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Darkstorm CWRP. We do not know the rights to these addons.
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3D2D Textscreens
Created by James
Create 3D2D text anywhere in the world.


This addon is now open source!...
Advanced Duplicator 2
Created by WireTeam
Ground up rewrite meant to make up for some of the shortcomings of the first iteration of AdvDupe. Still considered alpha!

Wiremod Landing Page:



Black Ops 2 Tactical Insertion (Sandbox) (2023 Update)
Created by Hoff
This is the Tactical Insertion ported from Black Ops II.

Before asking questions in the comments, check if it's answered in the FAQ!

Server owners can use "resource.AddWorkshop("322038989") to download files to clients


Sandbox ...
CGI Star Wars Crate
Created by Vaqxai


This addon contains a CGI prop of an equipment crate used in the Star Wars Clone Wars series.


Modeling, Texturing: [url=
Clone Wars Adventures: Lightsabers
Created by ArsenicBeast
Lightsabers ported from Clone Wars Adventures!

Please give a rating as it really helps the addon grow, it takes 1 click to do so.


In this addon there are 40(give or take 1 or 2) lightsabers that have been ported ...
Custom ULX Commands
-- Original CULX Created by;u=6288 --

This is a updated and optimised version of Custom ULX Commands, we make sure it runns as best as possible and also complies to any Gmod Rule changes like the ope...
Damage Players in Seats

By default players cannot be damaged when they are sitting on seats. This addon allows bullets (and only bullets) to damage the player when they hit the chair. I know no more efficient way to do the job.
This add...
DarkRP Full Classic Advert
Created by Billy
Want to log adverts, kills, propkilling, etc. and better manage administration on your server? Check out my []...
EGM Animation SWEPs
Created by [EGM] Mattzi
With this Addon you receive some SWEPs that have nice animations:
-You can cross your arms behind your back with!
-You can use your Comlink!
-You can use your Hololink!
-You can high five
-You can surrender
-You can point

How to get it: Q-> Weapo...
Easy Animation Tool
Created by Rubat
A tool that allows easy animation playback for all entities that have animations. This will not work on Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Portal 2, CS:GO models, it's a problem with Garry's Mod, not this mod.

Please note that not all models have animations. This too...
Easy Jetpack
Created by Sgt. Orange
Are you tired of using the buggy and unreliable rocketboots? Looking for something more balanced for your server? Well my Jetpack addon has you covered!!!

-Fuel System
-Works even when the weapon is holstered.
-Hovering (bye bye fall damage...
Extended Properties
Created by Rubat
This addon adds a lot of properties to Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod entites such as turrets, rollermines, suit chargers, flashlights, dynamites, NPCs and anti-antlion thumpers. There are over 72 different actions for different entites and NPCs.

Extended Spawnmenu
Created by Rubat
A small script that extends abilities of your spawnmenu:
* Allows you to browse through Garry's Mod 12 / Legacy addon models
* Allows you to browse through Game, Addon, Legacy Addon materials and sounds
* Gives you detailed information on installed Work...
Created by Billy[/url] (G)mod(A)dmin(S)uite or GAS is a set of admin utilities that work on top of admin mods

(G)mod(A)dmin(S)uite or GAS is a set of admin utilities that work on top of admin mods s...
Half-Life 2 Tools
Created by Rubat
A set of Half-Life 2 inspired/themed tools. Fully compatible with duplicator.

Tool list
  • Headcrab canister tool ( sbox_maxenv_headcrabcanisters )
  • Ammo crate tool ( sbox_maxitem_ammo_crates )
  • Item crate tool ( sbox_maxit
Improved Stacker
Created by Thomas
Improved Stacker Tool
The Improved Stacker tool is a complete rewrite of the original Stacker tool and includes many bug fixes and new features that both clients and server owners can benefit from.
Unlike the other versions of the tool, t...
Local OOC Command
Created by DeadRow
[EN] : It is the Local OOC command.

[FR] : Ce script permet de faire un /looc pour parler en /me mais en local.

Changelogs :

12/09/2015 : Initial Version....
Lord Tyler's - Massive Prop Pack
Created by [GYP] Gypsie Joe
This addon is used on the server listed below. You should check it out there!

Join our discord: .gg/ZgRuSG3u6z
Join our discord: .gg/ZgRuSG3u6z
Mass Effect Civilian Props
Created by Cosmic
All credit for this work should go to cires992.

This pack includes a few dozen props, many with bodygroups, all of which are from the Mass Effect series of video games. These props have an emphasis on civilian applications. There are no ragdolls or weap...
Mass Effect Props - Part Five
Created by Miss K-FOX
This addon is the fifth and final package of Mass Effect props by Cire992.

This addon contains 48 props from the videogame Mass Effect 3 including a custom skins for terminal props.

All content of this addon is credited the following ...
Media Player
Created by Sam
Watch videos or listen to music with friends in Sandbox—based on the Cinema gamemode.

How to fix this mod (HTML5)

⚠️ GMod developers are working on a fix, this...
Created by Malboro
PermaProps 4.0

What is the PermaProps:
The permaprops is a lightweight addon written to save entities on a map.
This is very useful to improve servers and help builders.

How use it:
  • Saving: Aim a entity an
Revan Dark Lightsaber Pack
Created by Captain Charles
Name: Revan Dark Lightsaber Pack

Version: 2

Description: Revan Dark Lightsaber Pack for Garry's mod.

-Anakin Episode 2
-Anakin Episode 3
-Common Jedi (Adi Gallia, Shaak Ti, Bulta...
Roleplay Model Pack
Created by laughmao
--I did not make this addon, I'm only supporting the community by adding it to the Gmod 13 workshop.--
*Original Author: Splaynirk...
Roleplay Props Extended
Created by Aldric
Here is the new version of the famous realistic object pack "Roleplay props". This version was built for and by the community, not being the original creator of this project that I have only enriched.

This pack contains about 224 props. The majority of ...
SWTOR: Lightsaber Pack
Created by ArsenicBeast
121 Lightsabers from SWTOR!

Please give a rating as it really helps the addon grow, it takes 1 click to do so.


This pack is pretty much holds almost all of the unique lightsabers from SWTOR.

I'll update...
Sci-fi Props Megapack
Created by Lt_C
Over 70 Unique Sci-Fi Themed Props!

Included in this release is the bulk of two years’ work on a specific visual theme. When combined with my other similar releases, this is little short of the cores assets needed to make a total conversion source mod....
Star Wars - Misc Prop Pack
Created by Lord Trilobite
A pack of props based on various things in the SW universe. Many of the models also include several skins.

- Imperial computer consoles (various animated screens in different skins)
- Imperial holoprojector
- Imperial archwa...
Star Wars - Rogue One Prop Pack
Created by Lord Trilobite
A pack of props based on those from the film Rogue One: a Star Wars Story.
All the black and orange items are used by the Empire including on the base on Scarif. The small white container was used by the Rebels on Yavin IV. The white version of the Imperi...
Star Wars Flags & Banners
Created by dhkatz
Star Wars Flags & Banners:

A collection of various flags or species, organizations, factions, etc.

Current Banners:

Galactic Republic
Galactic Empire
Confederacy of Independent Systems
First Order
Rebel Alliance...
Star Wars Lightsabers
Created by Rubat
Fully working Star Wars Lightsabers with a lot of customization options.

