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General Information
Index of Contents
1. General Info
2. Review Community Roles
3. Frequently Asked Questions
4. Hardware Specifications

I am not collaborating with any other organization concerning games / reviews except those listed in Section 2. of this info box (Last Updated: 26 OCT 2022). If someone claims otherwise, consider that as false information.

1. General Info
Reviewing since 2011, Gaming since 1999.

Playing games to full completion and then reviewing each is my hobby, passion and obsession all rolled into one package. Why? Not for money, fame, prestige - just because I like to. Life is too short to spend it doing things we don't enjoy. Simple as that.

Low playtime in last 2 weeks = probably playing something outside of Steam

A. If you add me, I will message you and ask why you did so. Failure to reply within 48 hours will result in removal.

B. I will generally NOT accept people with:

• VAC Ban,
• Game Ban,
• Trade Ban,
• Fully private profiles,
• Level 0,
• Profile not fully set up,
• Allegation to malicious organizations,
• Any other circumstance I deem inappropriate.

C. Repeatedly commenting on my material or messaging me with stuff such as: "please rate my screenshot!" "please like my guide!" or copy-paste messages like "have a wonderful weekend!" "have a good Christmas!", ASCII Art, Emoticons and similar, might result in removal and block, if it gets annoying enough.

2. Steam Review Community Roles:
My primary goal is, ultimately, to spread well-made, proper reviews to as many people as possible - while keeping ethics intact in doing so. My knowledge is at disposal of all that stay true to the ethics of reviewing, and show true commitment in their endeavors.

Management / Administration:
• Founder & Director of Summit Reviews
• Manager of the Steam Reviewers' Guild
• Admin at Imperial Reviews

Writing reviews for:
Summit Reviews
Turn Based Tactics (TBT)
Imperial Reviews
Indie Hive [indie-hive.com]

3. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: "Is writing reviews your job? Do you get paid for them?"
A: No it's not. I get free review keys sometimes, but nothing else. I don't get paid for my reviews.

Q: "Why aren't you writing for some professional review website?"
A: I have my reasons.

Q: "Can you suggest me some new games to buy?"
A: Sure. Add me.

Q: "Can you give me your opinion about a Review I made?"
A: Sure. Add me.

Q: "Can you trade-"
A: I don't trade. Not interested.

4. Hardware Specifications
Main PC (Custom Build)
• AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (Liquid Cooled)
• ADATA 32GB RAM DDR4 3200mhz
• MSI RTX 2080Ti 11GB
• 1024 GB (1TB) Samsung 970 PRO NvME SSD
• 1024 GB (1TB) Samsung 860 EVO NvME SSD
• Corsair 850W Power Supply Unit

Backup PC (HP 240 G8)
• Intel i5 1035G1
• HP 8GB RAM DDR4 2400mhz
• Intel UHD G1 GPU
• 240GB SSD

Accessories / Peripherals
• Monitor: Asus PG278QR 1440p 165Hz
• Headset: Logitech G633 (Cabled)
• Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei 310 (Cabled)
• Keyboard: Corsair K70 Mk.2 MX RED (Cabled)
• Mousepad: SteelSeries QCK
• Gamepad: Logitech F310 (Cabled)
Thoughts, Digressions & Random Writings (Originals) (FULL)

It dazes me to see just how many people have their minds work like the airtight compartments of a submarine or spaceship... especially on the matters concerning ideologies. First of all, they rarely form their own convictions, but rather they consider the existing thought currents and align themselves with one they feel more affinity with. As a baseline this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does become one when people completely align themselves with what their chosen 'doctrine' says, not taking into consideration its individual tenets anymore, but only the 'whole package' so-to-speak, in order to find sense of belonging. Most of the time it's 'the whole deal or no deal' for such individuals.

To put it into more down-to-earth terms: if you're a Muslim then should you consider any but the People of The Book as heretics or enemies, or else be a 'bad' Muslim? If you're a Republican, should you consider immigration as an issue to counter, or else be a 'bad' Republican? Perhaps in your own conscience you find some of your chosen doctrine's tenets to be unreasonable or disagreeable with, many do have this sentiment actually, but also the majority still abides to the canons anyway in fear of retaliation from their peers or simply because it's an act of coherence.

I'd argue it's much more coherent to be true to the ideological sentiment that steams from our own personal convictions, rather than conforming to the preset ideologies someone else already laid the foundations for. You can pick elements you like of an ideology, a philosophy, a religion or a political movement and use them as a tenet for yourself, while also discarding those you deem against your conscience. It's up to each of us to determine our personal moral and etchical compass, which should stem from genuine intention, rather than adequation.


