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Vanguard Armor
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May 1, 2012 @ 8:56am
May 8, 2012 @ 6:36am
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Vanguard Armor

**The first automatic open/closing helmet mod in all of Skyrim! See below!**

'Vanguard Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy set for both males and females. The vanguard of an army are the first soldiers in line. They take the brunt of the the enemy's assault and live to tell the tale.

ll - Detailed Description - ll
This armor focuses on the look of a well equipped, veteran front line trooper from the North. The set has a rugged Nordic feel yet also a touch of knightly nobility though the use of heavy beaten platemail, colored leather, and robe elements.

This set has a helmet that opens and closes it's visor automatically! When you enter combat stance, you lower your visor for protection in battle. When you aren't fighting, you raise your visor for better visibility (and to see your character's face!). For this to happen, you do need both the open and closed helmets in your inventory. It's the first helmet of it's kind in all of Skyrim modding - marvel in it's majesty and thank the extremely talented mitchalek for his script work that made this new level of immersion a reality!

When uninstalling the automatic helmet version, first open the console, type "StopQuest VanguardArmor" and hit enter. Now uninstall. Simplicity itself.

The pieces are Steel Plate quality in armor value and weight. Powerful enough to use at any stage of the game, and appropriate to it's material. No god-mode items here folks, this is a lore friendly set.

The armor set requires the "Advanced Armors" perk to craft, and has equivalent crafting material requirements to Steel Plate armor.

This armor is heavy only. It was crafted individually for males and females. Works well on all sizes of characters. The helmet does not currently work on beast races (Orc, Cats, Lizards), but the set looks great with a circlet, fur hood, or no helmet as well for those races.

Feedback on the armor should be left in the comments section. I will read all the comments made and consider requests for alterations and potential fixes.

ll - - - - My Request - - - - ll
If you enjoy this armor please rate it. If you really enjoy it, why not make a small donation for the time I spend making your game more enjoyable?

ll - Credits/Permissions - ll
hothtrooper44 - Vanguard Armor
Bethesda - Skyrim and it's assets
The Klapvisor and Blue Stripes Commando meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used here with permission. The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.
TH3WICK3D1 - Witcher II imports
mitchalek - open/close scripting for the helmets
1000stenar - the screenshots + check out his ENB
aoki, mannygt, Omesean - inspiration/help!

ll - - - - - My Mods - - - - - ll
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Skull Nov 17, 2018 @ 5:22am 
just shows up as steel plate armor in my game: and yet all of your other mods have worked in my game. so.... huh. shame. and I have no idea what the problem might be.
Vailorn Nov 12, 2018 @ 5:28am 
Cool armor, but there's not a single weapon in this game that doesn't clip through it when sheathed. Kind of ruins it, at least for me.
♠R4idriar♠ Oct 5, 2018 @ 7:53am 
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Paella Boi™ Sep 2, 2018 @ 5:21am 

I've been using your armor mods for a while. I'm not 'ere to complain or report a bug but to say congratulations for making so good armor mods.

Does ANYBODY know if there's any way to edit the game files or whatever to make some npc's like stendar vigilants wear this? IS AWESOME DUUUUUUUUD.

Thank you very much.
Raggeird Jul 30, 2018 @ 9:53am 
This is awesome, would be cooler if you could deside when it opens and closes instead of it being automatic but still, very cool.
☭AntiSocialEd™ Jul 27, 2018 @ 3:18am 
nobody could give even the slightest of a fuck rn
Советский медвед Jul 27, 2018 @ 3:06am 
DUDE closed vanguard helmet dosn't work
DaRk Sevro Jul 23, 2018 @ 9:23am 
like the console command code
Darkfighter1337 Dec 15, 2017 @ 10:26am 
nipple salad Aug 22, 2017 @ 8:12pm 
i dont know if this is my game or im required to have other mods but the vanguard helmet doesent show on my character. I dont know if its because of his race (orc) or his hairstyle can you please help.