Star Wars Lightsabers Extension
Created by AkainuTAMAKI
This is a simple script who add 11 hilt of lightsaber for "Star Wars Lightsabers" made by Rubat.

List of hilt:
Kyle Saber...
Star Wars Materials
This is a Big Pack of Materials (Textures) of Star Wars Walls.
There is actually 45 Materials!

Do not forget to leave a I like and putting the addon in favorites if he seems to you useful ^^

Star Wars Music (Extended Version) [NEW UPDATE]
Created by Tanaka Ossie

In this Addon you can find many music of the Star Wars Universe:

- Padme & Anakin Theme (III)
- The Chosen One (III)
- Cantina Band (IV)
- Star Wars Theme (ALL)
- Imperial M...
Star Wars Pick-ups
Created by SyntaxError752

A set of Star Wars themed ammo, health and armor pick-ups made for the MelonServers Star Wars servers.
Star Wars Prop Pack
Created by dhkatz
Star Wars Prop Pack
By Doctor Jew

This prop pack is a collection of Star Wars props ported from various locations, previously not found on the workshop. Still a work in progress, and will be constantly updated until I have run out of pr...
Star Wars Props (Extended)
Created by Binary Space

Somes models of props :

-Star Wars Trainer Ball
-Sith Holocron
-Mini Venator

Credits to :

Me for uploading this on the workshop
Stefano from for create props.
Doctor Jew for creating sith ho...
Star Wars Wallpapers [1000👍 reached!]
Created by Absynthe
I'm helping people with the Mega Upload achievement - leave a message and send me a friend request

Some Star Wars backgrounds for you to enjoy within the comfort of your game. All images are full HD at 1920x1080.

I plan to add more to th...
Star Wars: Jedi Youngling Playermodels
Created by ✵ Cok Bhoi ✵
Jedi Youngling Playermodel

This model was commisioned by Akainu and Bok Choi.

Created by [url=https://jkhub.o...
StarWars Ammo Dispensers
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Ammo Dispenser or Ammo Distributor


  • Ammo Dispenser (Ammo)
    - give 750 ar2 ammo, so the same ammo as my weapons.

  • Grenade Dispenser
    - give 2 grenade.

  • Roc
Starwars Playermodels
Created by Zim
This is a Content Pack made of Starwars: The Old Republic Models.
Models: Falcon, Ferroda, Ferroda (2), X2, X2 (2), X2 (Clone Armor), X1, X1 (Clone Armor), X1 (Mandalorian Armor), Arcann Rebuilt, Sith Pureblood, Revan, Imperiuss and Darth Nox.

Starwars: The Old Republic Playermodels
Created by Zim
This is a Content Pack made of Starwars: The Old Republic Models.
Models: Imperial Droid, Republic Droid, CGI Jawa, Kage Warrior, Kaleesh, Selonian, Theron Shan, Medical Droid, Astrinech Droids, Shae Vizla, Red Honor Guard, Jace Malcom, Aric Jorgan, Klep...
The Sit Anywhere Script!
Created by Xerasin
This script allows you to sit on nearly every flat ledge or simply on the ground! Just press Alt (or the key you have 'Walk (Move Slowly)' bound to) + e (or the key you have 'Use' bound to) on the place you want to sit. Great for RP servers f...
Tood's ALCS Lootboxes v3
Created by Tood


These lootboxes are specifically made for ALCS[] meaning you need ALCS ...
ULX Administration Permissions
Created by AeroMatix
ULX Admin & Superadmin Perms | Set Which Ranks Can Spawn Weapons, Vehicles & Ents!

ULX Admin & Superadmin permissions, make it so you don't have to be an Admin or Superadmin to spawn these necessary things in anymore!

This is ULX perm based meaning o...
ULX NPC No Target Command
Created by Zaktak
A Simple command that lets you no-target players from NPCs.

- Very simple, NPCs do not "see" the player that is no-targeted.
- Even if the player attacks the NPC they will not respond.

Created by Aaron
Restriction system for ULX. (Requires ULX and ULib),5269.0.html

Please read the wiki for additional help:

Please feel free to comment on my profile and add me if y...
VJ Base
Created by DrVrej
VJ Base, short for Vrej Base, was originally created in 2012. Its purpose is to assist the creation of many types of addons. It is popularly used for creating Scripted NPCs due to its highly customizable and advanced artificial intelligence systems.
Voice Amplifier SWEP
Created by Servius
The Voice Amplifier SWEP

Use this swep to speak to people in an expandable radius or even talk to you whole server with a touch of a button!

For some reason this was taken down a while back and I, Servius, couldnt find it anywhere. Church...
Zhrom's Star Wars Prop Pack
Created by [GYP] Gypsie Joe
Join our discord: .gg/ZgRuSG3u6z
Join our discord: .gg/ZgRuSG3u6z
Join our discord: .gg/ZgRuSG3u6z
Join our discord: .gg/ZgRuSG3u6z
Join our discord: .gg/ZgRuSG3u6z[/h1
[BLN] Hilt Pack 1
Created by [Burst Link] Resh
[HFG] SWTOR Model Pack
Created by ArsenicBeast
A collection of SWTOR models for Hammerfall Gaming.


This pack will contain all models that I am porting for the members of HFG.

Currently contains: Zabrak Si...
[TFA Official] Star Wars Shared Resources [ Sounds, Icons, Shared Support Menu ]
Created by Servius
To discuss this addon and receive support, join the discord below!


[TFA VOX] Bounty Hunters
Created by VG Vrag
Voicelines for the Bounty Hunters of Star wars

Not all models are supported, will finish them all later

Clone Wars: Galactic Conquest
[TFA] StarWars Galactic Weapon Reworked Pack
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Galactic reworked weapon swep Pack from Battlefront II.


  • Bowcaster
  • CJ-9
  • CR-2
  • CR-2c
  • Defender
  • Defender Sporting
  • Dual Defender Sporting
  • Dual Defende
[TFA] StarWars Reworked Attachments Ressources
Created by ChanceSphere574
All informations are on the title
Copyright 2020. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named [url=https://steamcommunity...
[TFA] StarWars Reworked Shared Resources and Assets
Created by ChanceSphere574

This This pack contain all resource needed for all my weapon pack, contains basic reload sounds, view and world models, also some icon and textures

CVars Serveur Side :

  • rw_sw_bit_
[TFA] StarWars Rocket Launcher Pack
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Rocket launcher pack !


The best rocket pack at all, contain 8 rockets launcher from StarWars and with 3 additionnal rocket mods, the Pointing Mod, the Tracking Mod and the Control Mod, a la...
[TFA][HBW] StarWars Reworked Weapons Pack
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Custom Weapons with Heat System

/!\ This addon is Work In Progress /!\


  • Bowcaster
  • DC-15A
  • DC-15S
  • DC-17
  • DLT-19
  • E-11
  • EE-3
  • IQA-11
  • T-21
[TW] Sim's Hilts
Created by Sim
This pack will be a repository of all my created hilts. Each hilt in here has animations and special abilities.

All hilts work with WiltOS's ALCS and robotboy655's lightsaber addon

[wOS] Advanced Lightsaber Combat (Content Pack)
Created by King David™

Note: All media is generated entirely in-game for a transparent showc...
[wOS] Animation Extension - Blade Symphony
Created by King David™

This is the Blade Symphony integrated animation extension.

