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[LemonBoi]Bilbo Aug 13 @ 8:04am 
hi sam! i just want to let you now im having a html5 error is that normal ?
Daniel Orivaldo da Silva Aug 11 @ 6:11pm 
so sexy
Kuqih Aug 11 @ 1:20am 
Any way to restrict the SENTs from classes? When I do this, They're unable to spawn in Big Screen TV, but the other 2 can be spawned in. Any way to prevent this?
Sam Aug 4 @ 2:00pm 
@play the freaking objective: I've added a question to the top of the FAQ in the Media Player description.
Hey can u pls fix the problem with Media players?I cant watch YouTube videos because of html5 error
Sam Jul 30 @ 9:56pm 
@Pretty Rick @Humpy the Horse: Sorry, neither of those will work. Garry's Mod uses an old, incompatible browser.