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Lua Rollercoasters
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Oct 24, 2012 @ 3:22pm
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Lua Rollercoasters

This is a fully lua-controlled rollercoaster addon. You create individual nodes, and a track (with the catmull-rom spline algorithm) is generated between them.

Facepunch thread:
The map in the video is gm_shadypeak
This also goes well with this map!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: My tracks are all yellow and black, they look nothing like the pictures. What gives?
A: You need to update your clientside mesh. This can be done in the bottom of the supertool (the big update mesh button) or by running 'coaster_update_mesh' in your developer console.

Q: What's this whole 'Track ID' system? What's it for?
A: Every track you build has a specific ID associated with it. All nodes under the same track id are part of that entire coaster. This makes it easier to manage completely seperate coasters. Also, this let's you make carts go 'off da railz' onto another seperate track.

Q: When I save my tracks garry's in-game saver, my rollercoaster won't save with it!
A: Garry's save module doesn't save Entity networkvars correctly (or at all), which is crucial for the order in which the nodes are linked. Until he fixes that or makes it easier for someone to make do with it, you'll need to use the saving tab in the Supertool.

Q: How do I get my tracks to look wooden (or something else)?
A: In the Supertool, go to the furthest right tab, labeled settings. In this tab is a track type drop down list, showing Metal Track, Wooden, Simple, and (maybe!) a few others. Select which track type you want, click on your track, and rebuild the mesh. Tada!

Q: How do I vomit/scream?
A: While in a cart, press left click on your mouse to scream, and right click to vomit. Set coaster_cart_cooldown 0 on the server to remove the 'cooldown' between vomiting and screaming.

Q: I really want to contribute to the rollercoaster, or just see how certain things work. Is there an online repository I can access or upload to?
A: Yes! The entire addon is available on GitHub[], allowing you to fork it, edit it, and I can add your additions to the main addon.
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How do you raise a track segment you placed at the begining of the track.
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and cant make other roller coaster like the wooden ones i already read the thing that u said but i stil dont get it
SUSHI!! Aug 14 @ 10:41am 
whats a super tool
Balto Aug 7 @ 5:00am 
I will make a quick YouTube video on it and put a link in this thread.
Balto Aug 7 @ 4:59am 
I don't have a good pc, I'm broke and I got the laptop from my friend and it is old. It is a 2007-08 Toshiba laptop that originally ran Windows Vista Home Premium and I had my friend put Ubuntu Linux 14.04 on it and it seems to work fine but this one mod doesn't want to work
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Can You please tell me how to colour nodes ?????
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Check out my vids Help me
leviM249 Aug 3 @ 10:16pm 
v *where balto commented* do you have a good pc maybe? (theres always bug report =p and other stuff*
RubenSoetens Aug 3 @ 4:42pm 
This + The Aperture should be the top mods of the workshop!
Balto Aug 3 @ 6:44am 
no I try to spawn a piece of track and it crashes gmod and puts me on steam and the game has to be reopened