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Located in Sheffield, England. My favourite games are RPGs, FPSes and Turn Based Strategy games, but as you will see from my played games list, I can find enjoyment in a wide variety of genres.

I also like to review most games I play on Steam. I want to support games that I've enjoyed by trying to influence other players to buy those games. I want to reward those developers, and hopefully see more of my favourite games in the future. If you've found your way to my profile page, feel free to browse my reviews, and leave a comment, even if you don't agree with my opinion. :LIS_butterfly:

I'm also a huge fan of Arsenal and Denver Broncos.
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gabe May 30 @ 2:27pm 
It's such a shame that everyone ♥♥♥♥ on Wenger for so long and once you all switched up managerial leadership you've only gone downhill... and yes your signings are mid at best
A7PHA May 28 @ 9:30am 
yea, not much has changed, but I think Arteta should not be sacked, I think he has the ability to prove that he is quality manager after all, its just the timing and nature that let him down a bit, he wasn't prepared for such a rough ride, lets just hope arsenal can do a good transfer business for the next season.
G00N3R May 27 @ 11:40pm 
Well we still need to sign better players and we still don't have much money, so its still pretty accurate. :rfacepalm:
gabe May 27 @ 4:10pm 
these comments about arsenal haven't aged very well
Ul.XacaH~ Dec 31, 2019 @ 3:42pm 
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A7PHA Jun 24, 2019 @ 10:22am 
yep .... but cant believe that we just have 45 mil to spend ... unai should do somthing to get in some good players .... Im worried that we look like some kind of a newly promoted side who spends cheap ...we are a big club but we cant afford to get in quality players is a shame !