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Media Player
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Media Player

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Watch videos or listen to music with friends in Sandbox—based on the Cinema gamemode.

How to fix this mod (HTML5)

⚠️ GMod developers are working on a fix, this can't be fixed by the mod author! ⚠️

This addon no longer works on the default version of Garry's Mod. To fix this, you need to switch to the 'x86-64' branch of GMod (Note: this branch is under active development and may cause your game to crash). Read the guide for switching to the 'dev' branch on the wiki[], but remember to choose 'x86-64' instead.

As for why this mod broke, YouTube has stopped supporting old video encodings which GMod relied on. The GMod devs are working on a fix by updating the game to use Chromium/CEF. You can follow progress in the #next-update channel of the GMod Discord.[]

Nothing happens when I request a video

Yup. Y'all are using this addon too much and hitting YouTube's daily quota of 150,000 API requests. I'm not willing to pay to meet this demand. For now, you can use the addon earlier in the day until the quota is reached.

Alternative: Metastream (not compatible with Garry's Mod)

I'm working on a new web application, called Metastream, which provides similar features to this mod and supports more websites to synchronize. Try it out if you're interested.

1. Spawn the Big Screen TV from the spawn menu ('Entities' tab > 'Media Player' category).
2. Press use (E) on the TV to turn it on.
3. Hold C while looking at the TV to reveal the media queue.
4. Press the 'Add Media' button.
5. Navigate to a supported media page and press the 'Request URL' button.
6. Watch!

Console Variables
mediaplayer_3daudio 0/1
mediaplayer_allow_webpages 0/1
mediaplayer_fullscreen 0/1
mediaplayer_mute_unfocused 0/1
mediaplayer_volume 0.0-1.0


Q: Can the ads be closed on YouTube?
A: Yes. While in Sandbox, hold C to reveal the mouse cursor. Then simply click the 'x' on the ad that appears on the media player screen.

Q: How do I adjust the screen brightness?
A: If the screen is too bright, it's likely caused by either bloom or HDR. Try disabling Bloom in the video options menu.

Q: Can I play local files from my hard drive?
A: Audio files are supported, but other players won't be able to hear them. You can request the full file path using the "Request a supported URL" text box (e.g. C:/Music/filename.mp3). Files with unicode characters are not supported due to a GMod bug.

Q: How do I request a website to be shown on the media player?
A: Enter the following command into the console (must be the server host) to allow any URL to be requested: mediaplayer_allow_webpages 1

Q: Why do I only see a white screen on the media player?
A: I've been told this is due to running the game in DirectX 8 mode. Try setting the DirectX level to 9 by opening the console and typing "mat_dxlevel 90"

Q: Why can't I use this addon after it updated?
A: Garry's Mod can occassionally corrupt Steam Workshop downloads. Please try toggling the addon subscription. You can also try deleting your \GarrysMod\garrysmod\cache folder and media_player_546392647.gma from your \GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons folder. Make sure to also restart your game or server.

Source Code[]
Brief Developer Getting Started Guide[]
Servers using the Media Player addon[]
Another p cool media player addon
Sick rollercoaster addon

Additional Credits
Clopsy for design of the playback menu.
MacDGuy for the Big Screen TV model.

Here's the old description that used to be here[]

Before you go, have you read the description yet?

The description might answer the question you're about to post in the comments.

You're sure you read it, right? The description at the top of the page? You read the bit about changing branches to fix videos not appearing?

Well okay then, here you go, the comment box will be coming up. It's a good thing you read the description, your question must not have been documented!

In case you missed it, just remember to read the description first, okay?

Thank you for reading the description! Now here's that comment box you were looking for.
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Tom_Green May 29 @ 10:09am 
twitch isn't working on this addon? i have chroium version too, it says process denied or something like that :gordon:
archthearchvile May 27 @ 9:10pm 
B17zack May 25 @ 1:37pm 
oof rip im glad i don't have that garbage firewall
Spoodz May 25 @ 1:14pm 
For some reason my NETGEAR Firewall blocks Youtube on media player
B17zack May 23 @ 6:10pm 
yep you're right about that triforce
capel86 May 23 @ 6:06pm 
let it use google
Bill Nye May 22 @ 1:33pm 
Great addon. Soundcloud works perfectly without the chromium patch. Unfortunately, the chromium patch is required for youtube to work.
triforce7878 May 21 @ 9:24pm 
I have no idea why you would try to play roblox on something that is clearly called a "media player"
B17zack May 20 @ 10:41pm 
that shit is way to funny
B17zack May 20 @ 10:40pm 
why would you try to play roblox with it? lmao im dead 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