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Adaptation: The map, Midwich Elementary School, is from Silent Hill 1. The Killer, Pyramid Head, is from Silent Hill 2. The survivor, Heather Mason is from Silent Hill 3. This adaptation has encompassed the most fan-favorite parts of the entire trilogy into 1 package. Pyramid Head's adaptation isn't 1-to-1 to the model from the game like Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil, they took some creative liberty by making him buffer and lean back waaay more.

Killer: In Silent Hill, all he did was drag his knife around to get the game moving, but in DBD, they gave his knife basically godlike powers. It doesn't tear the ground apart as it shows in the trailer, the look of the trails still suffices. You can basically draw whatever you want on the ground; a heart, a smiley face, a ****, etc. I don't really care much about the tunneling aspect of PPHead, I just really find it satisfying to hit the punishment attack through walls because the audio design is just sublime. They made his animation when pushing the knife into the ground look more sluggish/mismatched with the audio for some reason after an update and tweaked his posture for the worse. Apparently, on launch, he was even better than he was now because it just incentivizes to spam your punishment over and over again on loops until the survivor leaves it, whilst earlier he just had a quick M1 from an M2 without a sluggish cooldown like every other killer in the game. Unlike pre-nerf Deathslinger who came right before him in 2020, PPHead had ample telegraphing and counterplay (unless you're behind a wall and he sees your aura through I'm All Ears or something).

But spamming his power like Doctor to get random potshots is also viable now because of the basically null cooldown you get after releasing each punishment.

The best time to hit survivors with Pyramid Head is when they are locked in animation such as vaulting a window or dropping a pallet, but if you are late to put down your knife, you still have a 50-50 chance to release the punishment to the right or the left of the window or pallet and you'll hit them depending on what direction they went to based on your mind-game. The fact that his mini-projectile can go downslope is also unique because Demogorgon or the Artist literally cannot do that.

His perks and add-ons are boring and after I got P3-50 on him after playing him exclusively ever since I bought the DLC on February 2021, I just played Vanilla with Range add-ons from time to time.

Unlike Michael, his secondary Mori isn't the same as his primary one. The primary one is quite grandiose and has a level of choking/crushing the survivors' entire body with barbed wire. While the Final Judgement is just a quick chop and then back to business.

Music: Akira Yamaoka apparently helped make the music for this chapter by providing instrument samples/parts and Michael used his trusty Steel Hammer to make it fit the vibe of DBD as well. The 16 meter Ding Dings are so iconic now and the chase music has all types of 8-bit sounds, wind chimes hitting rapidly and sounds of metal scraping (but it's still overall very noisy and I prefer the 16m and 8m ambiance over the chase music itself.) The lobby music is very peaceful, with chimes and a melody that slightly deviated from the DBD tune by going one octave higher.

Survivor: Cheryl is the cutest survivor, whether it's Goth Cheryl, Standard Cheryl, Sweater Cheryl, Glitched Set Cheryl, and Cybil too. Her perk 'Soul Guard' is interesting because it is the only perk in the game that benefits you for being cursed by a Hex. She can also summon the entity at will to do anything for her. This pretty much proves that she is above god.

Map: Like I mentioned in my Journal, this was the first map that I played on because I first played the game during the Free Weekend on the 4th year anniversary when Silent Hill dropped. Just like Haddonfield, it plays a sound when you spawn into the map, only this time it's a loud siren that you hear in your sleep thinking that you're late from class, and now you're gonna be punished. It's a beautiful map, unlike Haddonfield, with a lot of details, easter eggs, and intractability. This map causes an irritating bug where the chase music becomes choppy/ starts and stops randomly whilst in a chase and they really should find and fix that because it is very abrupt in the way that it resumes the chase music once you get a full view of the survivor. A smaller issue is that going from the ground floor to the first floor can only be done on the 4 corners of the map, and unlocking the exit gates as the last survivor is pretty much impossible because there is direct line of sight from the center for both the gates and the RNG for the gates never change.

Overall, this was probably my favorite DLC in DBD and this was also one of the peaks of the game. I main'd Pyramid Head for the longest time. P3 Goth Cheryl is my Survivor Main. And Midwich is probably my favorite map now that Hawkins has been removed.
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