that Skyrim's mar...
Gibbys Hot Servants HearthFire
Created by Gibby19385
Needs HearthFire

If you like this mod After Trying it Please Come back and Rate it and Favorite it Thanks :).
Iam not getting paid for this so by Rateing it and Favoriteing It is less likely that i will Delete it and just use it for myself.

What I ...
Morrowind Armor - Netch Leather
Created by Teh-Husky
This mod adds craftable 'Netch Leather' armor to Skyrim, a type of armor which saw its original appearance in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind[/url[]...
Blackguard Armor
Created by Manic
I myself have always liked the look of the guard's armor. However, I wanted one more neutral in color. These are non-replacer recolors of existing in game items. They work with both male and female genders, and all vanilla races. Hoods are compatible with ...
Craftable Hoods
Created by Aj_the_wizard
adds craftable Hoods in these colors:black, blue, brown, green, grey, red, yellow, and brick.

all craftable with leather and leather strips
the first screen shot is the "brick" design....
\\\V/// DF5 D-ii-be-lla-s
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
Become A Deadric Prince
Created by grendal.wise
Let me make this clear

first off i tried to make a quest and i failed but this mod basically adds a note to the thalmor hq at solitude that leads you to bleakfalls barrow i am aware of the spelling mistakes the ck kept renaming things anyway this isnt d...
East Empire Company Armor
Created by tygabor
Adds a new armor made specifically for the East Empire Trading Company. You will be given this armor by Orthus Endario after completing the Rise In The East quest, just come back to the Windhelm offices to pick it up. Of course I'm sure that a skilled thie...
A Stronger Empire
Created by joe1017
General Tullius has finally enough men who have marched over from Cyrodil to help in the civil war. Adds a whole Imperial Army. More Reinforcements in Solitude and most imperial Military camps. About 6-8 in a squad....
Empire's Pride
Created by Lenni420
Hello World!
This is a small mod named "Empire's Pride".
The empire is conquering the Summerset islands. In this mod you can help the empire by defeating the Thalmor on a small coastal outpost. The outpost contains a small island and an interior. You can...
WIP - Flags of Victory 0.61
Created by CHIM Shady
Flags of Victory is a simple mod that aims to add more post-victory atmosphere to the civil war. After having won the Civil War, neither the Empire nor the Stormcloaks did much to celebrate their victory. Being somewhat disappointed at the outcome i decide...
.::\\\V/// English Tudor Whiterun.02
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
Void Smithing
Created by Vicciino
This mod adds a new perk to the smithing tree called Void Smithing which allows you to create Void Armor (light) and Weapons that are in par or better than Daedric armor but in a light armor way. To get this perk you need to have 90 smithing (like Daedric)...
TARDIS: Regenerated
Created by ShatteredSteel
"All of time and space, everywhere and anywhere. Every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?"


Version: 2.4.1

[NLF] Assault rifle LS
Created by macadamstreet
another old mod created some time ago and didnt have been share for long

This one add an assault rifle in skyrim.


as always , this mod require the DLC DAWNGUARD ( as this dlc im...
Dubstep gun spell: Vindicate Version (Pop Star)
Created by Clashmecha
The original dubstep spell is not required for this mod.
This dubstep spell is the exact same as the other one except this one uses an alternate song. (the pop star song Vindicate)
This spell can be found on the table that the secret trapdoor is at. (whi...
\\\V/// House Of The D-ii-be-lla-s DF5.2
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
Skyrim - Natural Skin (Addon)
Created by ReDragon
this mod includes skin textures in a more darken version only. It works alone but should be used with the main mod Skyrim - Natural Skin caused by alignment for calientes curvy fema...
The Forgotten City
Created by ModernStoryteller
The Forgotten City is the first mod in history to win a national Writers' Guild award, and offers a unique 6 - 8 hour experience: a murder mystery investigation set in an ancient underground city. You'll need to solve it using your wits, and the ability to...
The Lookout
Created by flashyraccoon
Latest Version: 2.2

