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July 9, 2013
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An expo featuring Screenshots
Back in 2019 I was hanging around in a video game research lab (yes, that's a thing). There, people from the nearby university study and document video games as a cultural phenomenon, giving lectures, writing essais and gathering knowledge (among other things). And every first Friday of each month they would host small gaming events for the community.

So one Friday evening, I was casually chatting with the person in charge, telling him that these days, my activity in video game is rather exclusively centered around screenshotting rather than actually playing them. I wound up explaining the basics of in-game captures (ReShade, Hotsampling, the no Photoshopping doctrine, custom AR and so on) and finally of course, showing him pieces off my Flickr gallery.

He looked at it and instantly seemed struck — it was the first time he'd see such kind of work. Then, without a word for me he simply turned to his colleague, telling her "Look at this, I think we got our next exhibition"... this is how it all begun.
— To be honest, I didn't take it very seriously at the time, I had no idea one of their mission was also to promote culture around Vg.

However, nearly two years later here we are.
Despite being delayed twice, the pandemics and multiple lockdown, it's happening, in fact it has already begun. A Screenshot expo with in-game photographs printed and shown in an actual gallery.
Links to pics of the result are available at the bottom

A lot had to happen in between, the team involving up to six people from different entities and myself poured long hours of hard work into it. And even if it's a small event, it exists.

I'm deeply grateful I was given such opportuny not because it makes me proud but more because of what it means for Screenshot: recognition. It is important to me and to all of us I think.

I hope the same will happen more and more to others among us (and surely has already happened).
That soon (hopefully before I age old and senile) Screenshot will become something more, recognized and valued.

Quick facts:
  • 23 screenshots made it to the final curation and got printed (covering 14 games)
  • among these, two are "lent" by my friends and admin here @BSL Meep and Stephanie
  • the theme is female protagonists (basic and works well)
  • prints were made on Dibond aluminium and classic Ilford paper
  • each shot is fully legended and documented (tools, techniques, etc) like this (FR)[]
  • it was financed with public fund for culture, overall print cost reached 3K€
  • no admission fee, it's totally free
  • various sizes and ratios displayed, the smallest ones are 60x45cm and the largest are 100x75cm (100cm [metric] = 40 inches)
  • the highest resolution shot tops at 61 Megapixels (Hellblade)
  • the expo is located in a downtown gallery in Liege, Belgium from the 4th to the 27th of May
  • a second smaller expo is already scheduled for July and August
  • several extra events are taking place along with the expo - IRL screenshot workshop, roundtable discussions on Twitch, Facebook live introduction
  • so far, the person in charge of PR obtained six interviews with local media - radio, paper and two televisions - one of which is already available here[] - although it's in French as it's the language we speak in this region of Belgium :)

  • @rate4rate folks: a physical print never includes a fave action or a like counter and it's for the best! ;-)

    the installation:
    the result:
    If you have an eye for that sort of things, here's a close-up of one the print hinting the quality:

    To those interested in such endeavour
    starting by printing a first set of your favorite works on smaller common sizes (traditional photograph) is a good first step. Seeing your shots physically, "in the real world" will tremendously change your perception of them. Also, later, keep track of your rendering resolutions. A Full HD screenshot (1920x1080) won't withstand larger print size (even a small 60x45), 4K being the bare minimum.

    If you have questions feel free to ask them as comments, we'll try to answer
Faithfully yours,

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July 9, 2013