[...] I try to think that way. Most of the time we will never know. It's indeed true that some actions we don't realize the importance of, do influence others in major ways. However, most of the time this doesn't come as a realization. And this realization should not be the primary driving force upon which such genuinely good-intentioned actions are started either. What is right should be the only reason for such acts.

Yet so many revel in their own ego built upon the influence they have or had. Miserable.


I sometimes wish I was a simpler kind of man. So many, especially in this day and age of materialistic glorification, revel in the simple act of acquiring goods and services. Apparently, they need only such a meaningless act to be content with their lives - contempt they of course, can't discern from actual happiness, which is far harder to grasp as a concept... let alone acquire. Yet ultimately they are the best adaptation to the current state of things, the most effective and efficient way to cope with the inherent misery of existence. Those who see through the pettiness of such a process are cursed by the endless pursuit of abstractions no money can buy, and no status can grant. Few achieve them, the rest spend entire lives chasing chimeras.


A devout man that acts good-heartedly in fear of God's judgment, karmic justice or whatever other belief they may have, will be called righteous by most. A man that acts in the same way nonetheless, despite reaching the conclusion that no such forces exist to govern our destiny... that is whom we should truly call 'a righteous man'.


Since the past can never be undone, we resort to the coping mechanism of raising our offspring so that they may not make our same mistakes. Millennia have passed since we as a species adopted this system, and yet there isn't a day where we fail to surpass ourselves... as far as stupidity, greed and evil are concerned. Not only have we failed as a species, we also have failed as example. Animals have the excuse of being driven by instinct over reason, at least. What excuse do we have?


I think people's stories enrich our own, as they give us perspective.


Psychology assumes the infinite fractals of human minds can be standardized in manuals and books. It's a completely failed concept at its foundation. What is valid for one may be not for another, as the same issues may stem from different backgrounds or events, thus being the same - and not the same at all - at the same time. You cannot standardize the nature of humanity in a finite volume, as that's an infinite book with infinite pages.


Humans are truly a stupid race.

We attach ourselves to as many people as we can emotionally and eventually, sentimentally. WIth the knowledge we will eventually, most probably, lose them all to the whimsical natures of life, love and sheer randomness.

Even if we know, we keep doing it to savor the fleeting periods of happiness between tragedy, which composes most of our lives - but alas makes those periods of solace all the more brilliant by contrast.

This is simply inefficient.


Some answer to God, some to the self-made tribunal of common consensus. Others answer to guidelines they have been thought and not elaborated themselves.

All of them, in my opinion, are ultimately a waste of ego. The only real person we have to answer for our actions, is ourselves. Our choices are the only real valuable currency we possess in this life, so why are we not spending them well?


The teachings of life cannot be learned in books, nor can be bought with millions of coins.


I will state here and now that, despite being the dominant species of this orbiting ball of space dust, we are indeed the worst of them all. There's one simple reason as to why animals are better than humans, and that would be the motive behind their actions.

The creatures we often consider inferior because incapable of higher sentience on par with ours, have instinct and genome-derived pre-programming that directs each and every move they make. Conversely we, self-proclaimed 'peak of evolution', are driven by elaborate thoughts - from which concepts like betrayal, hidden ends, concealed motives all stem from.
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This guide covers the practical, theoretical and ethical aspects of game reviewing. It's not aimed to Steam reviews in particular, but instead to a broader target that encompasses written reviews of all sorts. I hope it will be useful to people that would
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69 Hours played
In-depth analysis further down.

🟩 Pros
🟥 Cons
- Enormous map filled to the brim with secondary locations, lore and secrets; it proves compelling and interesting to explore at all times.

- Superb base-building and management systems, each with an impressive level of polishing, ease of use and quality-of-life features.

- Excellent variety of weapons, accessories, tools and item sets that cater to a wide array of specialized character builds.

- Engaging combat system that not only has a surprising level of depth for this genre, but also emphasizes gear level and player skill in a balanced way.

- Well-designed progression system that encourages thorough exploration and feels rewarding with every new discovery.

- High variety of enemies, most of which have unique behaviors, attack patterns, abilities and weaknesses to research and exploit.
- Lack of proper guidance / hints to discover both main and side content in some cases, the latter being especially obscure at times.

- Balance issues in late-game phases: most weapons (except 2-handed) prove underpowered or gimmicky against high tier foes.

