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Star Traders: Frontiers is a wonderful and highly customizable space sim RPG. Every play style is an enjoyable and viable experience, from pirate, smuggler, bounty hunter, or faction military general. The story is quite good and has a surprising amount of depth to it. One of the most unique features is that the story continues without the player, making them feel like just another player is a large galactic opera. The art is hand drawn line art. The animations are a little stiff but this is because 2d character art is randomly generated and built out of multiple pieces. The music is quiet but impactful. In an intense fight it gets drown out by the excellent sound effects. After returning to the silence of space, it surprised the player as they are once again reminded of its presence.

Game Breakdown
The gameplay is broken up into multiple elements that work excellently together. The first element that a player is exposed to is the spaceship travel section. A player wants to use their spaceship to get from one place to another. To do this, the player gets a top-down view of their spaceship and can right click to get to any other notable body in space. The crew mechanic works into space travel as higher level pilots will allow a ship to use less fuel. Ships are highly customizable. Everything can be changed out including engines. This allows the player to pay for a more efficient engine, or an engine that makes the ship more maneuverable. While flying around small events occur.

These small events are skill checks that the player’s crew must pass otherwise the player’s ship or crew will take damage. This mechanic does breathe some life into a fairly static navigation sequence but it is frustrating how I don’t have any control over the success and failures in my ship. These checks don’t fail often, but when they do they are painful. I would love to have a special skill for the player character that refreshed every couple of weeks that let the player directly interact with the failure. This would allow the player to choose what they lose, and potentially not lose anything, while simultaneously adding more player involvement. Another skill check that almost never failed for me was the wormhole jump.

Different parts can also make Wormhole jumps cheaper. Wormholes are how the player moves between the different maps of space. Jumping to an enemy Faction’s territory is dangerous as they will refuse to service the player’s ship which includes the sale of fuel. This creates a strategic layer for the player who must decide the safest path to an objective knowing that a longer route takes more time. While flying around time passes and random encounters with other ships occur. Friendly ships can be acknowledged for an even better reputation, Neutral ships can be bribed or ignored, and Enemy ships will fight the player.

All combat, including Ship combat, is turn-based. During the fight the player has three options, two of which require “reactor points”. These reactor points are limited per turn and regenerate every turn. The option that doesn’t require these reactor points is “Talents”. “Talents” are buffs that can be used on the player’s ship to increase accuracy, defense, etc. These are acquired by leveling crew and choosing these talents as skills. Initially I was unsure of their effectiveness, but over time I realized that they are game changing and essential skills when fighting against the larger, more powerful ships. They are one time use and refresh with a little bit of time. I would have liked if talents showed a description when I hovered over them and the buff had a timer.

The first option that requires reactor points is movement, which is an interesting mechanic for this game to have. Both ships in combat start at five range away from each other. Movement is important because ships at five can escape, and some weapons are much more accurate at certain distances. The second reactor point requiring option is weapons. Weapons use different amounts of “reactor points” and can only fire at while they are at the proper range. This rewards players who like to move around to use apply the different debuffs that weapons can apply. Movement can also get the player’s ship which will allow boarding.

Boarding is another turn-based battle between four of the player’s crew members. Besides skills that are ship talents and skill checks that help to reroll navigation skill checks, some crew members of certain classes are able to learn battle skills that can be used during boarding. For example, doctors have a healing skill. After defeating an enemy crew in battle the player is able to sabotage enemy systems, such as weapons, and panic the crew which removes morale from the crew.

The crew system is a bit obtuse as there are so many crew members on a player’s ship. While the option is available to allow auto-skilling of talents, I enjoyed skilling them myself the most. The player is required to level jobs manually though. Each crew member feels important and helps to collectively create a powerful ship. Besides hitpoints, the crew also has morale. If the player’s ship runs out of fuel, the crew’s morale lowers. Let it get too low, and the crew will mutiny. I like this feature as it provides more space pirate immersion. Morale can also lead crew members to lose a turn during crew combat.

Overall, this is a great and immersive space game. All of the mechanics blend together to create a game that is more than the parts that make it. Combat is satisfying, though could use a little more content and improvement. Thankfully, the developers are amazing at supporting this game and I can’t wait to see what the final product looks like.

The story of the game is that multiple human space empires are separated until wormholes appear and connect all of these empires together. The lore behind the story is quite interesting and gave me the feeling of a space opera. Every empire is using an outdated political system to become the most powerful space empire of all. One of the most interesting features I encountered was that the story continues without the player. While it will wait for major plot points, some story missions will no longer be available if certain story milestones are hit. This gives off the feeling that the universe is continuing without the player and is not something that many games attempt.

Sound design is solid and does seem pretty sci-fi. I liked how the game uses the music. It is usually quiet which leads it to being drowned out by the battle sounds. It catches up to the player that it is there when they are left alone in the silence of space. It uses a space opera style of music which is meant to hype up the player.

The graphics are quite nice. Each character is made out of randomized parts which leads to some nice diversity. This random generation does have the setback that it makes the animations look stiff due to the one size fit all nature of them. Ships look dangerous and are quite detailed. Overall, the graphics are pleasant to look at.

Considering the complexity of this game, it runs quite well on older or lower powered systems. I have a low GPU power laptop with shared graphics memory and this game was completely playable on it.

Amazing Developers
Fun and Complex Gameplay
Wonderful Performance
Interesting Randomized Character Graphics
Meaningful Crew System
Ambitious Story

Buffs Could Use Timers
Buff Could Use Mouse-Over Descriptions


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