1) Description
2) Q&A
3) My other mods
4) Change log

***** this mod was cleaned with TES5Edit v. 3.1.1 *****



Own the best view in all ...
Less Sneaky Uthgerd
Created by A boi named Sue
I didnt feel like writing a new description, so ill just add a link to my original mod. This is the lvl. 10 version, btw.
Marked Incompatible ]  Tauriel
Created by ZuuL
An elven follower based on Tauriel from LOTR. Enjoy...
Amazing Race Tweaks! Breton
Created by sp0ckrates
Summon the spirit of almost any animal. Shapeshift yourself into most animals, even a troll! Boost magic resistance even more and resist melee damage during combat.
These are just some of the new powers and abilities this mod gives to the B...
Ronins Mjoll Overhaul
Created by Myst
Read description please for install.


apachiiskyhairfull & ApachiiskyhairFemale[]

Better Females by bella natural edition[] < i use les...
The Reserve II
Created by Lithxe

Located a short horseride east of Whiterun, The Reserve II is a player home meticulously designed for convenience and extravagant living. Featuring three main wings all branchi...
Imperious - Races of Skyrim
Created by Enai Siaion
Imperious makes the races of Skyrim unique and diverse. It gives each race three new racial abilities and a quest to unlock their racial power, designed to give each race its own distinct playstyle. NPCs can use them too!


· 3 new pa...
Amazing Race Tweaks! Less Overpowered High Elf
Created by sp0ckrates
This mod is a less-powerful edition of Amazing Race Tweaks! High Elf. I've released it for two reasons:

(1) To respond to the few who said ART! High Elf was just too overpowered.

(2) I'm curious to see how many really wanted a less-overpower...
World Races: Scottish Race
Created by DEAD KARL
This mod adds a new race to your Skyrim experience... Please give a good old welcome to the: Scottish race.

With great strength and determination, the Scottish Race fills their enemies with fear while chopping them in half witha good old blade. Along wi...
Marked Incompatible ]  Touched by Dibella Race
Created by fam5283
A select few of the Dibellan Arts devotees have been blessed with athletic, but sinful bodies to survive in these harsh times.


This race uses a custom body mesh that supports T...
Uzumaki Race
Created by Ihavenobrain25
"The Uzumaki of the Hidden Eddy Village are know for their chakra reserves and powerful sealing Jutsu,as descendents of the Senju bloodline they have the ability to awaken the rinnegan if their DNA is mixed with that of a Uchiha"

This is my first mod an...
Breezehome enlarged
Created by _EclipseAUT_
1. Take ALL your stuff from the old Breezehome, get out of the house and safe, BEFORE you activate this mod !
Otherwise all your items would be gone with the old interior - (This should be logical to everybody but i still made sure you got it) ...
Created by Dead Water
This mod adds a trap door in breezehome in the alchemy room. The trap door leads to a storage basement. The storage basement has a hidden door that leads to a cave. In the cave is all the equipment you need for smithing, as well as an enchanter and more...
The Alchemist Stone
Using a Smelter and Cooking Pot you can create the Alchemist Stone, which can turn base metals into gold or silver and create the Elixir of Life. (No DLC needed).


Alchemist Stone:

1. Fire Salts.
2. Frost Salts.
3. Void Salts.
Assassins Creed Dungeon Hideout
Created by Atomic Bombs
Finally! I have been working on this mod for longer that i expected, but i think its overall pretty good! There are some pretty wierd thing in this mod, but it all works.

This mod features:
- A discoverable dungeon, home to the assassins
- 2 possibl...
Celtic Music In Skyrim v2.1
Created by SilentRider
Get a completely new atmosphere in the world of Skyrim!

This mod may be not lore friendly and it's not intended to be lore friendly, that's a matter of taste. I created it to get a fresh feeling when playing Skyrim over and over again.

Whiterun Expansion
Created by 101Gamer
-I've moved on from modding so I won't be making anymore of them and I won't be making changes to this one. Sorry


I've always felt that the cities of Skyrim are far to small to be named cities. Whiterun is no exception to this and this parti...
Hearthfire multiple adoptions
Created by TMPhoenix
Primary download page is on Nexus Mods:

My Dovahkiin may be a master hunter of trolls, a dragon slayer extraordinaire and a bandit basher without equal, but secretly he's a big softy at heart. When travelling S...
Skyrim Unadoption Mod
Created by WitchRiser
If, like me, as soon as you installed Hearthfires you went to the Orphanage and adopted two children, before realizing that there was a poor homeless girl trying to sell flowers under the snow storms of Windhelm just waiting for you to adopt her, or if you...
Lithia, Follower and Potential Spouse
Created by Ambugaton
Just another follower and potential marriage partner, because I wanted one better suited for my own character. Probably best taken on at mid-level and above. There shouldn't be any issues with her, no new scripts added or the like. She is one of the more q...
Civil War - Armies
*Please read the description fully*

This mod adds spawnable NPCs for both the Stormcloak and Imperial factions, allowing players to create thematic battles and bring the Civil War to life in a way the questline doesn't provide.

**Note that the Imperi...
Assassin's Creed 4 BLack Flag Mod Mayan outfit
Created by Guard
this mode you will be manufactured in the forge

The Wolf Queen Awakened
Created by Gibby19385
Just adds 1 npc to your game and a few of her followers. Potema is back and will level up with you.she can be found in solitude catacombs with her undead followers she is a master of conjuration and skilled with a bow. IF YOU LIKE THIS MOD SUPPORT IT BY RA...
Elysium- Mama Armor
Created by jackGa
Riverwood, please find on Youtube for location


Requirement x 2:

1/ SKSE and

2/ HDT[]

Double click skse.exe to start gam...
Mages - A Better Rewards and Treasure Mod
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you enchanted robes and hoods, enchanted daggers, magic staffs as loot and payment for quests!
If there's one class that almost always gets the short end of the staff, it's the mage. With the exception of the College of Winterhold que...
Knights - A Better Rewards and Treasure Mod
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you enchanted heavy armor, and enchanted two-handed weapons and bows as loot and payment for quests!
So you're a knight who always wears heavy armor and wields two-handed weapons. You slay a dragon for a jarl. What does he give you as...
Updated Noiral Reloaded (DG Edition, No additional downloads)
Created by wyldsong
So this is the no additional download needed, Dawnguard required version of my race. In another day or so, I'll put out a non-DG version, until then, my original upload is still available on Steam which will work with all versions (you just have to get an ...
The Sword of the Eternal Phoenix - One Handed Version
Created by ouch my tongue
*As requested, uploaded to the Steam Workshop.

"The Sword of the Eternal Phoenix is a one-handed sword, wielded by a Dragon Priest from long ago. He is still rumoured to be guarding the stone, where he enchanted it to remain, until a worthy opponent cou...
Sword Art Online: Forest House K4
Sorry it took so long, but here it is! I recreated Asuna and Kirito's cabin[] from Sword Art Online in Skyrim! I tried to capture the outside as best I could, as well as th...
Artorias the Abysswalker - Armor - Weapon - NPC
Created by lagrie
- Armor of Artorias the abysswalker
- Boots of Artorias the abysswalker
- Helmet of Artorias the abysswalker
- Gloves of Artorias the a...
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Created by Arthmoor
Misery and despair have haunted you all your life. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you've been arrested and thrown in the dungeons. Your trial was supposed to be weeks ago, only nobody has come for you. It's been so long since seeing dayli...
Shezrie's Old Hroldan Ver 2.0
Created by Shezrie
This mod adds a brand new town around the Old Hroldan Inn located in the Reach. There are many new shops, a secret underground town, enter able windows on all NPC houses, NPCs turn their home lights off at night, four homes the player can buy, see through ...
Wub Wub Clubs
Created by Chinoborous
ATTENTION BREHS: This mod was updated to WubWub MkII !!1

Have you ever wanted to walk into a tavern and hear some wubs? Are you a [Jeremy] Soule-less individual? Do you hate Sven? If your response is anything but "no" then download the wubwubs out of th...
Lord Gaben Brothel Massacre
Created by Friar Jim
The views and ideals displayed this mod do not necessarily match those of the mod author/s. The content is not intended to be discriminatory to any particular party and was created for entertainment purposes only. Please take note of this befor...
Azura's Gifts
Created by Flatline
Adds classic Morrowind-era spells for opening locks, fortifying stats, reducing fall damage, buffing resistances and increasing carrying capacity - all added to levelled lists and designed for a close-to-vanilla experience.
[No DLC required]
Azura's Keep
Created by Yokai
I made Azura's Keep because all the castle-like player houses I found just didn't seem right. The enterance to the castle is via an object that looks like the ritual stone situated in the wooden mask room in labyrinthian. the wooden mask does not need to b...
Azura's Harvesting
Created by JakeDuck
Among all the chaos of the paid mods controversy, all of my mods will remain FREE of charge, always.

This mod makes Azura's Star functionally identical to The Black Star, you may now capture Black Souls in Azura's Star.

I made this mod because a thou...
Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis (Aset)
AE Isis (Aset) is a Companion/follower who can be married (I tested it).

She can be summoned by lighting a fire in Riverwood town, and her belongings will appear too. She has a key on her that opens the chest which will appear once the fire is lit. Ins...
Ranger Camps
Created by Serebrov
While becoming tired of the big manors, I've decided to create a few camps across the land for my Ranger/Druid character. Comes with Alchemy station, Tanning and Cooking. All containers are safe for storage,

The first I made lies in a waterfall, betw...
\\\V/// N.A.T.K.S.S
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
Baratheon Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Baratheon Armor' is a semi-lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set. This is the set of armor donned by Robert Baratheon when he takes the field of battle. If you enjoy the "Game of Thrones" TV series/books and wish to take your passions for it into th...
Neterworld Skyrim Mod by M7, Version 1.1 : All DLC are required -- Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard.

Using the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead (Papyrus of Ani) I replicated various areas of the afterlife dimension called the Neterworld (Neter-X...
Aqua Delverium
Created by Mikey
*This is a work in progress*
Enter at your own risk!

Welcome to Aqua Delverium.

I started making this mod and had to stop about 2 years ago, sadly never had the time to finish it. It was to be a home and aquarium, it turned into a huge cavern hom...
Metropolis - A City Mod by M7

Though I "stopped work on this Mod in March 2015" I recently added content to the City. I still have enormous areas left to add Navmeshing in the Worldspace, along with people. Dawnguard DLC is required. The City is very large -- much la...
Rorikstead - Defended, Expanded, Improved!
Created by sboyd2kus
Rorikstead Defended, Enhanced, with DKR Compatibility.

This is a mod that patches hfreeman's Rorikstead Expanded and makes it compatible with my DovKroniid Redoubt and Border Forts of Skyrim (DKR) Mod.

It also could function as a stand-alone mod if ...
Created by Plampløp

Hogwarts is under attack!

In this mod, you will be able to defend Hogwarts from the Death Eaters Army.

To access the castle, you just have to apparate in the Great Hall by using the book of your ne...
Portal To Hell - Full Version 3.00 - New World
Created by spider_might
Adds Hours Of New Gameplay In The Fires Of Hell.
The Devil Himself Has Opened Up A Portal To His Kingdom Of Hell
Searching For A Warrior Brave Enough To Entertain Him By Slashing
Your Way Through His Mightiest Demons And Minions To Reep The Reward At Th...
\\\V/// Zorrah&Angel + BlackNight Armor.1 NO DLC
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.18 or older

>:by Subscribing you agree that you are 18 years old or older

>:Parental controls on STEAM learn how.!
Eidolon's Edge by FavoredSoul
Created by Favoredsoul
Checkout the Video.
If its not working, click here =>

You can find the sword in a chest beneath Lake Illinalta.
Watch the video at 30 seconds for an exact location.
If you want the sword to do more damage...
Technopolis (Talopolis) - And The Lost City of Talos
Technopolis (Talopolis) - The Lost City of Talos:
Uses: Dawnguard / Hearthfire DLC:

The City of Technopolis is centered in a hidden lake some distance from Dawnguard Castle (via ...
Assassin's Creed Revelations Armor of Ishak Pasha
Created by Guard
Model,Texture:Assassin's creed revelations

1. ENB link? →

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version .

3.Where is it crafted? → Check the forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscr...
Assassin's Creed 2 Mod Armor of Altair
Created by Guard
Model,Texture:Assassin's creed Brotherhoodïr

1. ENB link? →

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version .

