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Star Wars The Old Republic - Massive Prop Pack (278 PROPS!)
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Feb 2, 2017 @ 3:20pm
Feb 28, 2017 @ 10:46am
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Star Wars The Old Republic - Massive Prop Pack (278 PROPS!)

In 7 collections by bad boy
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Replacement 430k
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Jedi vs Sith 3.0
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Clone warts
48 items
LucasFilm and Disney for Star Wars
Models by EA/BioWare for Star Wars: The Old Republic
Ported by Syphadias

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You may use these on your server.
You may not reupload these for any reason.

This addon was privoded by Kraken Gaming
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Syphadias  [author] Jun 2 @ 10:28pm 
@Zombiefarm what addons conflicting then? There shouldn't be anything conflicting... I feel you all need to redownload GMod and the addons if youre having issues or turn off everything but the SWTOR Props and try just getting it to work from there and only add a few addons back on at a time till you figure it out... I have only Star Wars addons then some weather addons and it works perfectly fine for me... Another thing would be other servers content packs could have stolen these models and it will negate the models oddly... There is a reason we disallow reuploads.. Might need to contact Lord Tyler instead of me... I am only troubleshooting from what I know... I haven't touched this game in ages
Zombiefarm35 Jun 2 @ 8:47pm 
Right Right. However its simply not there. ive covered a bunch of stuff and other Admins on Synergy and they cant find it either
bad boy  [author] Jun 2 @ 3:03pm 
So close to 100k <3
Syphadias  [author] Jun 2 @ 1:23pm 
@Zombiefarm its under "Spawnlists", "Browse", "Addons", " ** SWTOR Props (373)" The ** should make it the VERY top Item... Hope this Helps
Zombiefarm35 Jun 2 @ 10:21am 
Im subbed but the items dont load into my spawn menu. Ive done everything to try and get it to work. I am getting word from other people on Synergy RP that they dont have it either even tho they are subbed. Please help so i can spread the word.
Syphadias  [author] May 5 @ 8:44pm 
@¤[Olivia "Sombra" Colomar]¤ It should be there, the Icons might be a little screwy if I recall... I don't have any of my addon files on my New computer, so I have no idea what I named it... Though all they were named similar to what SWTORs Game Files were(Not that that helps you) Sorry, but I am sure that it is there!
¤[SCP-1471-1]¤ May 4 @ 3:08pm 
I can't find the Republic guardtower in the spawn menu anywhere. Any ideas?
Riddick Feb 26 @ 12:47pm 
Any chance you'll recompile these with the $staticprop parameter?
Pulsar Nov 26, 2018 @ 7:51am 
can I use your props on the map?
Big Man Red Apr 2, 2018 @ 7:38am 
mmmmmm, thats the thing, i dont know which one it is out of my 660 or so currently installed mods, should i just uninstall everything or something else