FailCake xㅅO
Caw? :greatwhite: Lily :dappershark: Ely
Haio! I'm a Programmer!
Currently developing waywo [] and Alyx Story []
Thanks [LapFox]Elysian for the previous avatar :o!

I am okay. I am still a Cake. Who is okay. I am busy doing safe things that are supervised by a responsible safety associate.
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Welcome to maahh profileeee
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Who am i? And what do i do!
Hello there unknown human!
My name is failcake , but you can just call me cake.. or fail
Im also known for having weird funny and random ideas! Quite creative, i guess :3

You may or not have heard of me on garrysmod, i've made a few crazy expression2's there! And i love garrysmod :D

Currently im developing a mod called HL2 : Alyx Story [] and a website WAYWO []!

You can follow me on my Youtube Page
Feel free to leave a comment!

Friend Requests

I do not accept private profiles invitations. Unless given a reason on the comment section.
Also if you do add me for trading or for workshop/coding help, i wont accept . Im a friend, not a coding btch.


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[GL] Bidoof Aug 14 @ 6:39pm 
Nice simple TP mod
The best cake!
twentysix Jul 11 @ 7:30pm 
saying hi just to say hi
[LapFox]Elysian Jul 8 @ 5:34pm 
CawCake! <:0
T H I N N Jul 4 @ 7:01am 
yo i srsly need your help, your mod the simple thirdperson mod is in most of the servers that i play and the settings dont change for me everytime i change a setting like for example disabling 3rd person it doesnt do anything.
Allu Jun 18 @ 4:13am 
Why am i stuck in shoulder view