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- Neon Prism by Mad.
- Terraria by Tinkerbella.
- Pacify by Rick.
- PUBG by Scrizzily.
- We Were Here Together by Scrizzily.
- Haunt Chaser by Scrizzily.
- Need for Speed Most Wanted by: Austin.
- Mafia III: Definitive Edition by: UltraCactus.
- Terraria by Tinkerballa.
- Pacify by Rick.
- Sniper Ghost Warrior Complete Trilogy by Rixxy.
- Beat Cop by Rixxy.
- Titan Chaser. By Kettobey.
- Fear The Wolves. By Locohunter.
- 2100. By Locohunter.
- Rocketbirds 2 Evolution. By Locohunter.
- Styx Shards of Darkness. By Pinkehh.
- Next Day Survival. By SaberToothWolf.
- Mist Survival. By Hyper.
- Slender The Arrival. By JQuasar.
- Crimson Metal. By BlueReaper.
- Colony Survival. By Slayer of Armies.

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Expectation vs Reality
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When you in yo room and you hear your mom open the front door and you ain't done any of the shit she asked you to do.
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This is a simple guide of me showing you how to achieve the Steam 3000 Summer sale badge.

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Story about The Hunter.
  • The Hunter: Call of the Wild has the most realistic and beautiful outdoor environment I've ever witnessed in a game. The gameplay is really great, too. The only thing I can fault this title for is how DLC-heavy it is, and how exactly that DLC is implemented. I'd also imagine that you need a fairly high-end rig to run this well which shouldn't be surprising and kinda sucks at the same time at how big these DLC's are, but lets keep reading and don't mind my hours!

  • Essentially, this is a full-on hunting simulator. You will be managing guns, ammunition, various animal calls, binoculars, maps and a lot of others. The whole thing is very calm and smoothly. There are missions, but I mostly have stuck to the sandbox and it's been great, free roaming is pretty amazing and i like exploration on my own. Wandering through the environment is simply amazing and outstanding; the whole thing feels dynamic, alive and feels like real life for some reason.. This is a game that requires careful planning and ALOT patience to have success. They have found a great balance through making the hunt take time which results in a satisfying and rewarding experience when you actually manage to get the kill when aimed right. The night and day cycle is also well done which is very stunning due the sun / moon and other highlighted objects like water for example.

  • The only problem I have is how DLC-heavy the whole thing is. Now I do think that a game like this does need content added over time to keep the player base up, and the devs should be compensated for that. I'm just not sure that this is the best way. First off, when playing the base game it becomes painfully obvious that you are playing an uncomplete version because when you are in the in-game store - the DLC items appear but are 'locked'. This doesn't feel good and is a constant reminder of what you don't have access to. Secondly, some of the DLC is beyond functional and surely makes the game a bit easier by giving certain advantages (ie. it's not all cosmetic). Again, I do support functional DLC but for a newcomer when the list of DLC is much more expensive than the base game - it can be offputting. I and several friends have sadly avoided this title for this very reason. One possible solution to remedy this is to have older DLC eventually becoming 'free' when you own the base game. This way loyal customers and regular players can support the devs, and new players can also have a much lower buy-in barrier to overcome. It's much easier to spend a few bucks here and there than to be looking at a huge bill. But it's ofcourse up to you if you'd like to buy a DLC (or more) or not.
  • The whole environment is very detailed and stunning which feels really great while exploring!
  • The gameplay itself if amazing! It takes some time to hunt down animals but that's the thing with hunting right?
  • Playing this game with friends is fun! Speaking to eachother very quetly and trying to hunt down an animal.. Amazing!
  • The amount of customization and management you can do with your character and weapons.
  • Developement is active, enough DLC's to try out and the community is amazing and supportive.
  • The sound management in-game is outstanding! Walking, running through the forests, birds flying and making sounds around you.. The cracking noises of bushes while walking through them.. Outstanding.
  • The huge amount of DLC's and how they handle them could be a little better and more improved.
  • Sometimes animals are stuck or dissapeared out of nowhere.
  • Some more content would be nice like driving around in other things, using boats or something.
  • That's all i can think of as this game is definitly worth trying out.

Worth trying out, highly recommended. Even more fun when playing with friends and talking to eachother on Discord/Teamspeak for example. A big 10/10 and i wish the developers goodluck with their development progress and further. This is also the longest review i've ever written!

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Created by - [SLS] WHOLF, Cervitaur, and 3oF
56 ratings
This guide is a very in-depth guide regarding Shatterline. Each 'content' is categorized nicely and well which makes it easier for the eye. Basically, this guide is an all-in-one guide.

In certain 'contents' there are official creators. All the respe
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