The register for this addon is as follows:


I take no...
[wOS] Animation Extension - Riddick
Created by King David™

These are custom animations made by Riddick for wiltOS Technologies. All rights belong to

wiltOS Custom Blade Materials
Created by [SGN] anzati1
if you have ANY questions dm me on discord or steam.


For example
InnerMaterial = "wos/lightsabers/blades/anzati/theswordswill",
Gmod Player Spawn Point Editor - Resources Only
Gmod Player Spawn Point Editor - Resources Only

This is the content only of Player Spawn Point Editor can be get here :

"Official Player Spawn Point Editor is a compl...
Boss Battle System [wOS ALCS & PointShop Support]
Created by Suri
A tool used for making an NPC spawning system. This addon can be used without WiltOS ALCS if you just want a regular spawning system.

- Killing a boss will give you XP depending on how much damage you've dealt to it before it dies and PSPoints if you ar...
Simple ThirdPerson - Sliders & Fixes!
Created by FailCake
Its just a simple client side ThirdPerson.
Note, the playermodel is a PAC

Wanna help out? Check


If y
Star Wars Weapons
Created by SyntaxError752

A pack of Star Wars weapons with both first person and third person models.

This pack contains the following weapons:
Ultimate Star Wars Sound Pack
Created by Apollo

DISCLAIMER: I have recently quit Garry's Mod and thus have halted all support/updates for this addon. This means I will not be fulfilling any requests for additions to the pack. If I ever return to Garry...
[TFA] StarWars Reworked Grenade Pack
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Grenade pack !


  • Ping Launcher
  • Grenade Bacta
  • Grenade Dioxis
  • Grenade Flash
  • Grenade Impact
  • Grenade Incendiary
  • Grenade Smoke
  • Grenade Stun
  • Grenade Thermal
The taxi teleporter content
Created by OX$Y
Nameless King SNPC
Created by RedFlytrap
Requires Vj Base to work properly.
People who spam in the comments will be blocked, this is your only warning.

  • Nameless K
StarWarsRP Helios Jedi Playermodel Collection
Created by Vaqxai

This addon contains a bunch of jedi playermodels used by me on StarWars roleplay. I do not allow any modifications and reuploads. All rights go to their respective owners. Will remove if asked to by proprietary...
Grey Force Wardens Playermodels (V3)
Created by Kralich

The Force Wardens were a group of outcast Jedi during the The Old Republic era in approximately 3500 BBY. Their leader was originally a Grand Master of the ...
Star Wars - Grey Jedi Master V1.0
Created by 1-log 4log=1

This addon includes the following:
Model: Jedi Grey Master

Thanks for subscribing!...
Hit Numbers
Created by ief~☆
Adds damage indicators whenever you hurt something.
This is a serverside (or singleplayer) addon. The server must have this addon installed in order to work in multiplayer.

Console Commands:

NPC Health Bar
Created by Dobbi
A brand new, updated NPC Health Bar!
This addon is based off of the Original Health Bar addon made by and Yarr
I did NOT make this addon from the ground up, I just modified the or
anzatis lightsaber pack
Created by [SGN] anzati1
93 lightsabers I've collected over time and rigged and textured

credits -
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Me - Rigging/Modeling/Texturing
Various list of people sending me meshes to rig for them

I did not post every lightsaber in a picture of t...
Jedi Temple Guard (playermodels)
Contains Temple Guard playermodel with robe and belt bodygroups

28.02.2020 update
-Tweaks (check changelog)
-Uploaded optimized version of this model ...
Revan : SWTOR
Created by Acrow

"Revan, renowned as "The Revanchist" and dreaded as the Sith Lord Darth Revan, was an eminent Jedi Knight turned conquering Dark Lord of the Sith until, ...
Created by The ALUGALUG CAT


Props Pack Swtor


Créateur du pack : THE ALUGALUG CAT :

Originally posted by Le Chat, Abooksigun:
Protected content her
[] rp_anaxes_defcon_v2
Created by Sour
All credit goes to the following:
Patrick - Map Creation
Jimbo - Original Anaxes Creation
Sour - because

This map is to be used in singleplayer or on our server only.
If you wish to u
[LVS] - Framework
Created by Luna
What is [LVS]?
[LVS] is a framework with the goal of having a more universal and stable vehicle framework fixing all sorts of tickrate or server physics setting issues that previously plagued both LFS and simfphys. It also fixes issues with Physi...
[LVS] - Star Wars
Created by Luna
Vehicles can be found in your "Entities" tab under "[LVS] - Star Wars"
This Pack is a direct...
[LVS] Star Wars Misc. Pack
Created by Nashatok
A small little collection of misc. ships that do not immediately fit into the four standard Star Wars factions.

- Alligator Starfighter
- Dynamic-class Freighter (Ebon Hawk)
- Kom'rk-class Fighter/Transport (Gauntlet-class)
- H-6 ...
[TFA] StarWars Republic Weapon Reworked Pack
Created by ChanceSphere574
StarWars Republic reworked weapon Pack from Battlefront II.


  • DC-15S
  • DC-15A
  • DC-15A (Original)
  • DC-15LE
  • DC-15LE (Original)
  • DC-15X
  • DC-15S
  • DC-15SE
  • Valken
[LVS] HMP Droid Gunship
Created by Salty™
Requires LVS-Framework and LVS-Star Wars
This is NOT a port of the LFS HMP Gunship, this is an entirely new addon

The HMP droid gunship, otherwise known as the HMP Predator gunship, w
[LVS] Star Wars Republic Frigates
Created by Salty™
Requires LVS-Framework and LVS-Star Wars
This Addon Contains:
3 Republic Frigates/Cruisers

-Retrofitted Charger Consular Class Cruiser
-1 Turbolaser Gun Driver Seat
-2 Side
[RDV] SWRP Medical Pack
Created by |< Nicolas >|

Our Discord

- Wall Mounted Bacta Injector
- Bacta Injector that doesn't...
[LVS] Barc-speeder (Fixed)
Created by Old
Hello everyone, this is my first addon translated to LVS. I 'm checking its operability
My Contact
Discord - MsCoDeX#8347...
Star Wars: Clone Cadet Collection
Created by Grady
Star Wars: Clone Cadet Collection
By Grady, Grave and Slick


  • Green Clone Cadet
  • Red Clone Cadet
  • Yellow Clone Cadet

    Vanilla's Ship Destruction Tool
    Created by mellowcholy
    - Customizable explosion length
    - Easy to use
    - Works on entities and props...
    Squad Shield Swep
    Created by 16 bears
    Star Wars Squad Shield

    I did not make this, with that being said I can only make small edits to the original code due to my knowledge with LUA, if any issues or bugs occur with the addon please feel free to contact me.

    CGI Phase 2: 10th Leviathan Legion
    Created by Garith
    Give the addon a thumbs up if you like it!

    I beg of thee NOT to rip/edit anything from this addon. This addon is my personal creation that I use on a server that I play on. I play on a server called "Burst Link Networks" for tho
    Better Cloaking
    Created by Temporary Solutions
    This is supposed to replace all of the other cloaking addons and their multitude of problems.
    If you like it please rate it as it makes it more noticable to people who would like to use it.
    If you find any bugs or ideas put them in the discussion.

    [LVS] Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter Pack
    Created by Durian

    ϟLightning Boltϟ for the sounds, textures, materials and models

    Blu-x92 for the vehicle system

    Star Wars - Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter
    Created by Lord Trilobite
    Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    A model and working vehicle of the Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor. Also known as the Jedi starfighter. This includes several different versions of the ship as well as a hyperspace ring...
    [HN] Unassigned Phase 2 Model/NPC Pack
    Created by Cally
    They may be shiny, but don't underestimate these regimentless soldiers of the Republic.

    This addon is a retexture of Gonzo's 41st and green company phase 2 models. I recommend checking out some of his stuff.
    Created by [ULX] Megiddo
    The official ULib. Please see our website at for information and discussion.

    For the most bleeding edge up to date versions of ULX and ULib, please download and use our github versions:
    ULX: htt...
    Tri Droid SNPC
    Created by zhing
    Made for Accelerant Servers open for community use.

    Please consider joining their server. They plan on going through the legends lore and provide fun events. they have massive respect to the source material so if you want a more authentic star wars ex...
    Vindictus Bosses
    Created by Sculp
    What is this?
    A bunch of ragdoll bosses from mabinogi heroes.
    Some models can be animated using Animated Prop Tool
    Star Wars - LM-432 Crab Droid SNPC
    Created by zhing
    Made for Accelerant Servers open for community use.

    Please consider joining their server. They plan on going through the legends lore and provide fun events. they have massive respect to the source material so if you want a more authentic star wars ex...
    Confederacy of Independent Systems NPCs
    Created by kev675243
    The Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS), also known as the Separatist Alliance, the Separatist State, and commonly referred to as the Separatists, was an unrecognized, galactic, democratic, and confederate government that existed during the Clone Wars...
    Enhanced Star Wars NPC Weapons
    Created by kev675243
    What is this?
    This addon contains lots of npc star wars weapons. Whats special about these weapons is that they have the ability to attack targets at infinite range, allowing for the recreation of large scale star wars battles. These also have reworked st...
    EA Star Wars Battlefront II - CIS Playermodels Pack (Materials Pt.2)
    Created by Gorka

    As the Workshop is lack of HD CIS Playermodels, I decided to make my own ones.

    This Pack Contains:
    • Assault
    EA Star Wars Battlefront II - CIS Playermodels Pack (Materials Pt.1)
    Created by Gorka

    As the Workshop is lack of HD CIS Playermodels, I decided to make my own ones.

    This Pack Contains:
    • Assault
    Star Wars EA Battlefront II : BX Droid Commando Playermodel
    Created by Lil Nas X

    This addon contains BX Droid Commando HD PM from Star Wars Battlefront II.


    EA DICE, Motive Studios - for creating the originals models, textures and sounds.
    Star Wars Grenades
    Created by OG Zeus
    Created for Multiverse Gaming.

    Currently includes:
    Thermal Detonator (as an explosive)
    Fragmentation Grenade (as a smoke).
    Dioxis Grenade (as a flashbang).

    All grenades include 2 versions: primed and unprimed.
    All the models have LODs.

    [VJ]Vindictus Boss SNPC : Season1
    Created by Lawrence
    Welcome to my Vindictus BOSS Npc, you need vj base to make it work.
    if the addon isn't working please read this
    General Kalani Playermodel
    Created by Cody Evans

    General Kalani was a super tactical droid in service to the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) in the show Star Wars : The Clone Wars. He served in numerous operations during the war and was one of th...
    Star wars Battlefront 2 Props V3
    Created by MegaRex-04
    I was able to rip models and textures from the Game, Star Wars Battlefront II Classics and was able to make 2 versions of the acclamator and the Venator.

    Join the Addon group for announcements
    Star Wars Clone Wars Ships Prop Pack
    Created by Salty™
    The Venator and Victory Ships have working Hangar Bays

    This Addon contains 14 Star Wars Ships, 5Republic Ships, and 9 CIS Ships. All of them are scaled to GMOD Size so that they will fit in a l
    Sith & Jedi Playermodel Pack
    Created by Joekr
    Note: I Just Want To Let Everyone Know That I did Not Make All The Playermodels In This. Some Were Made By Other People, Which I Will Give Credit Below.

    This Pack Includes:
    Darth Vader
    Anakin Skywalker
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Darth Sidious
    Mace Windu...
    ✪🆂🅾U🆃🅷✪ Star Wars Models Part 2
    Created by VALLEYOFDEA7H
    If you enjoyed this model, press that rate up button!

    Pack Includes:
    Super's Waypoints
    Created by Super
    This addon allows you to create waypoints all players on the server can see through walls.

    - Activating and deactivating waypoints with ulx commands or with c+right click on the entity. Deactivated waypoints can only be seen by nocl...
    Supers Content
    Created by Super
    Content for servers I am working on / for....
    Muted Toolgun
    Created by Ward
    Simple addon that removes the laser effect from the toolgun and mutes the sound.

    Useful for not breaking immersion when admins are running an RP event or for film makers....
    Star Wars: Supreme Chancellor Playermodel
    Created by ✵ Cok Bhoi ✵
    Created by JKHub[]
    Ported by JazzMcNade

    This model was made for Synthetic Gaming AU however is public and can be used by anyone or any server.

    If you have used and l...
    STAR WARS The Clone Wars: CIS B1 & B2 Battle Droids
    Created by AussiWozzi

    CIS B1 & B2 Battle Droids

    The Separatist Droid Army, otherwise referred to as the CIS droid army, Separatist Army, or the droid army, served as the ground forces for the Confederacy of Independent Systems' military du...
    [TFA] StarWars CIS Weapon Reworked Pack
    Created by ChanceSphere574
    StarWars CIS reworked weapon from Battlefront II.


    • E-5
    • E-5c
    • E-5s
    • E-5s (Automatic)
    • RG-4D
    • SE-14
    • SE-14c
    • Dual E-5
    • Dual RG-4D
    • Dual SE-14c
    • B2-RP Hand-Blaste
    Created by [ULX] Megiddo
    The official latest release version of ULX admin mod (the same you'd get from our website). Please see our website at for information and discussion. Only servers need to use this, not your individual joining players.

    [RDV] Defcon System
    Created by |< Nicolas >|

    Our Discord

    Don't see your Language in the addon? follow [url=https://pa...
    [wOS] DynaBase - Dynamic Animation Manager
    Created by King David™
    The beauty of the ValveBiped form at your fingertips

    This is a wiltOS Week "Back to 2022" Item:

    The DynaBase is an animation base that gives full animation control to the player, the s...
    [wOS] DynaBase Legacy Extensions
    Created by King David™
    This addon requires the DynaBase to work!

    This adds support for the existing animation addons on the workshop that have not added integrated support for the DynaBase. It will allow you to appropriately mount and manage the...
    [EVENT] Mygeeto
    Created by CringeLord123
    Mygeeto was located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, in grid square K-5 on the Standard Galactic Grid, in the same sector as the Anthan system and Son-tuul.

    TAGS: Mygeeto , Classic SWRP , Star Wars , Droid , Clone , Snow , Event , Battle .

    Created by Doug
    This map is very large. It contains a floating city and one board-able ship. This is not my work, I give full credit to its original owner....
    Star Wars Z6 Rotary Blaster Cannon (Original SWEP)
    DO NOT RE-UPLOAD. All of this content was created by the contributors on the bottom right and by no one else. Do not steal this in anyway or edit it. Please respect our wishes. Thank you.

