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Gifted games.
- Dying Light 2 by HommeJan
- CS Source & CS Booster by Jones
- Deadside by Levitate
- Dead by Daylight by Hopi Hopelozelos
- Anno 1800 by Homme Jan
- Raft by Homme Jan
- Hell Let Loose by Reknar
- First Class Trouble by Tenacious Caveman
- Kingdoms of Amalur by Tenacious Caveman
- Deathloop by Tenacious Caveman
- Neon Prism by Mad.
- Terraria by Tinkerbella.
- Pacify by Rick.
- PUBG by Scrizzily.
- We Were Here Together by Scrizzily.
- Haunt Chaser by Scrizzily.
- Need for Speed Most Wanted by: Austin.
- Mafia III: Definitive Edition by: UltraCactus.
- Terraria by Tinkerballa.
- Pacify by Rick.
- Sniper Ghost Warrior Complete Trilogy by Rixxy.
- Beat Cop by Rixxy.
- Titan Chaser. By Kettobey.
- Fear The Wolves. By Locohunter.
- 2100. By Locohunter.
- Rocketbirds 2 Evolution. By Locohunter.
- Styx Shards of Darkness. By Pinkehh.
- Next Day Survival. By SaberToothWolf.
- Mist Survival. By Hyper.
- Slender The Arrival. By JQuasar.
- Crimson Metal. By BlueReaper.
- Colony Survival. By Slayer of Armies.

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Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II | By Wholf
  • Well well well, where to start? Let's say after 30 hours of grinding, playing, and being ear-blasted by the helicopters which are highly annoying I came to the point of writing a review describing all the things from my experience so far. I'm right now, after 20 hours of playing fully leveled (55) which is the maximum. How? By finishing the daily tasks and grinding. Did I enjoy it in general? Yes and no. Let me explain in an informative way.

    The weapons
  • I have maxed out the first four assault rifles to gold and I'm almost finished with my fifth one. And yes, you can max out a weapon in around 2 hours of playing. Leveling is very easy, and getting gold camo is also very easy as the challenges don't make any sense.. Very simple and has no real challenge, and in general, feel quite bland. While playing with these weapons it felt really unbalanced. The recoil and the balance aren't fitting to the weapon, the damage is strange and the attachments also feel like they aren't doing anything. Overall, if you are grinding for gold, do it. It's very easy. But, here comes the negative part about grinding for the XP. Hundreds and hundreds of players used an exploit or whatever it's called. You had to play the Ground War mode and have the mine (forgot the name of it) thrown on a light tank. By doing this you will get thousands of XP in no time. Teaming up with a friend of yours on their other team made this very easy to 'grind for XP'. Just throw the mine on the light tank, wait wait wait, and BOOMMM a lot of XP. This also counted for your weapon which in my opinion didn't make any sense. Now, this got patched but those who abused it leveled every weapon mostly to the maximum already. The best thing I like about all the weapons available is the sound effects to it while shooting. Feels detailed and perfectly fitting to the weapon.

    The maps in general
  • Well well well. The maps. And I'm going to talk about it in general. Not map-specific. The maps in general are nice. Well covered, and nicely made, with some nice hiding spots and exploits here and there and freerunning places where you can camp around. If you are playing FARM 18, TARAQ or ZARQWA for example you'll most likely see people being in places that shouldn't be possible to get to. Now, the crappiest map ever made is SANTA SENA BORDER. A map filled with hundreds of exploding cars and people camping behind them with shotties or snipers in the spawn. It's unbelievably terrible and I hope they'll fix this as everyone most of the time simply quits/leaves when they see this map.
    Now, BREENBURG HOTEL is a map in the Netherlands where I live. It's nicely made and kinda reminds me of this place when I went there a few years ago. But from what I've heard, the owner of this hotel is mad that Call of Duty added this. Not quite sure though but I've heard it. Overall, some changes, glitches, and exploits here and there and we're good to go. Btw, I love FARM 18. Easy peasy knife hunting.

    The connection / crashes
  • Yep. This is a very annoying thing. The game crashes randomly, the game freezes randomly, and when playing a game your game lags, I even hit my toe against the wall due to a game freeze while I had 18 killstreaks and related. I hope they'll fix this as I have probably received over 50 crashes by now in 30 hours of playing. There are a few fixes here and there and I did all of them but they came coming back. But you know, the developers are aware of it and hopefully fixes this in one week from now. Overall, the game has just been released so you can expect these things of course.

