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Hit Numbers
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Nov 30, 2012 @ 3:19am
Oct 16, 2015 @ 2:02pm
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Hit Numbers

Adds damage indicators whenever you hurt something.
This is a serverside (or singleplayer) addon. The server must have this addon installed in order to work in multiplayer.

Console Commands:

Click here for a full list of commands and settings to customize the indicators![]

Are the Hit Numbers too obnoxious or in the way?

Try some of these tips to fine-tune them:

- Use sv_hitnums_scale to modify the size of the indicators.
- Set sv_hitnums_alpha to a low number, like 0.3 - 0.5 so you can see through them easier.
- Include sv_hitnums_font_additive 1 in your server's server.cfg file to enable additive[] rendering.

ATTN: Server Admins and/or Developers:

I have uploaded the code to GitHub. You may freely modify for your own needs and addons.
However, this does NOT mean you can republish this (original) addon.
Please credit the original author of this addon by linking back to this page. Thank you.

See repository and more details here:

Help! It's not working!!!

Here are some considerations and things you can do to try to fix it:

- Check the console for errors related to Hit Numbers. Post the error in the comments along with what you were doing to cause the error.

- If you're in singleplayer or the server owner, make sure the console command sv_hitnums_enable is set to 1.

- Disable all other addons except for Hit Numbers. If it's working as intended, another addon or addons (probably poorly written) is causing a conflict. You can then start re-enabling chunks of addons at a time, until it stops working again and you can pinpoint the offending addon.

- "It's only working with some guns!" Hit Numbers only listens for damage using standard Source engine methods (via GM:EntityTakeDamage). Some addons do not report damage in this way and sometimes implement their own method of applying damage to a character or entity. This means that Hit Numbers does not have a proper way of showing that damage!

- Please explain in detail what is happening in the comments. Be descriptive. Only saying "It's not working." is too vague and unhelpful, and I will likely not reply.
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MercyLOL Jun 30 @ 1:21am 
your welcome for your award tho b <3
Genericusername49 May 11 @ 3:02pm 
any chance you could make this compatible with VFire? The damage numbers aren't showing up
☆ief~黒†n8こ☆  [author] May 2 @ 7:11pm
sv_hitnums_color_generic RRGGBB Colour for generic/bullet damage. (Default is FFE6D2) white
sv_hitnums_color_critical RRGGBB Colour for critical damage. (Default is FF2828) red
sv_hitnums_color_fire RRGGBB Colour for fire/burning damage. (Default is FF7800) orange
sv_hitnums_color_explosion RRGGBB Colour for explosion damage. (Default is F0F032) yellow
sv_hitnums_color_acid RRGGBB Colour for acidic/poison/toxic damage. (Default is 8CFF4B) green
sv_hitnums_color_electric RRGGBB Colour for electric/shock damage. (Default is 64A0FF) blue
BennyLava May 2 @ 5:48pm 
what are all the colours for?
mon (abar) Apr 26 @ 1:02pm 
this addon is working but I cant disable it and I want it off its like a ghost addon do you know how to fix but it is working. so this happened when I joined a server then left and went in a single player game the hit numbers appeared along with more addons (like one that distorts your screen when you die)appeared and I cant remove it do you know how to fix
R λ t Mar 30 @ 10:05pm 
Yeah, that. That's what i tried to say but poorly lol.
☆ief~黒†n8こ☆  [author] Mar 30 @ 9:54pm 
@Undercooked, delete the settings.txt file in the folder "steamapps\common\garrysmod\garrysmod\data\hitnumbers". next time you launch a game it will recreate a default settings file in its place
R λ t Mar 30 @ 8:21pm 

If you're still using the same workshop cache as before, then yeah the settings will be the same. You might need to clear your cache and start over. Other addon's settings will be affected though.
Undercooked Mar 30 @ 5:02pm 
A while ago, I'd say a year or so, I downloaded this mod and unfortunately butchered the settings to the point where the hit numbers were literally unreadable. I recently re-downloaded it, and the settings I made a while back were still in effect. If there is any way to reset the numbers back to default, please let me know. Thanks!
Dr. Coomer Clone #75 Mar 19 @ 7:18pm 
im going play this with the borderlands 1 hud