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Simple ThirdPerson - Sliders & Fixes!
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Tags: Scenic, Realism
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Dec 25, 2013 @ 11:57am
Sep 20, 2016 @ 8:15am
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Simple ThirdPerson - Sliders & Fixes!

Its just a simple client side ThirdPerson.
Note, the playermodel is a PAC

Wanna help out? Check

If you Don't see yourself when in thirdperson, make sure there isn't an addon overwriting this one.
Known Addons :
- Make sure you disable sharpeye's thirdperson! It will overwrite this addon.

Its quite simple! Just press C (context menu) and click on the ThirdPerson icon.
Then just play with the Camera Settings =).

=== Toggles ===
simple_thirdperson_shoulder_toggle (Toggles ShoulderView On / Off) simple_thirdperson_enable_toggle (Toggles ThirdPerson On / Off) simple_thirdperson_crosshair_toggle (Toggles Default Crosshair On / Off) simple_thirdperson_custom_crosshair_toggle (Toggles Custom Crosshair On / Off)
=== Other ===
simple_thirdperson_enabled 0/1 (Enables / Disables Thirdperson) simple_thirdperson_smooth 0/1 (Enables / Disables Smoothing) simple_thirdperson_smooth_mult_x <number> simple_thirdperson_smooth_mult_y <number> simple_thirdperson_smooth_mult_z <number> simple_thirdperson_smooth_delay <number> (Smooth Delay) simple_thirdperson_collision 0/1 (Enables / Disables Camera Collision with Walls) simple_thirdperson_cam_distance <number> (Camera Distance) simple_thirdperson_cam_right <number> (Camera Right Offset) simple_thirdperson_cam_up <number> (Camera UP Offset) simple_thirdperson_cam_pitch <number> (Camera Pitch) simple_thirdperson_cam_yaw <number> (Camera Yaw) simple_thirdperson_shoulderview 0/1 (Enables / Disables ShoulderView) simple_thirdperson_shoulderview_bump 0/1 (Enables / Disables Shoulder Bump) simple_thirdperson_shoulderview_dist <number> (Shoulder Distance Offset) simple_thirdperson_shoulderview_up <number> simple_thirdperson_shoulderview_right <number> simple_thirdperson_fov_smooth (Enables / Disables FOV Smooth) simple_thirdperson_fov_smooth_mult <number> simple_thirdperson_hide_crosshair (Hides / Shows the default crosshair) simple_thirdperson_custom_crosshair (Enables / Disables the custom crosshair) simple_thirdperson_custom_crosshair_r <number (0-255)> simple_thirdperson_custom_crosshair_g <number (0-255)> simple_thirdperson_custom_crosshair_b <number (0-255)> simple_thirdperson_custom_crosshair_a <number (0-255)> simple_thirdperson_menu (Opens simple_thirdperson menu)

Server Convars
simple_thirdperson_maxdistance - Sets the max distance the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_maxpitch - Sets the max pitch the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_maxright - Sets the max right the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_maxyaw - Sets the max yaw the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_maxup - Sets the min up the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_mindistance - Sets the min distance the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_minpitch - Sets the min pitch the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_minright - Sets the min right the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_minyaw - Sets the min yaw the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_minup - Sets the min up the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_shoulder_maxdist - Sets the max shoulder distance the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_shoulder_mindist - Sets the min shoulder distance the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_shoulder_maxup - Sets the max shoulder up the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_shoulder_minup - Sets the min shoulder up the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_shoulder_maxright - Sets the max shoulder right the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_shoulder_minright - Sets the min shoulder right the player can go (0 = disabled) simple_thirdperson_forcecollide - Forces the player to use collide or not (0 = disabled,1 = on,2 = off) simple_thirdperson_forceshoulder - Forces the player to use shoulder view or not (0 = disabled,1 = on,2 = off) simple_thirdperson_forcesmooth - Forces the player to use smooth view or not (0 = disabled,1 = on,2 = off)
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FailCake xㅅO  [author] Apr 18 @ 1:58pm 
@LeadKiller thanks! Reported that mod :)
AvoxPaine Apr 18 @ 1:43pm 
C is the context menu. The third person menu is in the context menu in the top left. This is not Sandbox-Only.
iCreate Apr 18 @ 12:36pm 
Pressing C doesn't bring up any menu. Can the menu only be brought up in sandbox mode? Using the simple_thirdperson_menu command doesn't work either, but I can use simple_thirdperson_enable_toggle
jmchioramital Apr 13 @ 4:49pm 
agora sim
Golden Terrabyte Apr 11 @ 3:06pm 
Is there a way for this mod to behave like the thirdperson_platformer command mode?
AvoxPaine Apr 4 @ 12:38pm 
@AngryShark Click "Disable default crosshair."
I really don't see how everyone has so many issues with this.
I've never encountered a bug with this in my 4 years of using it.
AngryShark Apr 4 @ 7:35am 
Great. Only problem is that default crosshair doesnt disapear.
[HTS] Thy Poker Apr 2 @ 1:55pm 
It now dosent work for me anymore it wont even pop up or allow me to do commands. Please help
RobloxPewdie pie Mar 25 @ 8:20am 
it doesn't work. I still have the first person model! So I can't see my body.