    Did I enjoy the cooperative game modes?
  • Yes and no. Why? Because almost everyone is using the god-mode exploit which is very easy to do. Rushing to the point, no stealth nothing. And when you are playing stealth, the AI sees you anyway. I have tried so many times that it's just a waste of time since the AI will see you anyway. I even tried shooting those armored vehicles with RPGs and other launchers and they couldn't even be destroyed, like what? The apache helicopter is also a way to be overpowered. Once it comes it's hard to destroy unless you both focus on it with a launcher. Overall, the cooperative game mode is fun besides what I've mentioned. You can even find intel but that'll take a huge amount of time to find all of them. Best part is, you can get emblems/backgrounds when you've achieved enough stars.

    Did I enjoy the game in general?
  • Yes, I did enjoy it besides the crashes and the highly unfair skill-based matchmaking. Not that it's a huge problem but you'll be killed loads of times by these people. Camping in corners with shotguns, camping with snipers 200+ meters away headshotting you or even killing you through walls, I have encountered 3 hackers (legit ones) using wallhacks, people screaming and shouting into their microphones, and even being very toxic to the players in the matches. Uhm, what else? It's quite boring now and I'll take a break. Almost all my assault rifles are gold, my riot shield is gold and my knife is gold. What else? I could continue but once you've completed leveling to 55 and leveling your weapons it starts to simply get boring. As of right now, it feels like a game that you play when being bored since you've achieved the most part of the game. I hope they'll fix the game more. Add more content here and there, fix the huge amount of problems, and listen to their community and not their own minds.

    Is the price right now, worth it?
  • No. It's not. It's way too high-priced and you will get 20/30+/- hours of content. Unless you are a hardcore camo-grinder in this game cause you know. Gold, wow. But in general, do I recommend this game?... I wish I could vote neutral (50/50) but I'll go with a negative for now. Will update it in the future...
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Ghost Watchers | By Wholf
  • Ghost Watchers is quite similar to Phasmophobia with a few changes here and there. Think about unique ghosts and their stories, unique items with great effects to defend yourself with, attack the ghost with but also to catch it. There are quite some jumpscares and you will actually be scared all the time. It's quite intens.

  • All in all, I do have to say that there are a huge amount of assets being used in this game and that they are working on it for over a year now. These are two assets I could find. The house and the abandoned school.

    - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/urban/hq-abandoned-school-modular-106665%20

    - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/urban/atmospheric-house-modular-192712

    Now, with that being said, I'm sure that there are loads of other assets being used and that they did not really put in effort into changing all this. Some objects being moves around, placed here and there and that's about it. But don't forget about the actual in-game development codes, that is unique and not copy/pasted. Now, is this a cashgrab? It starts feeling like it for sure. Even though the devs are active and communicative it still feels a bit like it. It feels a bit.. Suspicious.

  • Now, there are some problems here and there. Bugs, glitches, getting outside of the map, getting stuck, game freezes and sometimes the games you are playing aren't really working out that well so you will have to restart the game to be able to play normally again. But, it's a EA game so keep that in mind.

  • The whole feeling while playing is there. It looks great and gives you some goosebumps. The graphics and quality is there, on point and fits the theme. It's actually scary in a way. Especially with the sound effects going on.

  • But here comes to main negative part. After 6.5 hours into the game and really diving into it regarding the game.. It becomes slightly and slowly a bit.. Like Phasmophobia. You don't get scared that much anymore, feels a little repetitive and bland after a while and it's only fun to play with your friends. Now, when someone dies he becomes a spirit. He/she can interact with doors, lights, valves and stuff which could break the objectives and main game which ruins the experience for people. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  • All in all, it's a great huge asset game with a twist and a bit more uniqueness to it. Has problems here and there, kinda feels like Phasmophobia after x-amount of hours, Some game breaking things here and there but in general it's alright for the right price. If I can find more assets, I'll put it into this review.

  • Do I recommend buying the game? Yes and no, due also reasons happening behind the scenes that are very unprofessional, sexist and more. But you will have to contact me privately regarding that. Let me share a picture of something I'm trying to say: https://imgur.com/a/6bx4HQ3
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