    "A big gun doesn't make a big man."

    This las...
    Republic Clearance Cards
    Created by ThaHerminatar
    If you want to create your own cards, here are all of the files I used to create them.[] If you are going to use any of these assets, and upload your own versi...
    Vindictus Bosses 2
    Created by Sculp
    What is this?
    Second part of vindictus bosses
    Some models can be animated using Animated Prop Tool...
    Vindictus Bosses 3
    Created by Sculp
    What is this?
    Third part of vindictus bosses
    Models can be animated using Animated Prop Tool [/url...
    Vindictus Bosses 4
    Created by Sculp
    What is this?
    Fourth part of vindictus bosses
    Models can be animated using Animated Prop Tool [/ur...
    Vindictus Bosses 5
    Created by Sculp
    What is this?
    Fifth part of vindictus bosses
    Models can be animated using Animated Prop Tool [/url...
    [VJ] [Raid] Vindictus Boss : Suicide Battle
    Created by Lawrence
    This is the last npc pack of the vindictus boss. There will be no new vindictus npc pack in the future.but new vindictus npcs will be updated into these packs.

    This is raid boss, they are very difficult, unlike the vindictus boss you fac
    [VJ]Vindictus Boss Npc : Season3 + season2
    Created by Lawrence
    Welcome to my Vindictus BOSS NpcV3, you need vj base to make it work.
    if the addon isn't working please read this
    [VJ] Vindictus Boss npc 4
    Created by Lawrence
    Welcome to my Vindictus BOSS NpcV4, you need vj base to make it work.
    if the addon isn't working please read this
    Gm Lunar Base
    Created by Doomologist
    Gm Lunar Base is a scenic build map featuring a rugged lunar surface and a base with a functional underground hangar.


    Technical Stuff-

    The texture set mainly featured in the map is the pk02 set created by Philip Klevestav.
    7th Season Ahsoka HD [PM]
    Created by Riggs
    The content pack has:

    Ahsoka model from 7th season revision from my eyes.

    if you want to commission anything feel free to add me through discord: Modælarion#7952
    or add me through steam.

    shoutout to my fellow users, owners of the commission

    Roll Command
    Created by DeadRow
    [EN] : This addon is used to increase the level of your roleplay server.

    [FR] : Cette addon sert à augmenter le niveau de roleplay sur vos serveur.

    Changelogs :

    11/09/2015 : Initial Version....
    Created by Heox
    Players stuck in other Players?! No longer with this addon!

    Revival Player Defibrillator
    Created by hope
    Hello! This is my first addon in the workshop Steam. I did not do it myself. I corrected a lot of errors and uploaded this addon here. Have fun!

    How to use:
    It is necessary that your friend (with whom you play) was killed, after the task is simple: go...
    [GG] STAR WARS The Clone Wars: Phase 2 104th Wolfpack
    Created by AussiWozzi

    104th Wolfpack

    The 104th Battalion, also known as the "Wolf Pack" Battalion, or the Wolfpack Battalion, was a clone trooper military battalion of the Grand Army of the Republic. The 104th was led by Jedi General Plo...
    Aussie's Shared CGI Content
    Created by AussiWozzi
    This pack is for some shared materials for my CGI Clone Trooper Models on the workshop.
    [GG] STAR WARS The Clone Wars: Phase 2 212th Attack Battalion (CGI)
    Created by AussiWozzi

    212th Attack Battalion

    The 212th Attack Battalion, also designated as the 212th Republic Battalion, was a military battalion of the Grand Army of the Republic, a clone army engineered to serve the Galactic Republic....
    [GG] STAR WARS The Clone Wars: Phase 2 41st Elite Corps (CGI)
    Created by AussiWozzi

    41st Elite Corps

    The 41st Elite Corps, simply known as the Elite Corps, was a military corps of the Grand Army of the Republic. The 41st Elite Corps, which consisted of sub-units such as Green Company, was composed ...
    [GG] STAR WARS The Clone Wars: Phase 2 501st Legion (CGI)
    Created by AussiWozzi

    501st Legion

    The 501st was an elite military battalion of clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic. Under the leadership of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, and Clone Commander CT-7...
    STAR WARS: Senate Commandos
    Created by AussiWozzi

    Commissioned by Dry_Paint

    Senate Commandos

    The Senate Commandos was an elite military and law enforcement division of the Galactic Republic's Senate Guard, tasked with protecting the Galactic Senate and the Su...
    STAR WARS: Clone Troopers Shared Materials
    Created by AussiWozzi
    These are the shared materials for my Clone Packs, you'll experience some errors in some of the packs without these!...
    [GG] STAR WARS The Clone Wars: Phase 2 Coruscant Guard (CGI)
    Created by AussiWozzi

    Coruscant Guard

    The Coruscant Guard was a division of elite clone shock troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic, organized to serve as a military police force and protect the Galactic Republic capital planet of C...
    [GG] STAR WARS The Clone Wars: Phase 2 Unassigned (CGI)
    Created by AussiWozzi

    Clone Troopers

    Clone troopers, also known as Republic troopers, Republic troops, Republic soldiers, Regs, and nicknamed the "Boys in White," were highly trained soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. Representi...
    STAR WARS The Clone Wars: Phase 2 5th Fleet Security
    Created by AussiWozzi

    5th Fleet Security

    The 5th Fleet Security were clone troopers that were in charge of keeping security on Republic cruisers. During the Clone Wars, the 5th Fleet Security utilized Phase II clone trooper armor with navy...
    CGI HD Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Created by CoBud91
    If you liked this addon please support this page!


    What is included in these addons?
    In this addon is a CGI Obi-Wan Kenobi model later in...
    [GG] CGI Yoda Playermodel
    Created by Stooge
    We finally have a Starwars CGI Yoda!

    This model was made mainly for Starwars clonewars Gateway Gaming, But are allowed to be used on any server. Really I can't stop you from using it. I want this package to help and aid other server owners ...
    Star Wars [CGI] : Jedi Order
    Created by Patern


    FR - Ce pack contient divers PlayerModels "jedis" tels que :

    EN - This pack contains various PlayerModels "jedis" such as :

    (LFS) STAR WARS: Coruscant Guard LAAT
    Created by AussiWozzi

    Coruscant Guard LAAT
    The Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry (LAAT/i), also known as the Republic attack gunship, Republic Gunship or Assault Gunship, was one of the several models in the Low Altitude Assault Tran...
    Kotor Pack : Knight of the Old Republic PlayerModels
    Created by Acrow

    "This Contains Ancient Knowledge, The Jedi,the Sith,perhaps more......" - Me

    Thanks to an awesome friends of mine,"Dusty and Xman"....
    [GG] STAR WARS The Clone Wars: Republic Commandos (CGI)
    Created by AussiWozzi

    Republic Commandos

    Clone Commandos, also known as Republic Commandos, were elite clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic. Cloned from the genetic template of the famous Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett,...
    [Official] Precision Tool
    Created by [XTT] General Wrex



    Formerly 'Easy Precision', this tool allows exact movement of objects for accurate building. Push/pull, rotate, and sn...
    Created by WireTeam
    A collection of entities connectable by data wires, which allows for the creation of advanced contraptions.