3.Where is it crafted? ...
My Riverwood House
Created by jamsterfudge

*V 1.3*

This is a nice and simple mod that adds a player home to Riverwood.

HOW TO FIND :: When you arrive at the first wall to Riverwood, make a left before Alvor's House, head straight and lo...
SET for Christmas - A Whiterun Winter Wonderland!
Created by sp0ckrates
This mod recently reviewed on YouTube turns Whitrun into a Wintery Wonderland!
The humorous YouTube video is here: A Whiterun Winter Wonderland - Mod Spotlight. Many who enjoyed the Holloween theme mod...
The Witcher 3 Eredin V2.5
Created by TH3 GR8>

If you don't own the game on Steam then proceed to the link provided. Please allow the mod to Sync to work correctly.

Angel And Fallen Race Beta2.0
Created by
This is the mod on nexus. :
I uploaded the things u would need
you still need


fnis :

animated dragon wings : ht...
Dwemer Longrifle
Created by Araanim
An ancient weapon of the Dwarves, long since forgotten. The Dwemer Longrifle is a powerful combination of alchemy and engineering that the Dwarves created to defend themselves from the brutality of Dragon domination. The technology has been all but lost,...
Open Cities Skyrim - Legendary Edition
Created by Arthmoor
Open Cities Skyrim is a comprehensive project that aims to bring back at least part of the feel of Morrowind - specifically how most of the cities were a natural part of the world and you could just walk in without loading screens. The added immersion and ...
Tavern Games - Mini Games in Skyrim
Created by Sagittarius
NOTE - For some reasons the Creation Kit was not letting me update the original file. You will have to unsubscibe from the previous file and subscribe here... Sorry for the inconvenience guys :(
Don't forget to rate this file!

Feah, The barbarian beauty
Created by ZuuL

From the creator that brought you Ella the standalone follower I bring you Feah! Yet another waifu follower for your skyrim posse. But this follower is not just a waifu,...
Assassin's Creed Unity Arno Dorian Outfit
Created by Guard
1.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed Unity

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version .

3.Where is it crafted? → Check video

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

Next Outftit mod.?

1. Assassin Killer ...
Old Spice Whistle Sneak Attack
Created by BarghestStalker
Replaces the Sneak Attack sound with the the Old Spice whistle....
Craftable Fort - English
Created by chrysanthes77
By request of so many users here the English version. Please note: The images are from my originally first German version. I have avoided it to make all images again. Please understand this, thank you.

With this mod you can build a big fort from scratch...
Assassin's Creed Shao Jun outfit
Created by Guard
1.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed Syndicate

2. You make 'Male' version.? →I do not intend to create a 'Male' version

3.Where is it crafted? → Check Forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

5.Request→ your choose in comments

6.Nexus u...
Assassin's Creed Rogue Mod Assassin Killer Outfit No Mask
Created by Guard
1.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed Rogue

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version . (Models Is Male)

3.Where is it crafted? → Check Forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

5.Request→ your choose in comment...
Starcraft 2 Legacy Of The Void
Created by Guard
엔 타로 제라툴(En Taro Zeratul)
엔 아루딘 제라툴(En aru'din Zeratul)

1.Model,Tex:Starcraft 2

2.Where is it crafted? → Check Forge

3.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

4.Nexus upload?> I'll think about it really necessary ? (* ̄ . ̄)a
Created by Sagittarius
What this mod does, is add a new way to get rich in Skyrim. How, you may ask? The answer is quite simple: by investing in properties! Not the vanilla way though; you will be able to invest in any shop or tavern even though you do not have the "Investor" pe...
Create Your Own Castle Mod
Create your own Castle:

Hearthfire & Dragonborn DLC are required.


First off, this Mod was inspired by the "Craft your own Fort" Mod by chrysanthes77.

As Dragonborn, you'v...
Created by johnskyrim


Shadowmourne is a legendary Two-handed Axe that was forged in mind-freezing temperatures using the souls it had once captured. It has been passed down to Death Knights who overcome numero...
BIG: Helmetless Combat Perks! (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you better combat perks when you don't wear a helmet!
You took a lot of time to make your new character's face look great. So why cover it up? The obvious answer: There's no advantage to going helmetless in the vanilla game. Well, thi...
War & Mythos [R2]
Created by Advent RPG
A new Dark Age is coming to Skyrim...

