Review Rating Chart v2.0
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This chart is to be used by the readers of my reviews, to know more about the ratings assigned to each game."
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Tamaster  [author] Oct 20 @ 10:18pm 

I have not made lists divided by rating unfortunately. You will have to look manually for this.
natsthegreat951 Oct 20 @ 8:53pm 
Hi! Do you have a list of all the games you rated as Masterpiece? I can't seem to find a dedicated list anywhere in your archive.
Carrionjr Jul 17 @ 1:39am 
Nice work
Dinnyforst Jul 16 @ 3:49am 
I rarely thumbs down game in general, some niche games or underrated title has some fun factor or unique element that worth checking despite its flaws. My exception is the game is truly very frustrating to play from start to finish.
Number 6™ Jul 16 @ 12:11am 
Love it. Logical, concise, well-explained, well-presented. :cozyspaceengineersc: