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Garry's Mod

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(G)mod(A)dmin(S)uite or GAS is a set of admin utilities that work on top of admin mods such as ULX or SAM to provide a better experience for server owners and administrators.

> Builtin Features
GAS comes with many useful features that will help any servers administration regardless.
  • FPS Booster
  • Custom Command Manager
  • Player Database
  • Global Secondary Usergroups

> Premium Modules
Most of the power that GAS holds comes from its premium modules, which includes BLogs and BWhitelist which can be found here[]

> Frequently Asked Questions
These are some questions we commonly get about GmodAdminSuite and its associated addons and projects.

I'm getting an error that says there's a failure with the DRM
This is usually because you have failed to install Xeon[] properly. Try the following.
  1. Reinstall the DRM (Remember to create lua/bin/ if it doesn't exist)
  2. Make sure the name of the DLL has no spaces or other oddities.
  3. Ensure you have the xeon-drm/ folder in your addons/
  4. Validate that your GSLT Token is correct

What languages does GAS currently support?
As of right now for GmodAdminSuite we have translations for
  • English
  • French
This is only for GmodAdminSuite directly and not premium modules, those tend to support more. Feel free to make a support ticket if you would like to translate GAS for another language!

What is OpenPermissions
OpenPermissions is the Open Source permission management system used by GAS and all its premium modules. It provides a way of giving permissions to certain jobs, usergroups, ect while providing an addon-agnostic UI for end users. OpenPermissions comes with GAS, do not install it externally unless other addons rely on it and you are not using GmodAdminSuite.

Is there a wiki?
There is no wiki currently for GmodAdminSuite, however you are free to download the addon, extract it and play around with it yourself. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the Support Discord or make a ticket.

> Cant find the answer to your question?
You can join the Support Discord by clicking the GmodAdminSuite logo at the top of the description. This should send you to the Physgun Discord which we have partnered with to give you the best support possible.

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Mar 5, 2022 @ 4:42pm
Aug 30, 2021 @ 12:02am
Help please
Jan 12, 2022 @ 12:46pm
GmodAdminSuite Menu won't open either respond
< >
Must  [author] 11 hours ago 
check your server console
Offizier 17 hours ago 
Hey i have some issues with BWhitelist.. It shows no errors or nothing but when i want to whitelist for a job its stuck on a loading screen.
Must  [author] Nov 5 @ 7:29pm 
!gas in chat or gmodadminsuite in console
Belka Nov 5 @ 6:38pm 
Hello, how open the addon?
Must  [author] Oct 29 @ 1:43pm 
You installed something wrong, reread the instructions.
Monarche Oct 28 @ 4:49pm 
[gmodadminsuite-logging-2.4.8] addons/gmodadminsuite-logging-2.4.8/lua/vgui/gas_logging_entity_display.lua:410: attempt to index global 'GAS' (a nil value)
1. unknown - addons/gmodadminsuite-logging-2.4.8/lua/vgui/gas_logging_entity_display.lua:410

Not too sure what's the issue at the moment but just trying to get the basics set up for blogs and getting this error.
Must  [author] Sep 26 @ 4:01pm 
youre gonna have to be more specific, are you talking about the FPS booster?
airboat enthusiast Sep 26 @ 2:05pm 
I have myself set as a superadmin on my amazing server, BFC Propaganda Server, but when I join the menu doesn't pop up, it used to, but now it doesn't.
are there any common problems that I don't know about?
Irrelevant Sep 20 @ 7:14pm 
What was the fix?
Must  [author] Sep 9 @ 5:50am 
all good :)