[R2] simply adds eight new spells. All can be purchased at the Wizard College and other select vendors.

War & Mythos - [8] New Uncommon Spells

[1] Mage Armor Light: Create a longer lasting candlelight that ad...
+ BIG: More Decapitations! (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Makes it easier to chop off their heads!
If you're like me, you're captivated by Skyrim's decapitations. I mean, don't you just love the irony of separating a bandit's head from his shoulders just moments after he makes the vain threat, "I'...
UNP Deadly Assassin
Created by alecu89
Name: UNP Deadly Assassin
Version: 1.1
Date: 02/03/2016
Category: Armor
Assassin's Creed Syndicate Evie Outfit
Created by Guard
1.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed Syndicate

2. You make 'Male' version.? →I do not intend to create a 'Male' version

3.Where is it crafted? → Check Video

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

Please vote the following Assassin's Creed Ro...
Create Your Own Town
CYO Town by M7:

This is part 2 of my CYO Series (CYO Castle).

With CYO Town you can construct a small settlement (exteriors, Interiors). To access this realm, first go to the Dawnguard Castle area via the Map Marker...
Ratonhnhake:ton Outfits
Created by Guard
1.Model,Texture:Assassin's Creed 3

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version

3.Where is it crafted? → Check forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click\

.Please do not upload mode files to your sites
The Great Bunny Hunt! (A Skyrim Encounters and Themes Mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Calling all hunters: Skyrim is being invaded! Only you can defeat invading hordes!
No, it's not the dragon invaders. It's worse: Rabbits--many, many rabbits. Seriously! They're breeding like--well, rabbits! They're boldly bouncing into far...
The Witcher 3 Cat Armor
Created by Guard
1.Model,Texture:The Witcher 3

2. female version.? → No

3.Where is it crafted? → Check forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried clic

Please do not upload mode files to your sites


By 레커 (Lae Keo)

This is last mods that I ra...
Assassin's Creed Mod Altair Robes
Created by Guard
1.Model,Texture:Assassin's Creed 4

2. female version.? → No

3.Where is it crafted

3.1 forge in → Hide→ Altair Robe,Altair Hood,Altair Boots

3.2 forge in → Elven → Assassin Mentor Robe,Assassin Mentor Hood,Assassin Mentor Boots

4.How do yo...
Darkness Battlemode Armors (fixed)
Created by Sam Suphit

This mod Adds 3 sets of armors, these are an All-in-one sets and can be crafted an at forge under the daedric section. they can be tempered with 1 eboney ingot and enchanted

in th...
Darkness Cabal Weapons
Created by Sam Suphit


-This mod Adds 3 sets of weapons, they are very strong and can be crafted an at forge under the daedric section. they can be tempered with 1 eboney ingot and enchanted
.::\\\V/// English Tudor AddOn 4The HF Edition
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.!

.::\\\V/// English Tudor Add On For HearthFires Edition

>: This Mod Retexture...
.::\\\V/// Lakeview Guard Tower AddOn
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.!

.::\\\V/// Lakeview Guard Tower an addon for HearthFires Edition.

>: And for Engl...
Provincial Courier Service - Legendary Edition
Created by Arthmoor
Skyrim's courier is an industrious young lad who can be seen all over the province, yet doesn't seem to have anywhere to live and/or work. He seems able to find you at will, but what if you wanted to find HIM? Even if it would be a meaningless encounter, o...
WAR: Blue Glass Weapons (a Weapons, Armor and Robes mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Make cool blue glass weapons, which are faster and do more damage!
This mod lets you make new blue glass weapons, which have the blue hue inspired by the Chillrend sword of the vanilla game. The blue glass weapons are lighter than normal ...
BIG: Soul Gem Mining (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you a chance to get leveled soul gems every time you mine--even grand and black soul gems!
This mod gives you a 10% chance to get a soul gem anytime you and at any ore vein. It doesn't change the number of ore y...
DOOM Main Menu Music Replacer
Replaces the main menu theme to At Doom's Gate from id Software's DOOM (2016)

Thank you guys for over 2,000 subscribers and over 12,000 views!