    Wiremod Landing Page:



    Github: https://githu...
    Clone wars "Propaganda"
    Star wars Clone Wars "Propaganda" Addon.

    Inspired from : Half-Life 2 Propaganda Posters from f2f

    Only Props.

    Tags: Star wars, Starwars , Propaganda , Posters, Clone ,Clone Wars

    Important things: All Credits for the artwork in this addon goe...
    Fading door tool
    Created by Panthera Tigris
    A tool that makes anything into a fadable door.

    - Can select material.
    - Can select sounds.
    - Wire support.
    - Can make NPC's, vehicles and props into a fadable door.

    Authors: Conna, Lexi and Panthera Tigris

    ID: 115753588...
    [CGI] Sons of Dathomir
    Created by Plo Cool
    What does this pack include?
    Darth Maul
    Savage Opress

    Darth Maul
    A deadly, agile Sith Lord trained by the evil Darth Sidious, Darth Maul was a formidable warrior and scheming mastermind. He wielded an intimidating doubl...
    [LFS] AT-RT
    Created by niksacokica
    All Terrain Recon Transport

    The All Terrain Recon Transport (AT-RT), also known as the Republic scout walker, was a model of recon walker used mainly during the Clone Wars by Advanced Recon Force Scout Troopers.
    More: https://starwars.fandom...
    [LFS] Ground Vehicle Base
    Created by Heracles421
    Heracles' LFS Ground Vehicle Base

    This is the base which all LFS vehicles I create will use. This allows rapid deployment of changes that affect all vehicles, instead of having to update every single one to add new things.

    Feel free to use t...
    Created by Lord Trilobite
    Rp Naboo City Version 2.1

    A generic city on Naboo from Star Wars. It's not supposed to be any specific location from the movies, just the same theme and style.

    Role Play

    Star Wars Sentinel Landingcraft
    Created by Lord Trilobite
    An Imperial Sentinel Class Landingcraft from Star Wars. This vessel was featured in the Special Edition of A New Hope, even though it was only a couple of seconds on screen.

    This includes three versions of the ship. Two full s...
    Ryloth - Event Map
    Created by Akiran | SWFS

    Ryloth was a planet in the Ryloth system of the Outer Rim Territories, and the homeworld of the Twi'lek species. Its terrain varied, filled with jungles, mesas, valleys, and volcanoes, and had an atmosphere breathable f...
    Created by 122jimbo
    Do what you want with all my maps.You can upload your own version on the workshop as long as you give me credit in the description!

    Map takes place in the Hive area of Geo...
    Star Wars Battledroids
    Created by Captain Charles
    Name: Battledroid Ragdolls & Players

    Version: 1

    Description: Battledroid Ragdolls & Players for Garry's mod.

    Battledroid Commander
    Battledroid Geonosis
    Battledroid P...
    Star Wars Fusion Cutter
    Created by Alydus
    Star Wars Fusion Cutter Repairer

    This addon adds a new utility weapon (class: alydus_fusioncutter), which allows you to repair and perform operations on numerous entities created by different authors. It is a multitool, and I'm constantly tryin...
    General ALCS Content Pack
    Created by [SGN] anzati1
    Updated with swtor icons


    theres a cool hook hilt in this pack, hilt3 works best.

    CloneWars NPC Weapons Reworked Pack
    Created by ChanceSphere574
    NPC Weapons pack for Republic and CIS.


    My reworked weapons have been converted for NPCs, have the same models, sounds, stats, effects, only damage is divided by 5 compared to the originals, compatib...
    NPC Weapons - Base
    Created by xyzzy
    My NPC Weapon base from NPC Weapons, uploaded in separate form for use such as expansion packs, one-off weapons, or addons made by other people which require my weapon base....
    Alydus's Destructible Fortifications Extension
    Created by Alydus
    Alydus's Destructible Fortifications Extension

    This addon REQUIRES the fortification builder tablet, and will not function whatsoever without it. Subscribe to it here[/ur...
    Alydus's Fortification Builder Tablet
    Created by Alydus
    Alydus's Fortification Builder Tablet

    Want to make your fortifications destructible? Download the destructible fortifications extension!

    Alydus's Fo...
    Star Wars EMP Grenade
    Created by T3-M4
    Currently includes:
    Electro Magnetic Pulse grenade (as a EMP).

    Weapon name:

    In the explosion of EMP grenades:

    Players will be stunned for 5 seconds, lose all armor and receive 15-30 damage.
    All NPCs except antlion, headcrabs an...
    Fortification Tool for SWRP
    Created by TheJoe
    This is a fortification tool that is mainly aimed at a Star-Wars-RP Audience.
    It features two sweps:
    A Admin Swep that lets players modify your current ressource pool
    A "Trooper" Swep that allows players to spawn in preconfig...
    Sparks' Shared Materials Pack
    Created by hisui
    This addon contains materials that may be shared requirements across several of my other addons. If one of my addons requires these materials, it will be listed as 'Required Content' on the right side and you wil...
    Created by mcdonalds
    Heads up if anyone needs quick support, you'll reach me faster here as I am pretty much always online. @me if you need any help or have any suggestions.

    mCompass adds a clean and minimalistic compass to the players HUD.

    STAR WARS The Clone Wars: Phase 2 Kamino Guard (CGI)
    Created by AussiWozzi

    Kamino Guard

    During the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic maintained a security force on the clone trooper homeworld of Kamino by the time of the Battle of Ringo Vinda. The security force remained active during the ...
    [EVENT] Christophsis
    Created by Star
    "The only Jedi we can spare are Skywalker and Kenobi. They just captured the planet Christophsis."
    Mace Windu, to Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine

    Christophsis was a planet located in the Christoph system of the galaxy's Outer Rim ...
    Created by Vlashen
    My second Star Wars themed roleplaying map. After several months of work I finally release my second map. It's a heavily updatred version of Nar_Shaddaa with many new buildings, a Republic base, better club, and new textures. The map includes custom sounds...
    Created by JoatTheGoat
    My best interpretation of The Citadel from the Clone wars - Long hallways, prisons, and big canyons.

    This is a rather small map, and requires some movement abilities to get out of spawn - it was created as an event/special ops map for Multiverse Gaming ...
    Polis Massa - Event Map
    Created by Akiran | SWFS
    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Polis Massa

    Polis Massa was once an arid, habitable, barren planetoid and originally the homeworld of the origin of the little-known Eellayin civilization, which dwelt in underground cities such as Wiyentaah. Polis Massa was l...
    MSD UI Content only
    Created by MacTavish
    Content for MSD UI base[]...
    Ragdoll Mover
    Created by Winded
    What is it?
    Ragdoll Mover is a tool that allows you to move ragdolls in a similar way to 3D programs. This also includes IK chains.

    Why should I use it?
    If you are fine with physgun, then maybe you don't need to use this. But here's a fe...
    Standing Pose Tool
    Created by Winded
    This small tool can pose a ragdoll to it's model pose, which usually is a standing pose for ragdolls. It does not work properly with all ragdolls, but for most of them it does....
    Star Wars - Materials
    Created by LastLeopard
    -This materials created by LastLeopard.

