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Yakuza 0. One of my absolute favorite games of all time. I got the game as part of Humble Monthly, and have heard of the series before, but when I saw I was going to get it in a bundle, I got more curious about the series. So I watched some videos and reviews, and I slowly fell in love with what I saw. I couldn't wait to get started with the first game, so right when I got the bundle, I installed the game and started playing. I couldn't stop. The story revolves around 2 different characters: Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima, and takes place in 2 different parts of Japan. The script, writing and dialogue in this game is absolutely amazing, and rivals some of the best movies of all time. I cried about 3 times while playing the main story. The gameplay on the other hand, is wacky as all hell. I kept smashing motorcycles over people's heads and talking with all kinds of weird strangers. Speaking of, there are more than 100 side quests in this game. Yep. I am trying to complete all of them, and even almost 160 hours in, I'm not even close. In addition to the story and side quests, there are also tons of activities, challenges, bosses and mini games. I am so so happy that Sega decided to make the series multi-platform, and I really hope that at some point they port the entire series to Steam, because I just adore Yakuza 0.
IngvarrUKRus Jun 17 @ 12:57pm 
Palmiton May 17 @ 3:25pm 
+rep, excellent trader
s3rxus Feb 11 @ 5:15pm 
+rep good trader
Kitiana Foxtail Feb 8 @ 11:03am 
+rep for an honorable trade
Karoll Jan 28 @ 2:56pm 
+rep Thanks for a trade! Hopefully more trades in the future!
Okandincer Jan 23 @ 8:07am 
+Rep. Great trader. Pleasant, fair and fast. Thanks for a smooth exchange.