Check out my NEW DOOM Full Combat Music Overhaul:
"Dovahkiin" by Christina Grimmie for the Main Menu
Created by Wolfy
Remember, if you have a mod that changes the menu music like this,your game will crash. This happens when 2 or more mods that change the same music conflict and make the game crash,and we all know Skyrim is a bitch with mods.
As I always say, I take reque...
Stan Bush Combat Replacer
Created by Nerrevar
Replaces ALL Combat music with Stan Bush's TransformersMovie(1986) "The Touch" and "Dare"

Tested 09/07/2016

"You've got the touch! You've got the power!"

Stan Bush - Dare Boss Battle Music:
Hermaeus Mora Warlock - mage armor
Created by lagrie
Hermaeus Mora Warlock boots
Hermaeus Mora Warlock Robes
Hermaeus Mora Warlock Hood
Hermaeus Mora Warlock Gloves

Created at the Skyforge under...
BDO Shudad Armor v2 by Guard016 & ReGenBot03
Created by Guard
1.Model,Texture:Black Desert Online

2.Conversion:Guard016 (레커)

3. Model&texures Export : ReGenBot03

4. ReTewures:ReGenBot03

female body:Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition

In this mode, armor, boots, gauntlets, helmet

all four.

It ca...
The Alik'r Desert
Created by DJ Red Rad
3.0 Build

Skyrim Mods: Alik'r Desert! By ReclusiveGAMRs

My First Skyrim Mod Episode! Girls Always Win!

Thank you for all the support, read the change log to see what the up...
The Elder Scrolls: Unoria
Created by Angelo
This mod give you a new elder scrolls story that is placed in two new big worlds, Unoria and Azkar.

The portal to Unoria is placed in Riverwood. Find Merli in Unoria to get the main quest in Unoria.

* New story
* Two new worlds
* One new...
Created by guicool
This is Lucy, my latest creation. Like my other followers, she can be married OR can be your house's steward (and that needs Hearthfire DLC). She has no level cap, so, keep playing and she will get good as well.

She comes equipped with a Iron Armor set ...
Hartmere Isle
Created by SpacialKatana
Hartmere Isle

Can you become the Thane of Hartmere?

Worldspace Mod - V1.58 (20th December 2016)
No DLC required.

To reach the isle:-
Travel to Solitude Lighthouse (Boat is moored BEHIND the lighthouse).

Current content:-
A boat ...
Radiant Spawn Engine
Created by rymon23
-Dynamic Survival-mode system for hostile locations
-Dynamic war campaign with 60+ occupyable territories
-Settlements are populated by randomized NPCs
-Command your own army and campaign across Skyrim for control of territories
-Mod Co...
The Forgotten Island
Created by DJ Red Rad
The Forgotten Island

Here is the new trailer showcasing the 1.5 build of the Forgotten Island.

The 1.5 build has been released 10/9/16
General adjustments
Decorated the Island more
New Quest From Kalila
Added mor...
Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles
Created by VzRedemption
Journey to strange new lands in this quest mod. Search for a wise sage who's gone missing. Help a stranded crew on their journey home. Uncover the secrets of a lost civilization. Conquer your nightmares. Discover the possibilities of what lie beyond.

Maids II: Deception
Created by Enter_77
Maids II: Deception (M2) is a sequel to Maids I: Euphoria[] for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Originally intended to be a simple mod that would add a single maid to a player house for d...
The Complete Book Of Alchemy
Created by Henstar
A book in which all Skyrim recipies are noted down in, as well as their id, in case you want to cheat. Uses a model from a mod by Nyromath, go check out his stuff!

You can find this book in Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun. It will be on the counter in th...
Follower Army
Created by SpacialKatana
Ever needed a hand? One follower not cutting the mustard?

You need the Follower Army! Four wenches to aid you bring Skyrim's denizens to their knees!