    -This addon includes 15 material, the materials can found in materials.
    -Material pack name is starwarslastleopard.
    -You can use that addon for the Roleplay servers and hammer.
    -This addon will be updated soon....
    [NSN] CGI CIS Leaders
    Created by ねくろ
    This addon was created as part of No Sleep Network's "12 Days of Christmas" event. We, the NSN dev team, will be releasing one addon every day from December 12th to December 23rd.

    NSN or No Sleep...
    Clone Death Trooper NPC and Playermodel Pack
    Created by Zatomus
    Clone Death Trooper NPC and Playermodel Pack
    By Zatomus

    These are non-cannon clone troopers that I made based off of the Blackwing virus Death Troopers.

    Check out my Imperial Death Troopers Here: [url]
    CGI Trandoshan NPC/Playermodels
    Created by Stooge
    [img] [/img]

    We are proud to announce our new Package, CGI Trandoshan NPC/Playermodels Package!

    Trandoshans Backstory
    Trandoshans were sentient humanoids with smooth, scaly skin. Trandoshans ranged...
    ZIP - Spawn Entities Wireframe Effect
    Created by YohSambre
    the loading of the entities is done with an add effect which adds a stylized effect,

    this concerns all the entities so NPC/PROPS/ENTITIES/GUN/VEHICLE...
    [LFS] Star Wars AI/Seated Turbo Laser
    Created by Painite
    This is a Star Wars themed Turbo Laser turret that will go with most star wars themed maps especially made for SWRP communities to create more atmospheric events and a new level of game play.

    AI/Seated Inf Turbo Laser:

    This turbo-laser is designed fo...
    Star Wars Mortar
    Created by DolUnity
    Star Wars Mortar

    Newest Update
    Luiggi33 was so nice and added two new shell types to the mortar. So you now can select between three grenade types.
    Ulx Set Utime [ UTIME REQUIRE ] !
    Created by Yoshi
    Not by me :P
    Just reupload
    Utime Hour Changer

    Introducing a plugin to change your Total Playing Hours, made by Mr. Apple and help from Shoop Da Whoop.
    This plugin is simple to use, doesn't have any bugs what so ever(99.8% Guaranteed). It's as simple ...
    Created by Yoshi
    Reupload of UTime up to date !

    Patch bug...
    Combine Overwatch Airstrike

    Do you need an Overwatch Airstrike? Do you need to protect your base from a remote and safe location? If so, then this addon is for you. It's a Combine Console you can use to guide the prefered airstrike. Whether it's a zombie attack or...
    [LVS] CIS Protodeka Tank
    Created by Salty™
    Requires LVS-Framework and LVS-Star Wars

    The Protodeka was a gigantic repulsorlift weapons platform with rapid-firing heavy turbolasers and deadly seeker missile launchers with rapid-fire ability
    [LVS] Star Wars Turrets
    Created by Nashatok
    A simple pack of three (for now) turrets in two variations each, meant for use with other LVS Star Wars ships. Enjoy!

    Anti-Fighter Turret
    - Twin-linked rapid-fire laser cannons will make mincemeat of any fighter that gets too...
    [LVS] BTL-B Y-Wing
    Created by Kurt
    Requires LVS-Framework and LVS-Star Wars

    BTL-B Y-Wing
    [LFS] - Classic
    Created by Redox
    LUA based flight system, featuring planes & helicopters. Included aircraft are located in your "Entities" tab under [LFS].

    Every plane has a simple built-in AI system, which can be enabled using the Edit-Properties menu (as admin) or by using the AI
    [LFS] LAAT/i Gunship
    Created by Fisher
    Lore :

    Originally posted by Wookieepedia:
    “The Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry (LAAT/i), also known as the Republic attack gunship, Republic Gunship or Assault Gunship, was one of the several models in the Low Altitude Assault Transport line of stars
    Supply Drops: Vehicles
    Created by Luiggi33
    Second installment in my Supply Drops List.

    Using the Flare Gun, you can call in a LAAT/c that drops an ATTE in.
    Pay attention, it could squish your soldiers or fall of a cliff.

    You need the LFS Star Wars Prequels Pack to have a working ATTE....
    Supply Drops: Ammunition
    Created by Luiggi33
    A simple Addon to make, getting more Ammunition more realistic.
    The Flare Gun can be found under the Supply Drops Tab in the Weapon Menu.

    No need to pay attention, it has no collision.

    If you want to configure it, you can go to the lua/entities/drop...
    [LFS] - Star Wars (Reupload)
    Created by Nymphix
    This is a reupload of the original [LFS] - Star Wars Pack.
    LUA based flight system, featuring Star Wars vehicles. Included aircraft are located in your "Entities" tab under [LFS] - Star Wars Pack.

    Every plane has a simple built-in AI system, whic
    Navy Clones: Class Pack Playermodels (V2)
    Created by Kralich
    Retextures of the navy clone from this pack, by The Guy, This comes in red, green, dark grey, dark orange, purple, dark yellow and light grey adaptations of the Navy Clone model.

    CGI Supreme Chancellor Palpatine Playermodel
    Created by |⁧⁧Riddick
    Say hello to Garry's mod's first and only CGI Palpatine model.

    Original uploader - Riddick


    Sidious, born Sheev Palpatine, was trained in the dark side of the Force by Darth Plagueis. Eventually, he took on his own apprentice, Darth Ma...
    Created by [TSF] Mason 1290
    rp_venator_advanced is a personal build of rp_venator_vfinal that goes offtrack from the original venator formula to what other venators have in mind that people desire.

    This venator has, ontop of everything vFinal has:
    -An open 2nd floor lobby area
    Created by CapsAdm¡n

    Gives you the ability to personalize your player model's look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from putting just a hat on your head to creating an entire new player model. PAC can also work on vehicles or props.
    [CGI] Animated Astromech Pack
    Created by Plo Cool
    [img] [/img]

    Astromech droids are a series of versatile utility robots generally used for the maintenance and repair of starships and related technology. These small droids are often equipped with a variety of tool-tipped...
    Junglestorm - V2
    Created by Cassius
    Junglestorm - V2
    The original Junglestorm was in need of some revisions and updates.
    This was originally made for a community, but as the community moved on I’ve decided to give this to everyone instead.
    Hope you enjoy all of these new addi...
    Created by GTR Boy
    Content for PermaWeapons.
    Available on GModStore.
    Created by 122jimbo
    - I no longer have time to keep my maps up to date. Do what you want with them.You can upload your own version on the workshop as long as you give me credit!

    Star Scoreboard Content
    Created by Extra
    Buzz Droid NPC
    Created by FallenLogic
    I was pretty surprised that nobody had done this before (or at least, that nobody had released something like this publicly), so I decided to make one myself. It's a very simple NPC, it uses a manhack as a base (but doesn't replace the manhack).

    NPC is...
    [TFA] StarWars DC-17m
    Created by ChanceSphere574

    The StarWars DC-17m with each separated mods : Rifle, Launcher, Shotgun and Sniper, with dynamic ammo and HD custom models.


