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I like to PvP combat in all sorts of forms in videogames
Hardcore PvPer in games. If a game allows me to PvP legally I will. If a game developer intended to allow PK, I will and that is a perfectly acceptable norm and nobody deserves any flack for it.

Don't be afraid to be who you are. If you want to play like me, you can and you should. Nobody can judge you or enforce their view on how you must play a videogame.
( as long as you follow the game's rules and developers' rules )

Not looking for any fights in real life or on forums. Keep civil and polite. Use your words and structured sentences when you want to get a point across. Do not resort to offensive remarks. If you can't discuss something politely do not discuss it with me at all and move past me.
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Tells you how to solo Blackwater Call to Arms fairly easy alone. You get some EXP, 1 Gold bar and some dollars in the process. Esp good for double events to farm this.
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Created by - ZER0 %K
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Lets you know precisely how much a single Atom, Cap, Gold Bullion and $ is worth in-game.

Lets you calculate your own achievements
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Got this game 50% off on Steam 2 months after release. Standard Bethesda practice at this point.

Game has satisfying controls and shooting gameplay. It has some really interesting PvP both for Defender and Invader.

It looks pretty. And I am able to run it smoothly on high with 2080 RTX, 64 gb ram, 3900X Ryzen, m.2 samsung evo 970 SSD. Playing in 1440p 60fps

However, it has numerous bugs and glitches some of them hardlock the game like infamous Pause Menu bug.

Despite Online invading feature that is similar to Dark Souls it is not well implemented on the technical level. Colt (defender) almost always has an advantage of stable connection as they are the host in peer to peer system and Julianna ends up lagging like crazy. It lags so bad you can't really even play, It is so bad it makes you sick and you can't really do anything because you rubberband so hard. 1 out of 10 matches is good. Julianna also has 1 life and Colt has 3. It is so bad it makes GTA Online and RDO peer to peer multiplayers filled with cheaters look like heaven because you can actually play them. Not that this game has any defense from cheaters as well.

There are just 4 maps that change slightly and not all of them are available in 4 time modes. If anything it feels like a big downgrade in terms of areas you get to explore compared to Dishonored or Prey or any previous Arkane games really. It might even be smaller than standalone Dishonored Addon Death of the Outsider.

After a while maps end up being arenas for combat and nothing more. They do have a few very elaborate puzzles that are not required to beat the story. Otherwise, story is easy to navigate with or without map markers. Maps are detailed but fairly small.

It gets annoying after a while traveling back and forth between districts if you've already explored them just to do a single task. Loading screen galore. And a stupid design really. You end up getting bored of so few locations and know them by heart so it feels like they took an easy way out and barely made any scenery for the game. Their smallest game yet. No wonder it is 30 GB

Oh yeah game is really unoptimized. Red Dead Redemption 2 is probably the prettiest and heaviest most modern looking game out there even at the start of 2022 and it only makes my CPU go to 70 degrees with maxed out settings whereas Deathloop just on High (so I can play it smoothly because anything higher causes random rare lags or loadups although they sometimes even occur on High, people pointed out memory leaks but I have 64gb ram so I am good here), Deathloop on high makes my CPU go to 80 degrees and it is using watercooling kraken for 3900X processors.

Playing as invader and PvP in general is a lot of fun and I wish I could do this more but as it stands it is just not worth it. Lag makes it totally unplayable but when it works 1 out of 10 times it is perfect. It is fun to be Julianna and try to figure out how to defeat Colt who has 3 lives (2 more than you) and is able to take you head on so you have to be more clever sometimes. As Colt it is also fun to chase Julianna around the map. As invader I had crashes to desktop giving me void engine error prompts.

Bodies do not stay even though they look beautiful when they fall down as you kill them, get dismembered and blood spatters everywhere. They obviously do not stay for optimization reasons for PC and Consoles especially. But there was a really silly lore reason added to cover this up.

Game has some fun weapons that are genuinely interesting to use and a few traits and perks to them. You can collect gear for a bit and create a killer loadout, which is fun and feels rewarding in PvP (when that works).

I bought this game for 50% off and I don't think you should pay anything more for it. In fact it would be good for 75% off. Player numbers are crashing so soon there won't be anyone to matchmake with anyway.

I enjoyed the game for what it is but it is definitely mediocre and half-baked. Be warned. Sale only!
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