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Lets you know precisely how much a single Atom, Cap, Gold Bullion and $ is worth in-game. Lets you calculate your own achievements
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Created by - ♥ZERO K%♥
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Explains what to do to avoid being harmed by cheaters via the means provided by the game and social club itself.
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24 Hours played
Got this game 50% off on Steam 2 months after release. Standard Bethesda practice at this point.

Game has satisfying controls and shooting gameplay. It has some really interesting PvP both for Defender and Invader.

It looks pretty. And I am able to run it smoothly on high with 2080 RTX, 64 gb ram, 3900X Ryzen, m.2 samsung evo 970 SSD. Playing in 1440p 60fps

However, it has numerous bugs and glitches some of them hardlock the game like infamous Pause Menu bug.

Despite Online invading feature that is similar to Dark Souls it is not well implemented on the technical level. Colt (defender) almost always has an advantage of stable connection as they are the host in peer to peer system and Julianna ends up lagging like crazy. It lags so bad you can't really even play, It is so bad it makes you sick and you can't really do anything because you rubberband so hard. 1 out of 10 matches is good. Julianna also has 1 life and Colt has 3. It is so bad it makes GTA Online and RDO peer to peer multiplayers filled with cheaters look like heaven because you can actually play them. Not that this game has any defense from cheaters as well.

There are just 4 maps that change slightly and not all of them are available in 4 time modes. If anything it feels like a big downgrade in terms of areas you get to explore compared to Dishonored or Prey or any previous Arkane games really. It might even be smaller than standalone Dishonored Addon Death of the Outsider.

After a while maps end up being arenas for combat and nothing more. They do have a few very elaborate puzzles that are not required to beat the story. Otherwise, story is easy to navigate with or without map markers. Maps are detailed but fairly small.

It gets annoying after a while traveling back and forth between districts if you've already explored them just to do a single task. Loading screen galore. And a stupid design really. You end up getting bored of so few locations and know them by heart so it feels like they took an easy way out and barely made any scenery for the game. Their smallest game yet. No wonder it is 30 GB

Oh yeah game is really unoptimized. Red Dead Redemption 2 is probably the prettiest and heaviest most modern looking game out there even at the start of 2022 and it only makes my CPU go to 70 degrees with maxed out settings whereas Deathloop just on High (so I can play it smoothly because anything higher causes random rare lags or loadups although they sometimes even occur on High, people pointed out memory leaks but I have 64gb ram so I am good here), Deathloop on high makes my CPU go to 80 degrees and it is using watercooling kraken for 3900X processors.

Playing as invader and PvP in general is a lot of fun and I wish I could do this more but as it stands it is just not worth it. Lag makes it totally unplayable but when it works 1 out of 10 times it is perfect. It is fun to be Julianna and try to figure out how to defeat Colt who has 3 lives (2 more than you) and is able to take you head on so you have to be more clever sometimes. As Colt it is also fun to chase Julianna around the map. As invader I had crashes to desktop giving me void engine error prompts.

Bodies do not stay even though they look beautiful when they fall down as you kill them, get dismembered and blood spatters everywhere. They obviously do not stay for optimization reasons for PC and Consoles especially. But there was a really silly lore reason added to cover this up.

Game has some fun weapons that are genuinely interesting to use and a few traits and perks to them. You can collect gear for a bit and create a killer loadout, which is fun and feels rewarding in PvP (when that works).

I bought this game for 50% off and I don't think you should pay anything more for it. In fact it would be good for 75% off. Player numbers are crashing so soon there won't be anyone to matchmake with anyway.

I enjoyed the game for what it is but it is definitely mediocre and half-baked. Be warned. Sale only!
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118 Hours played
I have played Gothic 3 for hundreds of hours many times since 2006 when it was released. I estimate anywhere between 500 to 1000 hours in game. However, the hours logged here on Steam only reflect my full playthrough of Gothic 3 Content Mod 3.1 with all the underlying mods like Consequences, Alternative A.I. and Alternative Balance, Community Patch, Quest Packet etc.

This is a review of Gothic 3 Content Mod 3.1

When I was installing Content Mod 3.1 I made sure to change as much as it was possible to mimic previous Gothic games, especially Gothic 2, so I installed Gothic 2 creature skins. I also took part in selecting key moments of Gothic 2.

I have to say that new skins look pretty amazing, true to lore and make the game darker, more serious and overall look of the game seems to be more serious too compared to vanilla.

[Faction Armor]
I also enabled armors sold with reputation checks which altered the game balance a little bit as it was no longer possible to easily farm gold and go to the best vendor right away to get the best armor. You either had to find non faction armors somehow or you had to earn them by farming reputation but because I wanted to play long game and beat as many quests as possible before I started taking out key NPCs and taking over cities (besides consequences mod can make certain things impossible to do if you burn bridges), I had to stay away from best faction armors.

[New Items]
Luckily, the mod adds plethora of new items with new textures to the game. That includes weapons, armors and even a couple of magic relics like the shadow scepter which in essence allows you to cast Fog spell without learning it or using scrolls. Those rewards are evenly distributed through out the world. Some are hidden as blueprints, some carried by newly added and old NPCs, some are put for sale on some npcs. some lie in chests and hidden places and others are given for completion of certain quests, old and new. Sometimes buffing lacklustre rewards of some of the old quest line endings. So it was always interesting to complete quests and see what I'd get.

Mod also adds a few misc items like scrolls, I believe large health and mana potions were not a part of vanilla Gothic 3 but it has been some time since i played it so I might be mistaken and I never really paid much attention to it before. Oh and it also adds many crafting recipes for new potions, including permanent. transformation effect ones.