    • DC-17m
    • DC-17m Launcher
    CGI Deathwatch Pack
    Created by Stooge
    [img] [/img]

    We are proud to announce our new Pack, The Deathwatch!.
    If you like all these addons, Why don't you take the time and rate and favourite Or even follow us! It really does show the modders appr...
    DrGBase | Nextbot Base
    Created by Dragoteryx

    DrGBase is built on top of the default nextbot base to add stuff that you usually have to code yourself when creating a nextbot, such as AI behaviour or a relationship system. It also comes with a built-in poss...
    Aura's Capital Ships Pack CIS [SWRP][LFS]
    Created by Aura

    --- LFS Capital Ships Pack [CIS] ---

    Important: None of these ships can actually be flown, they are just compatible with LFS vehicles for t...
    Aura's Capital Ships Pack Republic [SWRP][LFS]
    Created by Aura

    --- LFS Capital Ships Pack [Republic] ---
    Important: None of these ships can actually be flown, they are just compatible with L...
    Created by (FPtje) Falco
    This is an experimental, yet offical addon version of DarkRP.
    You can modify DarkRP with the DarkRPMod, which can be found here:
    [Shado] Ultimate CWRP Comms Command
    Created by Shado™
    These are comms Commands that are best suited for Clone Wars RP servers. Having many different battalions and other commands that help with RP.


    Battalion Comms Commands:

    Placeable Particle Effects
    Created by madneo

    ======== What is this addon about? ========

    Placeable Particle Effects is an addon that lets you place or attach (weld) various effects to spice up your work, like sc...
    Created by Robert F.
    'This addon aims to replace fecal Half Life: 2 effects with custom particles.' said Harry.

    It's not compatible with "Explosion Effect" addon.

    There are three new explosion effects for grenades, RPGS and dynamite tool.
    In addition, AR2's combine bal...
    gExplo Universal Tweak
    Created by Robert F.
    This extra mod now replaces all explosion effects including the ones that barrels, slams and other explosive produces.

    This addon requires gExplo to work.

    Not made by me. Just uploading.
    Stryker's StarWars RP Information Panels
    Created by Stryker

    Stryker's Information Panels

    This Addon Contains:

    • DEFCON Information Panel
    • Faces Information Panel
    • Formations Information Panel

    Features Include:
    • Switch ...
    StarWars Aube-Sanglante
    Created by Trurix
    Map Edit by Trurix
    The creator of the map are Statua ( ) and Lord Tyler ( )

    Modifications :
    -Expanded neighborhoods
    -Hangar create
    -Reactor room creates
    -Fitness center crea...
    Aura's LFS Repair Droid [SWRP]
    Created by Aura
    This addon adds one single droid that will sit in it's spot waiting for a ship with less ammo, or health than maximum, and go top off all it's stats! Pretty simple.

    For the AI to actually work, and the droid to be able to move, the map must have a navme...
    Star Wars - Astromech Droids Playermodel Pack v1.4
    Created by Grady
    Astromech Droids
    By Grady & Cooky

    Hey! This is our Astromech Droid Pack. We hope you like it.
    A Feedback would be nice :)

    Whats in that pack?
    - Astromech Red
    - Astromech Green
    - Astromech Yellow
    - Astromech Black
    - Astromech ...
    [ EVENT ] RP Mining Station
    Created by Servius


    This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under my steam account (Servius)

    If you decide to ignore the warning above, I wil...
    PK01 & PK02 - PhilipK SciFi Texture Packs
    Created by Shy
    These are the famous sci fi texture sets made by the amazingly talented Philip Klevestav ( 100% unmodified originals. I am uploading these to the workshop as a courtesy for the gmod community.

    Right now there are hundreds of maps usin...
    ShyStudios SciFi Texture Set v1
    Created by Shy
    Here are over 130 fully custom world textures that I've produced for my upcoming map "rp_republic_base"~!
    These textures are mostly intended for a star wars clone wars art style so some of them may be more matte than others. However this pack has plenty o...
    Star Wars - Imperial Materials
    Created by Lord Trilobite
    This is a selection of materials I have made over the years for some of my maps. This addon includes two folders with materials. One folder automatically adds the materials to the ingame material tool so that these can be used for any build ingame. The oth...
    Star Wars the Clone Wars - Geonosis & Venator Map
    Created by [GYP] Gypsie Joe

    This addon features over a well crafted map that suits the roleplay needs of a semi serious star wars server. This map provides you with geonosis and a venator that will allow you to have quick - lag free events!

    Created by Benigane
    Geonosis from Star Wars

    This map features the planet of Geonosis from Star Wars. There is a CIS core ship docked on the planet, cargo bay with docking station, geonosis fighter hangar, control roo...
    rp_alderaan [Reupload]
    Created by Icarus
    Reupload of an old community map from around 2019. I am just uploading lost content to the workshop & have nothing to do with this map. All credits go to those who created it. If you are the owner and wish for this to be taken down, please leave a comment ...
    [EVENT] Felucia
    Created by Star
    I have spoken with the tribal leaders on Felucia. They use a very ancient dialect which is hard to understand
    ―Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Felucia, known as Galush prior to the formation of the Galactic Republic, was a colorful, humid jungle pla...
    [LFS] The Millennium Falcon
    Created by ϟLightning Boltϟ
    "Never tell me the odds!"

    Don't underestimate its aged appearance. The belied numerous advanced modifications to this ship's speed, weapons, and shielding is outstanding. Not to mention a hyperdrive engine among the fastest in the entire gala...
    Star Wars - Lambda Class Shuttle
    Created by Lord Trilobite
    A model of a Lambda class Imperial Shuttle. This vessel was featured in Return of the Jedi. The ship features an interior as seen in the film. A cockpit with 4 chairs, a back room with space for 14 passengers on the sides and a boarding ramp. The ship is e...
    [LFS] Star Wars Mega Pack
    Created by Nashatok
    An assortment of miscellaneous Star Wars ships from nimble interceptors to versatile corvettes, mostly from Legends, brought to LFS for the enjoyment of anyone and everyone, representing nearly every major era of Star Wars.

    This pack can also be ...
    [LFS] LAAT/i Republic Gunship
    Created by ϟLightning Boltϟ
    "Pilot! Land in that assembly area!"

    Provide transportation for your troops while also providing Gunship fire support!
    Vehicles as of now:
    • LAAT/i (Red, Bl
    Created by onexev
    [RDV] Library (v2)
    Created by |< Nicolas >|

    Mysqloo Configuration
    This Library uses the Mysql lib by Alex, if you wish to have all of my addons use Mysqloo instead of sqlite saving- follo...
    ShardHud Content
    Created by mana0303
    Content for Shardhud....
    Alt + Tab Labels
    Created by Bobblehead
    Labels appear over the heads of players whose Garry's Mod window does not have focus.

    You can change these labels with the following console commands:
    game_focus_esc <0|1> Whether to show the labels when players are in the escape menu as well.
    Battle Droid Combine Voice Replacement
    Created by AussiWozzi
    This addon is designed to replace all the voice clips from the Combine Soldier with Battledroid Voices/Noises for you SWRP fans. This is completly client-side so only those with this mod will hear the droid dialogue, meaning its friendly for any server!
    STAR WARS: General Grievous
    Created by AussiWozzi

    General Grievous
    Supreme Commander of the Droid Army, General Grievous was a cyborg Kaleesh Warrior who acted as the leader of the Separatist's Military forces. Grievous was considered to be a brutal and horrific warr...
    anzatis lightsaber pack 2
    Created by [SGN] anzati1
    What is this?
    Lightsaber hilts of course.
    These are lightsaber hilts I've been commissioned to make by ANYONE, these are 100% from scratch and there will be absolutely 0 meme hilts (unless commissioned obviously).

    How to use?
    The umbrel...
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