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Garry's Mod

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Oct 25, 2012 @ 8:41pm
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Gives you the ability to personalize your player model's look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from putting just a hat on your head to creating an entire new player model. PAC can also work on vehicles or props.

You can wear your outfit on any server with PAC3 and everyone should be able to see it on you as long as they have the content you used. If you're using content from Episode 2 (which very few people have mounted) You can also load custom models (.obj) and textures (jpg and png) from URL.

By default, PAC3 is in basic mode. You can change this by going to options > enable advanced mode.

You should visit the wiki[] if you're confused on how to use it.

If you're interested in the latest version you can find it here

or for svn clients

The git version is updated more often than the workshop version is, but may be unstable.



Before asking on how to do X please check if it's covered in the FAQs first!

If you're completely new to PAC check out the Beginners FAQ[]

If you know the basics check out the Intermediate FAQ[]

If you think you have found a bug in pac3 please report it on github[]
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Aug 8 @ 1:55am
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please add a toggle option to button event. it would make pac's so much easyer
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When I go to move a hat it just spazzes about my screen.
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every time i try to edit my skin, IT DOSENT OPEN AND IT CREATES ERRORS!!!! plz answer this :(
The Jumpscare Mansion Sep 2 @ 11:21am 
when ever i play a sound, my whole sound cuts off, is this a bug?
aaronwhite95 Aug 31 @ 10:51pm 
I think it stands for "Playermodel Apperance Changer"
Kill zone Aug 28 @ 1:14am 
Hello, I've come across a issue. I can't see the models unless I wield the camera, is there a way to fix this. I've looked at quite a few guides and haven't found a answer. I'd appreciate if you'd be able to answer my question.
teammccann6 Aug 26 @ 1:45pm 
My guess: Playermodel Accurate Cosmetics