🟨 Bugs & Issues
🔧 Specs
- Lobbies need to be closed and re-done each time to load a save in multiplayer.
- A few enemy attacks have an oversized hitbox or may hit without an animation.
- Rarely, voice-lines may repeat multiple times in a row.
- 3900X
- 2080Ti
- 32GB RAM
- 1440p

Content & Replay Value:
It took me, alongside a friend, around 70 hours to complete Grounded on the Standard difficulty, taking extra time to explore the map thoroughly, clear all locations, build a complete base and defeat all the bosses we could find. There isn’t really a point in replaying once finished, as the content will be the same.
Is it worth buying?
Absolutely. The standard price of 40€ is more than fair for this content amount and excellent quality, even without any discount.
Verdict: Excellent
Rating Chart Here
Without a doubt, one of the best and brightest entries in the open-world survival genre. Obsidian got back on track and delivered once again.

Follow our Curator page, Summit Reviews, to see more high-quality reviews regularly.


Setting & Writing
After Dr. Wendell Tully discovers a technology that allows resizing people to minute scale, an experiment goes wrong and four teenagers become reduced to insect-size. Grounded is entirely set in a garden backyard, that from your newfound perspective is an expansive grass-bladed jungle filled with once-cute insects, now acting as mortal predators. The level of detail is remarkable with each environment, be it a labyrinthine anthill, the dark depths of a fish pond or a secret, half-wrecked laboratory all crafted with minute attention to detail.

The story clearly isn’t the main focus, and is narrated in a generally-goofy way that however has its more serious or dramatic moments. Between fully-voiced dialogues and dozens of lore entries in the form of files, recordings and data, you’ll put the pieces together and discover many interesting insights not only on the events but also the locations and bizarre places present in the Backyard.

Exploration & Survival
The world is nothing short of massive and is mainly divided in upper and lower backyard, plus a whole series of standalone dungeons be them main-quest related or secondary. You’ll be able to go as you please, although multiple areas will need specialized equipment to make passage feasible, or will simply have too powerful foes for a long time. Between free building, parkour options and several traversal tools like dandelion tufts or ladders, you’ll have many options on how to reach the next unexplored area. All points of interest will be permanently marked on your map, and custom markers are there too for keeping track of places.

Hunger and thirst will be your main concerns, both entirely manageable and, while a constant concern, never frustrating or annoying, but instead well-balanced, especially when you learn all the sources and tricks to get the most out of your surroundings, like kicking water drops out of grass blades. In case of death, you’ll respawn at your bed, lose all the inventory except armor and a few other things, but you’ll recover everything if you go back where you died. Items like Molars act as upgrade points when found: you can spend them in the Lab, once unlocked, to improve your character’s stats and learn powerful passive advantages.


Crafting & Base Building
The system in place to handle progression and research is quite unique. As you find new materials from natural sources, killed enemies and so on, you’ll be able to use one of the several Research Stations around the map to analyze them, gaining insight on what you can build with them and also Raw Science points - used to buy even more recipes and perks from the trader once unlocked. Raw Science may also be found in the world, gained from quests and from some special defense event zones. For the rest, crafting is handed as any other survival game, using specialized workbenches to craft certain resources.

Weapons and armors may also be enhanced up to +8, using rarer materials to increase attack, defense and passive perks in the process. Performing specific actions many times like mining, killing specific enemy categories and so on will unlock Mutations that can be freely enabled on the go to give passive advantages, for instance Ant-Nihilator gives bonus damage against ants, to name one.

Bases can be built almost anywhere, with a powerful yet easy-to-use system that allows complex architectures if one wants to. Better get fortified though, as enemies act as factions that will get progressively angry as you inevitably face them in battle while exploring, and attack your base with the intent of destroying it from time to time. A whole array of defenses can be built to help you, like mines, spikes, turrets and more.

Combat System & Bosses
The combat plays out mainly in melee, though ranged options and even magic exist, later on. All enemies have repeated attack patterns you should learn to attack and block at the right times, with perfect parrying being the highlight that, when mastered, can stagger any foe. Manage your stamina wisely and make sure to analyze each enemy’s data card, unlocked by spotting them, to learn their weaknesses and resistances to the many types of damage, and bring the appropriate tool for the job.

Boss fights are challenging and really feel like endeavors that require the best gear available at that point, and the right strategy to beat. Some optional bosses, very obscure to locate, will truly challenge even combat veterans, and award unique materials and items as a reward.


Quests & Secondary Activities
Quests are given by the various terminals in the world, tasking you with scouting places, killing specific enemies or crafting certain items in exchange for Raw Science. The main and side missions may also unlock new recipes, so they are definitely worth doing. Other activities include MIXR defenses, high-stakes sieges against huge hordes of enemies, in return for unique perks and tons of raw science, and also optional or secret dungeons that usually host hidden recipes or unique items.
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135 hours. DOMINATING difficulty run (+ DLC) completed. It is finally done. What a ride this was.
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