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:fpidgeon: twitter: @mrbentarikau - this is my database of verious quotes I collect from books and other media.
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:Discord: discord: caubert#6702

I also have Twitch, but I only host streamers I watch myself there. YT.. well I post there rarely.

I understand and talk also in ENG / FIN / GER / RUS

Just to clear things up, I have played PC games 28 years... So yeah, real gamers don't get older. They level up! I'm level 38 : )

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*SPOILERS* Tiny Tina's ending through Pimpernel scope
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Above us only sky.
updated: 15/10/2018

Stuff to consider - I don't create problems, but I solve all of them. Equalizer.

I will paste some very good rules here - I've been around the nets for ages and I know good ones :)

First > PC Gamer's community rules >>

In short: Don't post spam or be a jerk, and everything will be dandy.

Second > WarFrame >>

"Be respectful.
No profanity,
No spamming."

Third >

The NOs, should write to comments why you want to add me. And really, "this is awesome profile" is not a reason nor a valid sentiment. Also, you've disabled commenting on your side = :NO_:.

Activity list: I like it very much if you are active there, but people don't have to be. This is not Facebook etc, I just like to read my friends thoughts about gaming here.

If your username, profile or comments have nazi/soviet/etc. regime symbolism, profanities or any childish :nsfw: content :NO_:

People without steady username or having URL in it :NO_:

As of now I do not accept friend requests if your main game is cs:go. You really have to explain why you want to be added. I have nothing against this game, just people constatnly spamming invites are ruining my kind-heartedness.

About invitations to groups, it's good to browse the ones recommended to me but they really have to be in English.

I actually read my comments and delete spam messages as well. If you are doing this for getting attention, sry. - content matters.

Remember. It was also said in L.A. Noire > 'You want friendship to last. Never talk about politics or religion.' Same with me. I don't do those things.

If you want to chat, I keep my PC going 24/7 so it shows by default I am online. So if I don't answer right away, just be patient : ) :lovebubble:

If you are using automation bots for comments, chat and also for activity list. Well I know this... and depends, I usually dislike spam and will remove you.

And before you go getting all high and mighty. I don't do causes, ideology, politics or guilt.


No way am I going to report anyone on any alleged wrongdoings (not with CS:GO or any other game).

I am not your personal battleground with other users on Steam.

:critical:BIG WARNING!!!:critical:
Spamming me = I will remove you from my friendlist, no warnings given. And I will alias the user as SPAMMER, so no need to even try to add me again. This userID is tagged.

PC specs

self-built, so ask me : )

and yes, I do like :foxxing: :fox: :epifox: :curiousfox: :foxspirit: :foxspiritwhite: :epiwtf: :foxy: :Jefferson_Fox: :epiwink: :FoxRed: :epiparty: :kitfox: :arcticfox: :epifear: :Pfox: :poifox: :epihappy: :rimefox: :spryfox: :foxspin: :SpyFoxLogo: :roundfox: :FoxiCute: :epiangel: :foxsniff: :epilove: :epicool: :yazdwink: ( < not actual fox, but I count it as one : ) :365fox:

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I just have to say I'm speechless. Wow, like really wow.

This two-person made indie game is amazing. Artwork, story, music, atmosphere, philosophy, general point of view on life - all are just 100% amazing. I never imagined I'd play a horror game with 10 year old protagonist Fran Bow. And this game is very spooky... right from beginning you are sucked together with Fran into this horror realm. This "other world" will not let go of you, actually Fran's inquisitive mind needs to visit this scary place via drugs to solve puzzles on her way to find her cat Mr. Midnight. The puzzles in this game are quite logical, no random clicking needed, just patience with solving them.

The narrative of the game is well made, linear but beautiful and frightening at the same time. Mid-game you are introduced the same mechanic of horror realm trips yet another way - by switching seasons, again to solve puzzles and interacting with the world. Gameplay is really point and click, no keyboard needed. I'll have to agree, that save games would have been nice extra option for achievement hunters but actually not needed, game autosaves and due to linearity nothing can go wrong.

So I highly recommend this horror game, to explore authors point of view on human psyche.

TL;DR; A nice zen-quote from the game: "Death is nothing more, than absence of love." And Fran Bow, this game shines love.
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HD texture pack purposed to upgrade low quality assets. Minor performance impact.
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May you take your enemies by surprise as you strike down from above!
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