[Key Gothic 2 Events and Beliar's Claw]
So during installation you can select some key events that happened in Gothic 2 that were players choice. I believe there were 3. One of them was which apprenticeship you took. They only slightly affect starting stats and skills, I chose smith so I had a little more strength and I believe one smithing ability learned.

Another one was which faction you joined in G2. And the final one was in regards to what you did with Beliar's Claw which if you played G2 you know is a special Beliar's Sword that you can feed with your maximum health to make it deal more damage. And Beliar's Sword can change between 1 handed or 2 handed. And depending on which skill was higher in G2 you'd get the corresponding copy. Not sure if you could alter it later at the shrine.

Anyway, what I do not understand is that even though you have an option to keep Beliar's Claw in game as a sword and possibly a rune but I chose it as a sword, you cannot choose what kind of a sword it will be in the check boxes. It is by default a 2 handed sword. And I did not really like using 2 handed weapons, I felt they were kind of weak in Alternative Balance on Hard.

It would be nice if they coded it so that you could feed it your life energy and make it deal more damage as well as switch between 1H and 2H at Beliar's Shrines. I did not like how they ported the sword in game and it was useless to me.

[Quest Packet]
I played in English. Quest pack comes in English too but some of the lines are badly translated. Some are translated very well. Most of lore books in Fire Monastery are not translated at all because life is too short to spend it on translating Gothic lore apparently, well I get it.

I could tell which quest was from vanilla and which line was from vanilla and which was a new quest and a new dialogue because the new content is not voiced. So I could read it instead. I did not mind it and it allowed me to really understand what's different. The subtitle change speed is adequate. Mostly I did not have to read too fast but there were cases I had to speed up and sometimes I did not manage to read the full line. I used Nvidia Shadowplay when I was really curious to save a replay and read it.

As for the quests themselves, they seem to be alright. Lore friendly, some of them are even interesting in terms of what's going to happen. They can provide some of the best rewards in game and they still feel balanced compared to how hard the quests can be. There are some choices to be made here.

Some quests require you to cover a lot of ground in a search for something so you can't really complete them at the start of the game. Some quests require you going back and forth between NPCs in different cities so you need teleporter stones. Some of the quests you pick up at the start of the game and gradually complete them as you explore and some serve as riddles. I have to admit I even googled completion of one or two of them.

In the process of beating those quests you can earn a lot of extra experience points as many small tasks in these quests give you adequate amount of EXP. But I guess they tried to balance it out with an option to reduce the amount of EXP you get from monsters (available on install). Otherwise, if you beat all content this mod has, including new enemies etc. without even farming animals which respawn btw, you are looking to reach a higher level than in Vanilla. I was level 79 by the time I beat all the quests I cared to beat (I admit I skipped some boring quests like killing 5 undead commanders in Varant), however I beat all the new quests and freed Varant, Myrtana, Nordmar and also destroyed all Rebel camps.

[Alternative Balance]
In Vanilla Gothic 3 it is apparently easier to learn many skills and spells, many of them require fewer points and fewer pre-questies skills and spells to learn.

However, I did not notice Alternative Balance (which mostly refers to pure numerical changes) to affect my gameplay much. And I played Forsaken Gods with Community Patch shortly before. Some of the community patch changes made in into Alternative Balance.

Anyway, as there are a lot of new balanced armors and weapons, a lot of new EXP and quests, I did not feel like I was ever in need of skill points so I did not feel the AB to be taxing at all. In fact, most of those spells and skills felt rather cheap to acquire and others that I needed also required a skill or a spell that I wanted so I would get it anyway.

For instance I was able to both master thievery, have warrior skills, and some magic. Knockout skill at 40 thievery is an essential skill for insta kills or knockouts, for robbing cities and taking out hard humanoid targets if you sneak up from behind. If you have green reputation in a city you can knock out anyone you like and rob them all, right in front of other people's eyes.

By the end game I became a real paladin, I had over 700 health that I started investing into in the End Game for sieges, I had over 230 mana, not too much hunting but I was able to wield an Orc Ripper and extract all trophies. Smithing went to nearly a 100 when you really need 60 to get armor buffs, 159 ancient knowledge, over 400 strength

To be continued in comment section . . .

(If you are reading the comments from activity feed then scroll to the bottom of comment section instead)
Total Conversion Mods Wall of Fame
I love TCs that take a game and completely re-work it. Those mods are always free of charge and are works of art rather than something for profit. They make completely new games out of old games with new textures, items, quests, stories, mechanics, locations and other gameplay elements. Multiplayer and Singleplayer alike. Here I list the ones I played and recommend. Most of them are not available on Steam itself but they work with Steam games. I will be adding more as I play through them. I have quite a few TCs I keep my tabs on but those that haven't been released yet are not included here because I haven't played them and thus cannot say if they are worth playing.
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Unity Engine

The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall Unity

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind


Myar Aranath

Tamriel Rebuilt

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion


Nehrim: At Fate's Edge

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


Gothic II

Odyssee 2.0

Legend of Ahssûn

Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos

Returning 2.0

Xeres' Return

Wanderer 1.5

Dirty Swamp 3.0

Velen 2.0


The Hell II
lan capable

Belzebub (Tchernobog) HD mod
lan capable

Fallout 2



Resurrection 1.5

Olympus 2077

Fallout Tactics

The Sum

Fallout 3

Wanderer's Edition

Fallout New Vegas

Project Nevada

The Frontier


The Dark Mod
a Thief inspired total conversion

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Escape from Yavin IV

Movie Battles II


Brutal Half-Life

Doom I&II
on GzDoom engine

Brutal Doom

Brutal Doom 64

Ashes 2063

Ashes Afterglow

Brutal Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein Blade of Agony


Quake Champions: Doom Edition


Anomaly 1.5.2.
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