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To my dear Steam friends all around,...
Hi guys, (boys & girls) here are a few simple rules that matter to me personally so please read! :charm:

This info is just a little note to all new & old friends, and to those that have not yet been accepted as my friends here on Steam. :friendinneed:
The only things i ask each of you are: :iibubble:

(1) To share 'similar interests' in games and such. Don't worry, my interests have expanded quite a bit over the years.. :bookofwisdom:
(2) To NOT have VAC bans or anything else like that. (Before time of adding or explaining) :toxic:
(3) To not set / keep your profile privately hidden from your friends. (some exceptions may apply) :idglass:

(4) I don't have many items to trade, and if i have some i usually try to do something with them myself. So i kindly advice you guys to check or ask for those items you would like to have/trade somewhere else first.. Thanks! :vaultkey:

(5) Please note: >Don't ask me to vote< for CSGO teams (Request/Beg on joining groups), 6x6, Like, +Rep, befriend additional Profiles or whatever because i don't do that, sorry (and neither should You) Unless you want to get banned from my friends list permanently! >I'm serious< :lotrlore::MMNotGood:

(6) If you have been on Steam for some time (+2 years), to have a decent profile with at least [LEVEL10*] account, which will be reviewed from time to time. :duranceleft::duranceright:
(7) And of course (above all) be nice. (don't start about politics or religion, please) :mkbear:

(8) No longer accepting random invites, unless we have plenty in common!! :skull_metal:
(9) I'd very much like to be able to read and understand more about one's profile, sharing a similar language if possible, or at least by having chats preferably in Dutch or English. :trinity:

(10) Be warned however: Shameless beggars will be removed, blocked and reported instantly!!! :UnhappyMask:

Feel free to chat with me, or ask me to join a game and i will be happy to accept whenever i can..
Note: I do gift stuff at times (when i have something good to offer) and i also like receiving gifts (without requesting or begging mind you) never judging about how small or HUGE they might be. :minisave:

Game on! :Hand_Shake:
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Hands down one of the best old school/classic rpg/strategy games out there!!!

The story telling is great, the graphics still look beatiful and very art like even today.
The sound adds perfectly to the fantasy settings according to which faction you choose.
The campaign and additional sagas will make this game last for weeks if not months.
The replayability is therefor amazing especially if you bought the complete pack.
The game is challenging so make sure you don't get discouraged when you fail at first.
To people that say they can't run this game or they can't make it to run with Window 10,
don't be a total idiot and put a few minutes of thinking into it because it really isn't hard!
What you need to do is simple, so keep on reading if you don't already know what to do..
First install the game so it's been put into your Steam library.
Then within Windows 10 programs, go to Program Files (x86), Steam, SteamApps, Common,..
Disciples II (incl. the expansion if you have it) and check for the Discipl2.exe,..
Now change the compatibility mode to run it in Windows 7 and set it to run as administrator.
Make sure you have also set the advanced compatibility settings or it might not work!
Afterwards launch the configuration tools of the game and only select your optimal monitor
settings (1980x1080) while keeping the refresh rate at default (60Hrz) in my case.
Also set the game to Run in Direct3D mode. Additional options you should leave as is, because it might cause the game to run sluggish and the intro you can skip altogether whenever you experience issues while launching it.
For me it works like a charm now and i will gladly recommend this game to everyone i know,
just like i did many years ago..

Personal score (8.5/10)!!!
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What an amazing game this is turning out to be!
I've been playing this kind of "Steam-Punk" rpg's for many years now, ever since i first played Fallout Tactics way back in the days.. I also remember playing the first UFO, up till the more recently yet wonderful UFO: Enemy Unknown series. (I also gave Wasteland 2 a very decent try, but sadly that game was and still is plagued by tons of bugs that made the game much less memorable imo..)
I must say that i never played previous Shadowrun rpg's, so i'm overjoyed with myself having picked up this marvelous gem of a game, for a very decent price if i may say so myself..
Note that the game has a learning curve, and that your actions often decide what the possible outcome might be, so decide patiently and wisely! This game isn't for true rushers imo, because if you'd think that you're Rambo you're pretty much left in your undies rather quickly if you're not careful enough..
But once you're getting used to the system and you're starting to make progress, the game speads up too and more quests become available to your team as well..
So take your time slowly and patiently at first, and you'll do all the better afterwards!
The auto-save system can be frustrating at times when you have realized that you've made a critical mistake. So my advice here will be to save your game often instead of having to backtrack over many 'lost' hours ect. It will happen many times over if you don't, that's guaranteed for sure!

To conclude:
I would like to add my personal score 8'5/10
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