Talk to Elena (The lead follower) in Whiterun and these four beauties will stick to you like a bad s...
One punch man race
Created by sshadowthekid
Simple walk around punch the crap out of people looking like a badass...
ESO Skyshards
Created by Arthmoor
Long ago, during the second era in the time of the Planemeld, adventurers sought out whatever power they could gain to aid in their battle against Molag Bal. Among these items of power were Skyshards, presumably made available by the gods for those who wer...
Asgardian Race
Created by Kryptonian
Inhabiting the Nine Worlds in the other-dimensional Asgardian system are six races of humanoid life forms. Each race is different and intelligent, but the most powerful race is that of the Gods.

War of The Roses - Main Menu Music Replacer [Without Background]
Replaces the main menu music with a song from the War of The Roses OST.

This version does not contain a custom background.

You can get the version with a custom background here:
Travellers of Skyrim - Travelers | Steam Workshop Edition
Created by m0nster
This is the latest version, subscribing to individual .esm and .esp files isn't required any more!

Travellers of Skyrim adds 50 new NPCs that travel between over 30 locations in Skyrim.
10 Alchemist, selling poisons, potions and ingredients.
10 Apot...
Marry Sorli Jarl of Helgen Conquest of Skyrim Mod 6
Created by Darkknight957
This mod is for a Lengedary play though No Level Limit.Start a new game with this Mod and Helgen will be undamaged,this mod quick starts in Helgen Keep.You will start with full gear and 65,000 in gold.This mod is a fast leveling up mod with no level limi...
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; Dawnguard / Hearthfire DLC needed. This is part of my Skyrim Real Estate Collection (Mod # 200 - M7).
Aircastle - A Player Home near Solitude ...
Butt Main Menu Replacer
Created by 𝐟𝐯𝐬𝐤
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀~ This mod replaces the main menu dragon logo to a wallpaper! ~

If you have any ideas for new menu replacers simply pm me on Steam!
Если у вас есть идеи и предложения для новых реплейсе
Weak1ing's Twilek Race Mod V1.0
Created by Weak1ings
Twi'leks (pronounced /'twil?k/), sometimes referred to disparagingly as "Tail-heads", were an omnivorous humanoid species originating from the planet Ryloth. They tended to eat cultivated molds, fungi, and rycrit meat. Their distinctive features included c...
Cougar Follower Ms. Christine
Created by wowbryan76
Ok I had some requests to make a cougar follower for those peeps with only vanilla skyrim so to appeal to the masses here she is. I used the other hottie from the game Sylgja as the base, gave her some sexy nocturnal armor, and a ebony sword enchanted. S...
Undesperate Housewife (Lydia)
Created by DARTHWOUND [linux]
Yet another tavern clothes essential Lydia mod... yeah, it's not extraordinary, but I made this "mod" for myself two years ago and now I want to share it if somebody wanted something like this, that's all.

This is our lovely Lydia, fitting her new spous...
Celestial and Black Widow eastern Sets.
Created by SingularReaper
Two sets both of which have hints of eastern design. Neither are lore friendly. Celestial version has a small update file for less shine on Nexus under username SagittariusMoon. Want it? Download, unzip and drop into your data file then overwrite.

Guards are Chickens
Created by President Manblast
It turns all guards into chickens, kind of self explanatory.

Also because they're chickens they cant really fight back....
Your Own Room in Jorrvaskr
All of the cool Companions get their own room, right?
So what does that say about you, forced to sleep with those seven other annoying dipshits in the same room like some sort of animal?
or maybe you're just too poor to afford a house it's whatever the p...
Cheat Room
Created by Bradenm1
This is a port from Skyrim to Skyrim SE to Skyrim again.

As a result it will probably have issues. Someone wanted me to post it for the original Skyrim, so, here you go..

Where is Cheat Room!?!
When you first install the mod spells get added to your...
Hurricane Spell
Hurricane Spell - by M7
What is that over Texas?

So I basically modified the settings on the Storm Call shout and made it a Lesser Power with more damage. And increased the time to 1 hour. You can buy (create) the Spell Tome at a l...
Werewolves (Werebeasts) House 4.0
Created by gg77
The DLCs Dawnguard/Dragonborn are required.

The house is located near the Western Watchtower (Whiterun)


A place made by the Daedric Prince of the Madness Sheogorath to honor the Emperor Pelagius Sept...
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